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deuces-wild-lawEurope and America are littered with courts and lawyers.  There are civil courts, criminal courts, international courts, and other courts of first and last resort.

The term “lawyer” is synonymous with wealth, influence, and the ability to be a power broker.  Millions of pages of laws exist, no one can know them all.

At the same time, the world is excruciatingly dangerous.  Wars and atrocities rage, with the main streets of major cities being the front lines as often as the deserts and jungles.

Even in “civilized society” the line between peace and violence is thin, and it is often open season on the normal man, woman, and child.


In the United States, people are buying up guns and ammunition, and it is a dark joke to suggest courts and laws, no matter how many, will keep society stable and the citizens safe.

No one buys it – even liberals are arming.  Without a shot fired, The West has been invaded by weaponized immigrants, and lawlessness is broadcast on video in real time.

The failure of so-called “international law” and the increasing failure of the rule of law in the United States makes clear a reality that should never have been allowed to fade from view:  that any form of law, ruling, or edict is meaningless without the backing of force and the willingness of the people to recognize the standard and uphold it.

Words and paper don’t stop bullets.  This haunts us from the Gaza Strip to the Las Vegas Strip to the Sunset Strip today.


After World War II, people with good intentions sought to bring the Nazis to justice under a legal standard that would provide structure and process for the many imprisonments and executions to follow.

In previous wars, defeated enemies were usually killed on the spot or exiled after victory, but that answer wasn’t possible with thousands of SS and Gestapo members found throughout a system of death camps across Europe

There were also ununiformed government and business enablers to judge, the Geneva Convention aside. Surely not all were guilty, or equally guilty.  Thus came Nuremberg.

Perhaps, also, under the shadow of the nuclear weapon’s mushroom cloud a “rules-based” attempt to make sense of the world was attractive; with great questions between nations settled in a courtroom and not on a possibly nuclear battlefield or amidst the detritus of another Holocaust.

However, we have almost eighty years of history to show us that this did not work out, and that the few instances where it appeared to were illusions.


On the domestic side, the judicial system was allowed to drift its own way to the point where it forgot for whom and for what it was supposed to be working.

The trouble began early, with decisions like Marbury vs. Madison.  The Founders never intended for one branch of government to run the other two.

But it is also likely they could not have foreseen the intellectual and moral leprosy that has made our nation an insane asylum of diapered fussbudgets unable to relate to physics and reality.

The West was not kept safe by international law in the Cold War.  They were kept safe by the arsenal of the U.S. and NATO, and the expectation that those weapons would be used if need be.  Numerous conflicts have been won and lost in the nuclear shadow.

The Bomb was just another weapon—not an entity that changed the global reality.  Some had it and some did not, and upon this our efforts at nuclear nonproliferation and against WMDs is based; it’s no fun if the people you are trying to dominate have them.

Whether I call a non-kinetic action a legal ruling or simply a good idea to follow, the effect is the same, particularly if the alternative is war or deadly force.


I need not lay out the cases of judicial activism we have seen in the U.S., nor remind us of the many unsavory characters that ply their evil ways quite comfortably as gavels ring.

Note that for the most part, the KGB, the East German Stasi, and the many torturers and murderers in Communist China have never stood in a dock.

In fact, the many persons who participated in the Holocaust – other than particularly notorious ones – never went to prison or met the hangman. Many just went on with life, or were even rewarded, such as the German scientists we secured during Operation Paperclip.


In America, and across the world, far too much legitimacy has been lent to barristers.  They are human and fallible as we all are, and so are their ideas and conclusions.  They dislike the “might makes right” formula of military force that they don’t control, unless it is to force their solutions on nations or people.

It is often good and necessary to tell the lawyers to shut up.  The virtue or goodness of a nation or people is not measured by the sum of their judiciary.  Neither do the right and wrong of Western Civilization come from the bench.


In the United States, legal questions ultimately come to a jury of one’s peers, not the judge or the court’s legal functionaries.  Although we imagine they will seek to change this wholesale eventually, and have already done so in the administrative arena, the message should be clear here – justice is supposed to be delivered by the people.

The United States has worked itself into a very sticky wicket.  We have so empowered our judicial branch that our nation has devolved into a command bureaucracy where every important decision is made by lawyers—and no one else may comfortably make any decision from within the lawyer-administered panopticon that the nation now is; particularly one about using force against a threat to the people.  It is becoming increasingly hard to mask the failure, which is problematic and glaring in many of the red states and is making the blue states almost uninhabitable.  Medicine, law, and clergy were the three original “professions”, and you will not find either medicine or clergy acting without legal puppet strings, nor will you find law enforcement – in the profession of law, but outside of the judicial system – doing better.  Law enforcement, and the U.S. military in a global sense, has devolved into the “gun branch” of the government; the useful violent scourge of the lawyers whenever they decide to inflict punishment on someone.  This is the case even in other Western countries without our theoretical safeguards.  One need not fear punishment as much when the victim is the normal man and woman versus the state.


Hence, illegal immigrants pour across our borders unchallenged.  The cure for this would be electrified fences, mines, and free fire zones; at least at one time.  Now, it isn’t even worth exploring.  Criminals conduct mass lootings and violate every single law they possibly can get to – even on Instagram and YouTube in real time – and there are few consequences.  If you can even get them into the jail or prison, there is no serious talk of punishment.  That word is almost never mentioned because it has been delegitimized by the lawyers.  We once had the stocks and the strap for recalcitrant prisoners to keep order within an institution that is coercive by its very nature.  Now again, it is not worth mentioning; except again for when the lawyer cabal wants to harm their enemies living normal lives outside of prisons.  The criminals are learning fast and what little intimidation the system had left is finally dripping out.

But no analysis here can ignore the people, either.

Many of our people, and likely at least one out of twelve, do not know which bathroom to use, nor can they recognize aberrant behavior and correct it in children, co-workers, or employees. Even the military, which is another inherently coercive institution, is now overrun with people in dog collars, furry outfits, and counterculture activists who think the military joined them.  It is also true that if we want to know where we went wrong, we must gaze into the mirror at some point and behold the architects that have made the current world by millions of small decisions, votes, actions and inactions.  We let it happen.


And where to now?

It is a question we are certain to find the answer to; but the current state of affairs cannot continue.  The existing system does not deliver common sense or justice, and often delivers the opposite.  The Charlie Brown and Lucy Football Paradigm prevails, with us being obliged by the powers that be and a substantial, malevolent number of the citizenry, to continue to cooperate with that process.  This paradigm has been seen in extremis in the Israeli-Arab conflict, with the latest chapter about to play out as surely as we see a tidal wave rolling in.  Israel has thousands of Hamas prisoners now.  A war with Hezbollah looms, and eventually with the hand behind the curtain—Iran.  I have it from one reliable source that Israel intends to put the Hamas prisoners on trial as Nazis, with the same end on the gallows that Adolf Eichmann received.  But now there are attempts to judicially and politically rehabilitate Hamas and Hezbollah while the graves of over a thousand slaughtered Israeli citizens remain warm.  We already know what will happen when Israel puts the knaves on trial, and the true values of this global legal cabal burn an unforgettable blemish into our vision.  How the world, and His Royal Senescence, King of Southern Canada, finally react to this will be illuminating, as well will the fortitude with which Israel concludes the Hamas question, and the question of their survival.


Mark Deuce has had a life-long career in community law enforcement. He is the author of Deuces Wild for TTP.