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demparty_hatesusaOnce again, Mark Levin has done a great service to the Republic by writing a fully documented, highly pointed book on a topic of vital national interest. Published today by the Threshold Editions imprint of Simon & Schuster, The Democrat Party Hates America is required reading for anyone who follows politics in America. That most assuredly includes those who identify as Democrats, though most will shun the book because it is too much of a challenge to their sense of self-worth and virtue.

For the few who have the courage to read it, the book will be a revelation. I make no secret that I was born into a family of active Democrats, and until reality intruded well into adulthood, I shared that political attachment. I have since regarded it as a mistaken affiliation, but after reading this book I now have a sense of shame.

If it is widely enough read, and I predict that it will be a runaway best-seller, the book will change the way the public understands one of our two major political parties, forever tainting the Democrats for the racism, hypocrisy, lack of principle, and sheer ruthless pursuit of power at any cost that have permeated their party throughout its history.

If you have family members, colleagues, associates, or friends who are vocal Democrats and who do not shy away from political discussions, The Democrat Party Hates America is a cornucopia of evidence that you can use to persuade them out of their delusion that they are supporting a worthwhile political movement.


Chapter One

“The Democrat Party and Authoritarianism,” introduces several themes that weave throughout the entire text. The Democrats seek, and via their dominance of the administrative state composed of career bureaucrats exercising powers that rightly belong to Congress and even the judiciary, to monopolize political power, and have succeeded to an alarming degree. Excellent use is made of a 2017 report by Freedom House, a nonpartisan NGO founded in 1941 that has historically focused on authoritarian governments overseas, including most recently China and Russia. Mark shows in detail how the most recent report on authoritarianism overseas also applies to the United States under Democrat administrations at the state and federal level.

One of many virtues of the book is the way that it weaves together history and present-day political issues.


Chapter two

“Anti-Black Racism & Anti-Semitism,” shows how historically the Democrats were the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and terroristic violence, well into the Twentieth Century. While I knew some of this history, such as the disgraceful role of Woodrow Wilson in segregating the armed forces, I was shocked by some matters I had missed or glossed over. Wilson – the first Democrat to win two consecutive terms since Andrew Jackson — emerges as a transformative president, re-establishing the federal income tax, founding the Federal Reserve and FTC, and pushing for the administrative state run by “expert” and supposedly disinterested bureaucrats, as progressive ideology demanded.


Chapter three

“Anti-White Racism & Anti-Semitism,” for the first time made sense for me of the pivot of Democrats from being the party discriminating against Blacks to the party discriminating against white. Mark fully debunks the myth pushed by Democrat pundits and historians that it was the GOP’s “southern strategy,” taking advantage of Whites’ resistance to integration that brought about this switch. He brings facts and figures, fully documented that destroy this pernicious lie. No, it was the pursuit of power that brought about this change.

…race and racism have been core characteristics and hideous weapons of the Democrat Party’s pursuit and maintenance of power from its earliest days. Capitalism and constitutionalism, with their emphasis on individual freedom, as well as limitations on central planning and social engineering, have been inconvenient obstacles to the Democrat Party’s objectives for its entire existence. Democrat Party intellectuals, leaders and activists, have told us this since at least the Progressive Era. Therefore, abandoning the old civil rights movement for civil rights Marxism and abandoning anti-black racism, for anti-white racism, was not as difficult a transition as one might otherwise imagine. In essence, the Democrat Party has and does reject Americanism, meaning the fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded —  and mot only  capitalism, but the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This is the common thread that ties the old anti-black Democrat Party of Woodrow Wilson to the current anti-White Democrat Party of Joe Biden. [page 81]


As with racism, the world’s oldest hatred, Anti-Semitism, is a continuity among Democrats, though its expression changed over the course of the last two-plus centuries. How any Jews can support the party is a mystery to me.

History remains a constant presence, linking past practice to present realities, but the remaining chapters, “Language Control, & Thought Control” (four), “War on the American Citizen” (five), “War on the Nuclear Family” (six), and “War on the Constitution” (seven) take on a much more contemporary character.

As you would expect from the author of American Marxism, Mark’s last best-seller, the role of Marxism’s latest iteration in the Party receives abundant attention. For all intents and purposes, the Democrats are now a Marxist party, though they mostly carefully avoid rhetoric suggesting this. Marxists are all about exploiting divisions to hand absolute power to the vanguard (the Party and its administrative organs), after all.

The Democrat Party has developed into the political home of the various American Marxist Movements, with which they agree and identify. Hence, they are not so repulsed by America’s past – or more accurately the Democrat Party’s past – as to ever condemn the Democrat Party and refuse any association with it. They ignore or downplay its links to the Ku Klux Klan, white-supremacist neo-Nazis, lynchings, etc. Instead, they target and blame the entire society and the country for the Democrat Party’s contemptible past. To underscore the point, the American Marxists are supportive of the Democrat Party’s modern-day promotion of economic socialism, cultural Marxism, and anti-Americanism. In truth, their contempt for the Constitution, and its routine condemnation, is not so much because of some of the Framers’ biographies, but because the Constitution’s firewalls remain an impediment to, or at least slow their revolutionary aims…. [page 246]


The concluding chapter eight,

“Stalin Would be Proud” brings home the current accelerating slide toward authoritarianism. It is a fitting and chilling conclusion to a book everyone should read.


Thomas Lifson is editor of American Thinker.