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arafat_toon[This Monday’s Archive was originally published on October 28, 2004.  It predicted that Yasser Arafat “will soon be dead, the sooner the better.” Quicker than I imagined, he dies two weeks later on November 11. Alas, Palestinian Arabs still suffer the catastrophic consequences of his demonic depravity.  Thus the relevance of this article and the basic lesson it has for Palestinian Arabs holds true today.]

The Jewish Talmud makes the following observation:

“There is no beauty like Jerusalem, no wealth like Rome, no depravity like Arabia.”

This was written in the 3rd Century AD – three hundred years before the Arabs embraced Mohammed’s Islam. But neither the adoption of Islam nor all the intervening centuries since has decreased the addiction Arab men have to pederasty.

Arab pederasty was personified in Yasser Arafat, one of the vilest human beings to ever infest the earth.

During the Cold War, Arafat was a frequent guest of Romania’s Communist Dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu, who would put him up in his palace in Bucharest. Always included in Arafat’s retinue was a selection of young boys.

What Arafat didn’t know was that Ceaucescu’s secret police, the Securitatae, would covertly film his bedroom escapades. The Israeli intel agency Mossad has copies. Ask any Mossad guy about them and he rolls over in a fit of laughter.

Far worse than his pedophilic predilections, however, was Arafat’s Arab Naziism. Yasser Arafat was the Hitler of Palestinian Arabs. Just as Hitler led the German people in a euphoric frenzy to their doom, so Arafat has done the same to his people. On his deathbed next to him lies the Myth of Palestinianism.


Never in history has there ever been a Palestinian people separate and distinct from other Arabs. The creator of the myth that the Arabs living between the Jordan and the Mediterranean were somehow different from the Arabs in say, Syria, was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini. He created the myth as a rationale for murdering Jews.

Al-Husseini became Grand Mufti in 1921. How he did so, through the machinations of a homosexual British functionary, is a fascinating story told in The English Godfather of Palestinian Terrorism (December 16, 2003, and now an Archive of May 15, 2023).

He organized Arab rampages killing Jewish settlers throughout the 1920s, formed an alliance with the Nazi Party of Germany in the 1930s, met with Adolph Hitler in Berlin in November 1941 to encourage him to slaughter Jews in Europe so they couldn’t escape to settle in Palestine, ordered Arab families to flee Israel upon independence so Arab armies could invade in 1948, founded the Palestine Liberation Organization, mentored his nephew Rahman Abdul Rauf al-Qudwa al-Husseini, and turned the leadership of the PLO over to him.


His nephew assumed the alias of Yasser Arafat.

Arafat’s life purpose, imbued with Nazi hatred of Jews like his uncle, was not to establish a Palestinian state – that was only one means among others to gain his ultimate goal: slaughter every Jew in Israel and “drive them into the sea.” [Cf. the current phrase of Jewish genocide: “From the river to the sea.”]

Now the Palestinian Arabs, who have lived in wretched poverty in refugee camps or squashed together in Gaza for two generations unwelcomed by their oil-rich Arab neighbors, are about to suffer the full horror of Arafat’s hate-filled legacy.


Once Arafat finally dies, a Palestinian Civil War is going to break out in all its bloody glory. The Palestinian Arabs without Arafat are leaderless. There will be open warfare between various Palestinian mafias.

Hopefully, Sharon will be able to get his few thousand Jews out of Gaza before they get engulfed.

Peace for Israel can only come after these various Palestinian mafias finish killing each other off. Only through a Götterdammerung that purges Palestinian Arabs of their terrorist mentality and their fantasy of obliterating Israel do they have any chance of creating a culture with a future.

The Machiavellian genius of Ariel Sharon foresaw all of this, which is why he is desperate to withdraw the Gaza Jews into a Fortress Israel. A post-Arafat 2005 will be a year of savagery out there in Apache country, and he is going make sure Israel will be preserved.

Arafat will soon be dead, the sooner the better. The Palestinian Arabs who worshipped him will then reap what he has sown.