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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 12/14/23

All the shock and headlines over presidents of three of our most prestigious universities – Harvard, UPenn, and MIT – turning out to be woke fascisti comes as no surprise to famed conservative historian, Niall Ferguson.  He explains how academics helped to destroy Western Civilization nearly a century ago, and the lessons that we can learn from this as a very similar racist academic treason unfolds again today.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme with a period of about 90 years. A must-read of the week!

Niall Ferguson: The Treason of the Intellectuals


And if you’re an investor: from Rabobank; why the tolerance of rabid antisemitism on campus is a challenge to future investment strategies:

Western Academia Is Just As Morally And Intellectually Corrupt As Congress, If Not Worse


The most secure election ever?  Over 20% if mail-in voters admit to casting their ballot illegally:

Survey: More than 1-in-5 Mail-In Voters Admit to Cheating in 2020 Election


Remember, remember… but what if the traumatic memories of the lockdowns, the isolation from loved ones,  the vaccine mandates and so much more trauma are repressed?  I think that the scars for many people are far deeper than they realize:

We All Have PTSD


More here:

COVID-19 and PTSD: Assessing the Pandemic’s Toll on Mental Health


Potential memory repression mechanism:

How traumatic memories hide in the brain, and how to retrieve them


Do you remember the mask mandates?  Did they do any good?

Child Mask Mandates Have No Clear Benefits And Cause Harm, BMJ Review Finds


Scientific paper on masks:


This lawsuit might help some people to remember some of the terrible things that were done to them!  The Texas lawsuit against Pfizer for deceptive trade practices looks good to me:

Had You Known, Would You Have Taken the Jab?


Loads of lies; the secret Fauci – CIA connection is revealed:

Rand Paul: We Know Fauci Was Visiting CIA in Early 2020 — Did the CIA Influence Fauci?


First Amendment news; ACLU defends NRA’s free speech and viewpoint rights:

“Beyond Shocking”: ACLU Will Represent NRA In Free Speech Supreme Court Case


ACLU petition for cert:


More First Amendment litigation; Trump and J6:

Trump Has Good Shot With Supreme Court To Get DC Case Tossed, Experts Say


First Amendment litigation breaks out all over!

Ready To Rumble: Lawsuits Against Censorship-Industrial Complex Heat Up After Musk Kicks Open The Floodgates


Is free speech “extremism” killing Twitter?  Twitter traffic exceeds Facebook and Instagram. Note the figures above are from October.  There’s millions more now:

X CEO Says 10 Million New Users Joined ‘Free Speech’ Platform In December


Second Amendment news; Remington Arms votes with its feet:

America’s Oldest Gun Maker To Shut Down New York Facility


The battle to uphold the Second Amendment continues, being waged by the Second Amendment Foundation,

Court Ruling Shakes Up New York’s Concealed Carry Law Landscape


In Fourth Amendment news, the reform of unpatriotic Section 702 by the Judiciary Committee’s Protect Liberty Act is on the table:

Former Judiciary Chairmen: Protect Liberty Act Most Important Surveillance Reform in ‘Several Generations’


More here:

House to Vote on Competing FISA Reform Bills: Protect Liberty Act & ‘PATRIOT Act 2.0’


Judicial Watch is doing an amazing job at cleaning up voter rolls:

Judicial Watch Forces D.C. to Remove More than 65K Outdated Registrations from Voter Rolls


An interesting new perspective on J6: “The release of more video and cell phone tapes from January 6 by new House Speaker Mike Johnson shows further evidence of a setup by the Feds that their so-called insurrection was staged.”

The “Why” Is Now Obvious


Sociology – a conservative Jewish pundit explains how the Jewish Democrats did it to themselves:

What Just Happened?


We close with the latest breaking news:

McConnell Dresses As Prostitute To Lure Hunter Into Closed-Door Hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C. — With Hunter Biden refusing to appear for closed-door testimony to the House of Representatives, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell cleverly dressed up like a prostitute to lure Hunter in to meet with Republicans.

“Hey, big boy,” said Senator McConnell in his most sultry voice, as Hunter strolled by. “I’ve been so lonely, hoping a fifty-something addict would come by and split this bag of crack cocaine with me. What do you say, stud?”

Though some insiders were skeptical that the ploy would be successful, Republican leadership remained confident. “McConnell may not be much to look at under normal circumstances,” admitted Representative Dan Crenshaw. “However, those of us who have seen him dress in drag for private congressional parties can attest to the fact that he can certainly catch your eye in the right dress. If he has Lindsey Graham to help him with hair and makeup – watch out!”

While Hunter Biden initially refused to comply with a congressional subpoena to testify, McConnell and other GOP lawmakers believed it was only a matter of time before he would be caught in their trap. “Just look at McConnell in that outfit,” said Senator Tom Cotton. “Who can resist that?”

At publishing time, McConnell was overheard asking aides to thank former New York Congressman George Santos for letting McConnell borrow his dress.