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nashville-school-memorialOn March 27, 2023, a woman named Audrey Hale entered The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, and slaughtered three nine-year-old children and three adults. It was only because police were nearby that she was stopped.

The woman, who claimed to be a so-called “trans man,” left behind a manifesto. However, while police departments and media outlets are usually quick to release statements from mass murderers, government officials in this Democrat-run city refused to do so in this case.

Steve Crowder, though, obtained the first three pages of the manifesto, which he released today. In addition to showing an obsessive level of preparation (this was no spur-of-the-moment killing), the manifesto shows that the killer was motivated by one of the left’s favorite mantras: “white privilege.”

On one page, the killer expresses excitement about “DEATH DAY,” along with her hope that “I have a high death count.” She anticipated that she’d be done with this gruesome massacre within ten minutes. She also looked forward with pleasurable anticipation to the fear she’d sow: “Can’t believe I’m doing this but I’m ready… I hope my victims aren’t.”

On another page, she mapped out her morning minute by minute, everything from getting dressed to doing something with her “stuffed animals,” to eating breakfast, to the moment when she could “open fire,” adding “time 2 die.”

She’s right up there with Hamas when it comes to murderous desires. Of course, we know what animates Hamas—religiously inspired antisemitism—but what motivated this gal? For seven months, the authorities refused to breathe a word about her motivations.


Now, though, thanks to the leak at Crowder’s site, we do know: The killer, a white woman, wanted desperately to destroy those who enjoy “white privilege”:

Kill those kids!!!

Those crackers

Going to private fancy schools with those fancy kwakis [sic] & sports backpacks

w/their daddies mustangs and convertables [sic]

F**k you little sh*ts

I wish to shoot you weakass dicks w/your mop yellow hair

Wanna kill all you little crackers!!!

Bunch of little faggots

w/your white privileges

f**k you faggots


Race hatred oozes from the manifesto…anti-white race hatred, all of it eventually revolving around the leftists’ favorite phrase: “white privilege.” That’s what drove her to kill three 9-year-old white children. She wanted to erase their race [her own race].

And what about that phrase “white privilege”? Are we conservatives just taking something marginal and giving it centrality? I don’t think so.


Here’s a sampling from mainstream sites pounding home the message of the alleged “white privilege” that the killer despised so much she felt called upon to slaughter children:


There are thousands more examples. Those were just the first I found.

For years now, we’ve been slathered with the “white privilege” mantra. That was bound to have an effect. Mass shooters are evil people, and evil absorbs the zeitgeist around it, whether it’s anti-witch paranoia, invaders from Mars, or “white privilege.” Every generation has its evil pathway.

In that way, the killer’s manifesto is pretty predictable. What’s more disturbing is the enormous effort that members of the establishment went to in order to hide the manifesto.

They know that they are feeding evil. Rather than taking a stand against the toxic ideas that animate evil people, though, they seek to bury their role and imply, instead, that the killer, rather than absorbing their message of hate was, instead, motivated by “anti-trans” hatred. The killer wasn’t the only evil one at work here.


Andrea Widburg is deputy editor of American Thinker.