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On the HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher,” guests Piers Morgan and Gillian Tett were discussing a 15-week abortion ban as an unofficial American standard and comparing it to the rest of the world. By the way, the U.S. remains one of only seven nations in the world permitting abortion all the way through pregnancy — China, Vietnam, and North Korea among the others.

Predictably, Tett went to the usual leftist tactic by asking why we even care, adding that it’s outdated and strange that people do. This is where host and comedian Bill Maher chimed in, giving a refreshingly honest — if also rather horrifying — take on the pro-choice argument. He started out by addressing Tett’s conviction that focusing on the abortion issue is strange, saying, “Not if you think it’s murder.”


He went on to say: “I don’t understand the 15-week thing, or that Trump’s plan is, ‘Let’s leave it to the states.’ You mean, so killing babies is okay in some states? Like, I can respect the absolutist position. I really can. I scold the Left on when they say: ‘Oh, you know what? They just hate women. People who aren’t… pro-choice.’ They just — they don’t hate women. [The pro-abortion crowd] just made that up.”

He ends with this kicker of a statement: “[Pro-lifers] think it’s murder. And it kind of is. I’m just okay with that. I am. I mean, there’s eight billion people in the world. I’m sorry, we won’t miss you. That’s my position.”

Along with the silent audience, Morgan was rather befuddled, responding, “That’s kind of harsh, Bill.” To which Maher responded, “Is that not your position if you’re pro-choice?”


Once one gets past the initial shock of these harpies blithely discussing gestational age appropriateness to ban murder, one is stunned by Maher’s candor.

Maher is a major pro-choice public figure. He calls abortion what it is, and it shocks even his fellow ideologues. We can appreciate that, for once, a pro-abortion advocate doesn’t cover up the act with euphemisms or deny the reality that life begins at conception. Political pundit Matt Walsh correctly describes it as the logical nihilistic argument. Nihilism rejects all morality and religious principles and upholds the view that life has no meaning.


Here is where it’s worth mentioning that Maher is an atheist. This is important because it entirely explains why someone like Bill Maher would be okay with murder to keep the population down. If one is an atheist, one does not believe in or serve a God beyond that of one’s self. Life has no purpose; therefore, ending it before it really has much of a beginning could be seen as mercy.

This, however, is still the argument of a person — some might even say a sociopath — with a very warped morality. It opens the door to the justification of every kind of evil, like killing off the elderly, the mentally ill, the disabled, or anyone who is considered a “burden.” Where does one draw the line? Why does Maher think that his being okay with killing babies means the line can stop there? His worldview can be summed up in the words of Voldemort, J.K. Rowling’s antagonist in the Harry Potter series: “There is no good or evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.”

When you take away the taboo and illegality of committing murder — i.e., when you take away the moral boundaries — people are going to take it to its logical and horrific conclusions (see Canada).


Life is a fundamental right. Life also has a purpose, and for those who are Christians, that purpose is clearly stated in the Bible: “Glorify God and enjoy him forever.” On this Earth, we are to use our very lives as a living testimony to God’s glory. We do not even come close to doing this perfectly. However, we who are believers and followers of Christ are redeemed and justified by the only one who did live a perfect life: Jesus. In death, this redemption is made complete by everlasting life in heaven with God the Father.

It’s also worth adding that some people who claim the mantle of Christianity don’t actually follow its teachings or attempt to uphold its precepts. In fact, Pew Research finds that 60% of Catholics support abortion, which is contrary to the teachings of the Bible and the Catholic Church. This isn’t at all surprising. Many Catholics are cultural Catholics. They attend church very rarely. In fact, Pew reports that only 30% go to church regularly.


How, then, does one explain “devout Catholic” President Joe Biden’s stance on abortion? DC Cardinal Wilton Gregory described him as being a “cafeteria Catholic.” In other words, “cafeteria Catholics” (and other nominal Christians in other denominations) pick and choose which precepts of the church to actually follow. Does this glorify God? Are they attempting to live up to the chief end of man?

The answer, sadly, is no. They have gone the way of the culture and are more interested in glorifying themselves or seeking power at the expense of the weak and vulnerable.

At least Bill Maher is honest about his nihilism.


Emmy Griffin writes for The Epoch Times