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SKYE’S LINKS 12/29/22

Welcome to the final 2022 edition of Skye’s Links!  After all the downers of this year, there’s plenty of good news to report at year’s end. We start with something written by a man known as The Sea Gypsy Philosopher, who strives to be The Three Ps – Powerful, Provocative and Poetic.  I think you’ll agree he succeeds.

Here is a lovely Christmas message to Greta Thunberg.  Her puppet masters will never allow her to see it, but you should do so.  It is a message of hope.  It is also a message that the oligopoly of censorship can no longer control.  And that is very good news:

My Christmas Gift to Greta


Busted! Twitter Files show how Twitter worked with the Federalies to suppress truthful information about the Fauci/CCP virus and how to respond to it:

How Twitter Rigged the Covid Debate


Good news! Honest liberal Tabbi, the man that Musk chose to release and explain the Twitter Files, is optimistic that we are finally moving in the right direction for information freedom.  It isn’t just Deep State/Twitter cooperation; there are far more quislings, and they will soon be exposed:

Matt Taibbi Reflects On “Repulsive, Horrifying, Dystopian” World Run By ‘Anti-People’


The Federalies, MSM, and non-Twitter social media are doing their best to either ignore or discredit the very damaging revelations that are coming out of the Twitter Files.  Their machinations can slow down the spread of this information, but can no more stop it than lockdowns can permanently stop the spread of a highly contagious virus.

The more that they try to cover it up, the greater the final loss of popular trust will be in their institutions.  They are digging their own graves.  The FBI is getting desperate; they are calling the Twitter Files “conspiracy theory”.  They and their minions are in deep trouble, and they know it.  Let the House investigations begin!

When The FBI Attacks Critics As “Conspiracy Theorists”, It’s Time To Reform The Bureau


Elon Musk on the Twitter Files – almost every “conspiracy theory” about Twitter has turned out to be true, and often even worse than originally stated:

Elon Musk Says “Almost Every Conspiracy Theory That People Had About Twitter Turned Out To Be True”


I doubt that even 20% of Americans know even 20% of the post that is below, but thanks to the Twitter Files, attention will be focused on the criminal misdeeds of the Federal Bureau of Illicitness:

What Will The FBI Not Do?


I believe that the Twitter Files will eventually be more transformative of the US culture and politics than Watergate and the Pentagon Papers combined.  Here is a sample of why I think this:

Why You Need To Start Paying Attention To The ‘Twitter Files’


Woke universities are ever more rapidly destroying themselves:


Wonder why hospital care is so expensive?  Here is one of the many reasons:

As RSV Rages, States Intentionally Limit Hospital Beds


Fukushima today – rebuilt and ready

Wonderful news from Japan!  It took several years, but sanity has finally prevailed; Japan will not only be reopening its closed nuclear reactors – they will be building new modern ones:

Global Energy Crisis Forces Japan To U-Turn On Its Nuclear Policy


Wonderful news for everyone; the green ESG wall limiting investments in new fossil fuel ventures is showing serious cracks:

The ESG Hype Is Showing Signs Of Fatigue


Wisdom from the Mises Institute for both investors and those concerned about the cultural changes in America over the past half century; why is the labor force participation of 25-54 year old males declined so dramatically?  Could it be the consequences of the Left’s crazed War on Masculinity? Yathink?

Why Are So Many Men Leaving The Workforce?


Google on red alert over OpenAI’s ChatGPT.  It’s in beta-testing and easy to register. You can ask any question and you’ll often get back an amazingly well-written, informed, and balanced answer (albeit many exceptions) – that’s not composed by any human but an artificial intelligence computer.  Try it yourself and you’ll see why:

Google Execs Declare “Code Red” Over Revolutionary New Chat Bot


For investors and everyone else; inflation and some of the other severe costs of easy Fed-money;

It’s Wholesale Robbery of the American People


For investors; capital misallocation caused by Fed repressed interest rates causes productivity losses:

Capital Neglect Is Killing Capitalism

Marshall Dillon says “Get out of Dodge!”

Marshall Dillon says “Get out of Dodge!”

More for investors; worthwhile thoughts on globalization, financialization, and debt monetization – and where this means the stock market is likely to go in the next several years:

Time To Get Out Of Dodge?


The rise and fall of great powers; it is often a slow process, but the costs of centralization eventually outrun the income the Great Power governments derive therefrom, and slow decline (British Empire) or rapid collapse (Soviet Union) eventually becomes inescapable:

The Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers – 35 Years Later


Wise words from Doug Casey on decentralization versus centralization:


Poland’s Morawiecki and Italy’s Meloni

Peaceful decentralization gas already started, and this movement ranges from Alberta’s semi-secession (see last week’s links) to a growing movement to structurally reform the EU:

“We Will Change Europe” – Polish PM Tells Italian Media He & Meloni Will Return Europe To A Union Of Homelands


2023 and beyond – the potential for increasing disorder to come:

Will 2023 Be “Just An Average Recession In An Average Year” Or Will It Be Transformational?


Happy New Year to all TTPers!!