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I took this photo of Mount Rushmore looking straight on from a helicopter – so it may be from an angle you have not seen before.  This Fourth of July of 2022, it may be worthwhile to think of these four heroic Americans from a different perspective, to reflect on the almost unimaginable — for us today – challenges they faced and triumphed over to create and sustain our America.

Two years ago, the July Fourth of 2020, our Real POTUS gave a magnificent speech at Mount Rushmore, commemorating America’s founding and warning us of the grave dangers our nation faced from its enemies within its gates.

This July 4th, all of those dangers have materialized as nightmares becoming real.  Here is both the full video and full text of President Trump’s address: The Most Important Day In The History Of Nations, July 4th, 1776.

Frankly, the comparison with the elation we felt back then and what we are suffering now is painful.  However, it is less painful today than it was a few days ago, i.e., June 29-30, seeing our nation’s highest court deliver three 6-3 decisions thrillingly pro-Constitution.

All of which have chillingly left all woketards from Hollywood to Washington lost in a maelstrom of hate, rage, and fear.  Their fear is primal, for what they are most afraid of is that these latest SCOTUS decisions coupled with the tsunami of voter rejection coming in 2024 means we Normals have lost our fear of them.

We Normal Americans don’t care any more about their threats, their cancel culture, their LGBTQWTF-Tranny worship, their death-to-the-unborn cult, their climate-change fascism, their hatred of our country – we don’t care.  All the Left has got is threats, and we see they are empty.

Put it this way – Peak Woke is burning on a funeral pyre.

It’s the Left’s karma: “Live by the sword, die by the sword” is now for them, “Live by unconstitutional Court rulings, die by constitutional Court rulings.”

The July 4th of three years ago was one of elation.  The July 4th of one and two years ago were ones of heartbreak.  The July 4th of today is one of justifiable hope.

In the darkest days for England during World War II with Hitler’s victories everywhere, the British finally defeated the Germans at the Second Battle of El Alamein, ending the Nazi threat to Egypt, Suez, and the Middle East.

Winston Churchill announced the victory in a radio address to the British people of November 10, 1942, explaining to them, “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

This July 4th is, perhaps, the end of America’s beginning to vanquish America’s enemies striving to ruin it from within.

This July 4th, we Americans must never forget that our country is the beacon of freedom and hope for the world, that we inspire people all over our planet to achieve what our Founders did on this day 247 years ago.

Nowhere on Earth is this more true today than in Ukraine, whose people are fighting a struggle for their country’s very existence against the 21st century’s Nazi terrorism.  It is to America that the Ukrainian people look to for inspiration and support.

Here is their message to us in celebration of our Fourth of July, in hope and prayers that they will be able to celebrate their own Independence Day thanks to us: