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tolerant-liberal[This Monday’s Archive was originally published on June 9, 2017.  It’s prescience of obvious with the explosion of flat-out anti-Semitic Nazism sweeping through college campuses today. Let us know your thoughts on this in the Forum!]

TTP, June 9, 2017

This is no hyperbole.  Calling someone a “Nazi” is, along with “Fascist” the most ignorantly over-used hyperbolic insult the Left can hurl at anyone they hate.

Like the insult “Racist,” the Left has divested these insults of meaning, as are schoolyards taunts, “You stink!” or yelling “Boo!” and hissing at a referee’s bad call at a football game.

To call someone a Nazi for real is serious business.  It’s accusing them of wanting to commit racial slaughter of fellow human beings on a massive scale.  It’s accusing them of advocating a politics of criminal insanity, of being irretrievably evil and criminally insane themselves.

Yet that is what the Left in America is becoming before our eyes in broad daylight.  You want to know how Germans, one of the most intelligent, accomplished, and cultured people on the planet became Nazis in the 1930s – look at what is happening to the Left, to the Democrat Party, to the Fake News Media right now.

The circumstances and proximate causes are different.  History does not repeat itself.


The Germans were unmercifully humiliated by the British stupid enough to do so after World War I – even though it was Americans who won the war for them.  Hitler hit upon the strategy of overcoming the humiliation by targeting a scapegoat – the Jews – and focusing envy upon them.

If he had targeted other forms of Untermenschen like Gypsies who were despised as beggars instead of people despised for their wealth and success, Hitler could never have gotten his Nazi envy-trip off the ground.

So – if the American Left are the New Nazis, who are the New Jews?  What ethnic group does the Nazi Left racially hate and want to rid the earth of?  Whites.  Whites are the New Jews.  Especially White Men.


The Left’s War on Whites has been building for a long time.  For decades, the only kind of person allowed to be a villain in countless movies and television series was (and is still) a white, almost always a white man, and a wealthy one to boot.

This has lately morphed into the Left’s War on Masculinity.  It’s obsessive and fascist fixation on imposing same-sex “marriage” on the country, and demanding “transgenders” be treated as normal rather than mentally disturbed, is the latest iteration in this war.

Let’s be clear:  To have government guns force allowing men to use women’s bathrooms is criminally insane.  Notice, however, it’s always about “gender-fluid” men getting to use women’s bathrooms.  Have you ever heard of lesbians demanding to use men’s bathrooms?

Yet, while white men are the arch-villains of our society, now it’s all whites – men, women, children, old, young, rich or poor – who have “white privilege.”

The New Nazi racial hatred for whites sweeping through college campuses today has reached a current apotheosis at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington – as documented at Zero Hedge (5/30).  Watching the video will turn your stomach.

Most of the kids at this school filled with racial hate, yelling “Whiteness is the most violent (expletive) system ever,” are blacks demented with envy.  They’re just being Nazi thugs.  What’s really stomach-turning is the white school administrators who tolerate their behavior.


Here’s a question.  What do you think would happen if John Wayne ran that school instead of white pussy George Bridges?

Bridges, the school president, has been de-masculinized.  That’s the goal of the New Nazis.  As Nazis, the Left seeks power over others as their highest goal in life.  That’s much easier to get if people don’t fight back.

But why won’t people like Bridges fight back?  Why do you see the white kids at Evergreen joining in and cheering the blacks’ racial hatred for them?

Here you come to the crux – and most bizarre – difference between the German Nazis of Hitler and the New Nazis of the American Left.  Its white members are Auto-Nazis, filled with Nazi racial hatred for themselves.


You know what causes this, as you’ve read it often at TTP.  It’s the fear of being envied.

A poster-child for Auto-Nazism has suddenly emerged, a pretty young white girl with no brains but a ridiculous name that’s made her infamous:  Reality Winner.  As you can see from her tweets, she is the quintessence of auto-racist self-hatred.

She believes (an actual quote of hers): “Being white is terrorism.”

She is a huge supporter of Only Black Lives Matter, and virulently anti-capitalist anti-American (saying she’d “stand with” Iran in any war with the US.)  Of course she has a fanatical hatred of President Trump.

As does the entire Nazi Left.  From the so-called #Resistance to Dems on Capitol Hill to the Fake News Media, all of them are simply demented with their Trump hatred.  Why?  What is it about him personally, not his policies or politics, but his human essence that makes their hate so viciously and murderously visceral?

He won’t apologize for being white.  He’s an incredibly wealthy and successful white male who’s proud of it – no apologies.  He’s impervious to envy, has absolutely no fear of it.  Not that he’s proud of being white, that’s different.  It’s that he happens to be white, and sees no reason to apologize for who he is.

This kind of murderous hate for someone who has never really done anything bad to you is almost always based on fear, real gut-wrenching visceral fear.  So, fear of what?  What about Trump terrifies the Nazi Left so much they mock-behead him or stage plays in Central Park that kill him like Julius Caesar?


It’s that, if Trump succeeds, John Wayne’s America is back in the saddle.  The Left’s anti-white guilt-mongering path to power is gone.  If he succeeds as a white male who’s proud to be so with no apologies, the Left is toast for a generation or more.

On the other hand, Trump is the last thing that stands between the Left and their holy grail – whites giving up.  They’re close.  The opioid crisis is one clear sign, as it’s now the leading cause of death of Americans under 50.  These are poor whites mostly, giving up on life as the Nazi Left wants them to do.

If Trump succeeds, he’ll not only give them jobs and more prosperity, he’ll give them their pride back, pride in being alive, in being who they are.  And with that, the entire enterprise of the Left for the last 100 years comes crashing down.

That’s why the Left has to destroy Trump at any cost.  And with every attempt failing, they’ll get more and more demented, more and more Fascist, more and more Nazi.

So we need to fire an arrow into their Achilles Heel.  The Nazi Left’s fatal flaw is their self-hatred.  We need to turn that self-hatred in upon themselves, instead of it turning on others.


I propose that the only solution for someone tormented by their white existence, their white privilege, their whiteness as terrorism, is to kill themselves.  If being white is a plague on earth, then the only moral thing to do is start with themselves.

How about a T-shirt or posters that say:  KILL YOURSELF IF YOU DON’T LIKE BEING WHITE.

Ridicule, laughter, and insouciance is invariably the best way to ruin an opponent.  Unless the opponent gets violent.  Upon which, lefties need to be reminded that we have lots, like orders of magnitude lots, more guns and ammo than they do.  What’s more, we know how to use them far better than they.


The bottom line.  We are in this moment at one of history’s true forks in the road.  If Trump succeeds, America succeeds and the Left is in ruins.  If Trump fails, if the Left manages to incapacitate his presidency or force him to resign, then America is in ruins.

Those are the stakes, the Nazi Left knows it, and that’s why they hate him so.  We cannot, must not let them win.

Ps:  the back of that T-shirt would say “WHITE IS A COLOR – THE COLOR OF SUNSHINE” – quote from Wikipedia.