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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 12/21/23

This could lead to the most important Supreme Court win in the past century – no kidding.  The case is Loper Bright v Raimondo. SCOTUS arguments start Jan 17 for why at least 5 Justices should overthrow a 1984 Court monstrosity called “Chevron Deference” allowing administrative agencies like ATF to act as lawmakers. They create “rules” and “regulations” based on existing law, then use Chevron to affirm their rule change as “reasonable.”  This is a Very Big Deal!

Could This Supreme Court Case End Government Overreach By Three-Letter Agencies?


Are you ready to LOL?  The FBI agent who started the Trump-Russia conspiracy investigation just got sentenced to 50 months in Federal prison for…. conspiring with Russia!

Ex-FBI Intel Chief Who ‘Investigated’ Trump-Russia Collusion Gets 4 Years In Prison For Colluding With Russia


It could happen here…  Progressive control of education is making another Holocaust a terribly real possibility. Is GenZ turning into a generation of Nazis?

Majority of Americans 18-24 think Israel should ‘be destroyed and given to Hamas’


Admitted illegal voting by mail in 2020 was in the double digits – far more than the Xiden “win” margin:

Pinkerton: When It Comes to Voter Fraud, It’s Who Counts That Counts


For investors – and everyone else.  Interest payments on the Federalie debt cost 35% of Federalie tax income in fiscal 2024.  It is doing to become a lot worse very quickly:

Biden Administration Runs Record November Budget Deficit


For investors; unprecedented Fed heads contradictory statements suggest that decades of  kicking the debt can down the road may be rapidly running out of road:

There’s Something Happening Here…

More for investors; just how bad is the debt problem?  It is very serious, and not just for the Federalies and states, but for private businesses and households, too,  Two decades of Fed interest rate repression have encouraged massive malinvestments at all levels.

To make matters worse, Trump is a yuge yuge spender and Xiden is even worse.  Both want the Fed to resume repressing interest rates to provide the temporary appearance of prosperity by inflating the current economic bubble even further, and by reducing the interest cost of financing the Federalie debt.

The price inflation of this monetary inflation would take about 16 months on the average to manifest itself. to household consumers   Print more now,  pay more for everything later.  We have a very big problem, and if the Fed represses interest rates going forward, they will make the problem even worse:

Stockman: We Don’t Need Three More Stinkin’ Rate Cuts


“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

– Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises


What if the Fed really cuts rates to help Xiden win the 2024 election?  The Fed has repressed interest rates to below zero (corrected for the official lowballed CPI inflation) for the past two decades.  What does history say is likely to happen if the Fed returns to interest rate repression?  It suggests much higher inflation in 2025.  Pay particular attention to the three graphs:

The Fed Pivots To What?


We close with an important ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) Report:

Colorado Saves Democracy By Not Allowing People To Vote For Preferred Candidate


The report concludes by noting that Trump has now gained another 12% in Colorado voter polls.