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SKYE’S LINKS 12/07/23

TEXIT!!  Some people are getting really fed up with the central government’s shenanigans. Heard of the Texas Nationalist Movement? It has over 600,000 supporters and growing.  Until SCOTUS starts giving 10th Amendment rights for real back to the states, more states are going down this path:

TEXIT Progress: Secession Question Expected To Appear on March 2024 Texas Primary Ballot

Shenanigans like this.  Nothing to see here folks, so just move along… right.  It’s the folks on the Jan 6 Committee who should be rotting in the Capitol Police Gulag, not the patriots there now with no justice whatever.

Jan. 6 Committee Tapes Have Disappeared, Says House Republican



This also could be the start of something very big; Texas AG Ken Paxton sues Pfizer for misleading advertising:

Texas Sues Pfizer For “Misrepresenting COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy” And “Conspiring To Censor Public Discourse”


Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines contained a DNA promoter sequence from the carcinogenic SV40 monkey virus and the public was not informed,   This is another ground for litigation, potentially at the multi-billion dollar mass tort level:

DNA Sequence In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Could Spur New Lawsuits: Lawyers


Moderna’s  censorship machine:

Moderna Employs Former FBI Analyst, AI To Secretly Police COVID ‘Vaccine Misinformation’


The plot to control the narrative continues. Worthy to be a must-read!

The Censorship Began Earlier and Went Further Than We Thought


Remember, remember – getting history right:

Just Admit You Were Wrong!


The Xiden White House and Google are part of that plot, and they have been caught red handed:

Jim Jordan’s YouTube Files: Internal Emails Show Google Sought to ‘Work Closely with Biden Administration’


The FBI is in big trouble with Jim Jordan:

Jim Jordan: This Is Why We Didn’t Want to Give the FBI Money for a New Headquarters:


Government and media temperature data are warped by “homogenization”,  a process by which urban heat island temperatures are used to up-rate general climate temperature claims.  How can you avoid this deception?  One way is to have your own outdoor thermometer and compare the results to your local weather station reports.  But what about a global view?  Look at snow cover data, though it will be greater in wet El Nino years, such as this winter:

“Another Inconvenient Truth”: Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Nears 57-Year High


Here is a good accurate reliable inexpensive outdoor wireless thermometer.  Use a lithium battery rather than an ordinary alkaline cell for best cold weather accuracy:

Taylor Wireless Digital Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Black, LCD


Here is another win for the Second Amendment:

Judge Strikes Down Federal Ban on Handgun Sales for 18 to 20-Year-Olds


I doubt that SCOTUS will find this demand in accord with the Fourth Amendment.  Jack Smith goes far beyond 1984 with a secret subpoena to Twitter for all things connected to Trump – and I do mean all:

Special Counsel Jack Smith Demands X/Twitter Give Info on All Americans Who Interacted with Donald Trump


3900 US car dealers warn Xiden that his green mandates are dangerously unrealistic:

Car Dealers Warn Joe Biden: Americans Are Not Buying Electric Cars


Those expensive EVs require 80% more repairs, too:

Consumer Reports: Electric vehicles less reliable, on average, than conventional cars and trucks


Problems with Trump. No, I don’t mean the ‘Crats Kangaroo Kourt antics.  Trump doesn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to the Constitutional limits on Federalie powers.  He wants to set up an antiwoke National University  funded via a wealth tax on university endowments.  Of course, the ‘Crats would soon turn this into a woke National University funded by a wealth tax on everyone.  He also wants to build Freedom Cities – which the ‘Crats would soon turn into taxpayer-paid illegal alien cities.   So far, we have a 2024 choice between bad and even worse:

Is Trump Going Too Far With His Second-Term Plans? Are They Even Republican?


For investors; did the economy really grow at a 5.2% annual taste ion the 3rd quarter? Note that this GDP growth figure has been corrected by subtracting the official Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI inflation figures;  8.5%-3.3%=5.2%.  But what if the inflation rate is actually higher than 3.3% – which it certainly is.  Lets go to to see what the CPI is when calculated by the  1990 methods, which is 8%.

8.5%-8%=0.5% annualized real GDP growth rate.   But wait!  It is actually much worse:

Huge Discrepancy Between GDP +5.2 Percent and GDI +1.5 Percent Accelerates



Alternate Inflation Charts


Mr. Market may currently feel otherwise, but both Fed rates and inflation are more likely to be higher for longer than Fed rate cuts soon,  Here are lots of cogent reasons why, and lots of links to back this judgement up:

If The Fed Cuts It Will Repeat The “Cut-First” Errors Of The 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, And The “Ignore Inflation” Error Of The 1970s


There are major hidden problems in the banking system because long term securities are no longer worth what the banks paid fir them back in the days of artificially low interest rates, due to interest rate increases.  How bad is it?  Pretty ugly:

Regulators Hope You Don’t Notice The Massive Hidden Losses In The Banking System


Inflation 101:

“Inflation Is Your Fault” And Other Self-Loathing Liberal Lies

Wild out of the box speculation to expand investors’ minds; Outrageous Predictions for 2024. How outrageous? Well, it’s hard to tell if he’s serious or this is actually a Babylon Bee spoof?  A lot of them almost have to be. Others… well you decide.

RFK Jr. Wins, Oil To $150, & The End Of American Capitalism: Saxo Unveils 2024’s ‘Outrageous Predictions’