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throne-of-lies[This month’s Archive was first published om May 9, 2012.  Just like a leopard never changes its spots, the media never changes its self-hating dishonesty, transforming their self-loathing into a hatred for America.]


TTP May 9, 2012

The most destructive, dishonest, and criminally hypocritical people in America today are not Democrat politicians, black race hustlers, Ivy League Marxist professors, or crony/shyster capitalists.

They are the publishers, editors, journalists, and commentators of the Liberal Media:  Associated Press-New York Times-WaPo-ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-MSNBC et al.

You could add the Moonbat Media like Daily Kos and HuffPo, but they’re parasitic upon Big Lib Media, without whom no one would pay much attention to them.

We’ll abbreviate Big Liberal Media to simply “BM” – appropriately enough for their product is the same as what those initials usually stand for.

One of the more astounding things about BM is that its slavish boot-licking of American Commiecrats is indistinguishable from that of Pravda’s or Izvestiya’s over Soviet rulers during the Cold War – yet with no gun at their heads nor threat of the Gulag.


Winston Smith, in George Orwell’s 1984, ended up genuinely loving Big Brother after his will was broken through torture.  BM loves Big Brother of their own free will.  This is so perverse it’s almost anti-human, for it is normally against human nature to willingly be a slave.

A stunningly perfect example of BM perfidy appeared in headlines in newspapers all over the country this past weekend.  It was the lead story on Drudge:  US Should Return Stolen Land To Indian Tribes, Says United Nations.  The Associated Press report’s headline was:  Mt. Rushmore Should Be Returned to Indigenous Native American Tribes, UN Official Says.


Every one of these stories – in hundreds of news outlets in papers local and national, and in countless websites and blogs – mentions the “official visit to the United States” by James Anaya, the “UN Special Rapporteur,” who, after his “official visit,” was quoted in a statement “issued by the U.N. human rights office in Geneva.”

And in every one of these news stories, James Anaya’s only – only – identification is that he is a “UN official,” “the Special Rapporteur” (note the pretentious puffed-up Frenchie rapporteur title, instead of “reporter” in English).  That’s it.  Nothing else.  You’d think Anaya is a European international bureaucrat, Swiss maybe, as it’s made to look like he has a big office in Geneva.


Folks, the guy is an Indian from Albuquerque. He lives in Tucson, where, as an Affirmative Action Baby, he lectures on “International Human Rights” at the University of Arizona Law School.  Here’s his faculty profile.

Somehow – I’m going out on a limb here – I don’t think the headline, Mt. Rushmore Should Be Returned to Native Americans, Native American Teacher in Arizona Says, would generate quite the same media frenzy as one with the UN pretense.  That’s why every single story on Anaya, without exception, refuses to disclose who he really is.  It took me approximately 30 seconds on Google to disclose it for myself.

The guy is a professional anti-American race grievance agitator.  His expertise, on which he has written extensively, is the rights of “indigenous peoples” all over the world – yet his focus is exclusively on those in the US, plus Canada and Central America.  Here is the full list of his academic publications.

He’s an Indian from the Southwest, which once belonged to Mexico, that got it from Spain, that stole it from the “indigenous peoples” who first lived there and in what is now northern Mexico.  Is there a single analysis or study of his regarding the rights of Indian tribes in Mexico?  Not one.

Further afield, you’d think that anyone with a passion for indigenous rights world-wide would be interested in, say, the largest oppressed indigenous people on earth – the Kurds – or the most oppressed indigenous people on earth – the Tibetans.  Nope, on them, Anaya is silent and indifferent.

He’d much rather demagogue Americans, using his “Special Rapporteur” con to demand Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills be “returned” to the Sioux from whom we “stole” it. And of course, the BM is happy to help with the con.


You’ll look in vain throughout the myriad of stories to learn that the Sioux Indians, who claim the Black Hills are “sacred” to them, stole the Black Hills in the early 1800s from the region’s real indigenous people, the Arikara, who had lived there for many centuries.

Perhaps Anaya should argue that the Sioux thieves should turn over their claim to the Arikara – who are flourishing now, by the way, as they settled in North Dakota where underneath their land lies the Bakken oil formation.  The Bakken Oil & Gas Expo is taking place today (5/09) on Arikara land.


So, why would the BM engage in the Fraud of Anaya? Why would they participate in a media scam to purposefully insult their country? Because the BM is composed of self-hating liberals.  But that begs the question, why are they this way?  Why can’t those in the BM enjoy being American, rather than be embarrassed?  Why do they want to hurt their own country?

This is a mystery to many conservatives, but not to TTPers who know the answer:  because of the fear that all liberals have, the fear that makes them liberals, the fear that if they cast it aside would be liberals no more – the Fear of the Evil Eye of Envy.


This is most succinctly explained in Why Democrats Cannot Defend America (March 2008).

The key point is that:  Liberalism, the mind-set that dominates today’s Democrat Party and the BM, is not a political ideology or set of beliefs. It is a psychological strategy to avoid being envied. Liberalism is the politicalization of envy-appeasement.

This is why all Liberal/Democrat passions are frenzies of masochism.  It is why the BM is bottomlessly masochistic, why it will sell out all its journalistic integrity, why it is impervious to moral decency and patriotism.


Thankfully, patriots still outnumber masochists in America, while the power of the latter is diminishing.  How’s this for a thrilling headline?  Washington Post Faces Circulation and Revenue Collapse.  Or this?  CNN Ratings Decline Stirs Worries (at least at the New York Times).

Yet BM remains horrifically and criminally destructive.  The rape/murder of 85 year-old Nancy Strait and murder of her 90 year-old husband Bob (who died on May 4) can be laid directly at the feet of NBC, who doctored the Zimmerman tape to maliciously portray him as a racist.

When the black racist monster, Tyrone Woodfork, is tried for his crimes, those at NBC responsible for the tape doctoring should be tried as accessories to murder.  They cannot hide behind the First Amendment on this.  Theirs was a willfully criminal act.

Yet putting members of the BM in jail will not stop their self-hating dishonesty.  The only cure is laughter – our laughing and ignoring them.  Our refusing to pander to them or take them seriously.  Our exposing their lies and scams for all the world to see – like you can do now regarding the Arizona Race Hustler, James Anaya.

Feel free to send it to any and every conservative news site you know.  FTC and FBM.