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portugal-canoeIt’s found here – the fishing port of the ancient village of Sesimbra in Portugal.  3,000 years ago it was called Sempsibriga – high place or briga of the Sempsi Celts.  So much of Europe is gone now, steamrollered by modernity.  Not here, where Portuguese fishermen sail out in their tiny boats for their daily catch as they have for countless generations.  The best fish you’ve ever had is in Sesimbra’s local restaurants – wow, is the swordfish good.

While Portugal is a First World country with all the modernity you could ask for, it is unique not only for the charm of its history, preservation of its culture, and post-card picturesqueness, but the sweetness of its people.  They are simply nice in a way that’s so captivating.  Their traditional family values are part of their nature.  The country resonates with peacefulness, an at ease serenity.  It’s the Europe that’s still there.

You can be captivated yourself by joining our WWX Exploration of Portugal this coming May.   (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #284, Photo ©Jack Wheeler)