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SKYE’S LINKS 12/01/22

online-networkNarrative Control.

It’s All They Have.

And They Will Fight to Keep It.

This week’s links explore the global and national efforts by governments of all levels to establish a single approved narrative on everything. The single narrative is the goal of all the psyops efforts, the election shenanigans, and content moderation (censorship).

basic-mind-controlThe single narrative is the goal behind the forced introduction of CRT or critical race theory as the new national culture, ESG, environment, sustainability, and governance bona fides replacing market forces. It is supported through the issuance of cheap debt to consumers tied to the draconian small print, Covid regulations, and cell phone monitoring that restrict freedom of movement.

The single narrative stands behind the multi-billion dollar personal data market, which feeds off of personal data provided to aggregators from tiny bits of code within more than 10,000 cell phone applications. Sometimes these apps spy on the user when running, and sometimes they never turn off. The giant aggregators pay app providers up to $0.001 per phone daily to spy and then sell the government software to allow the state to access everything about everyone.

The FBI was caught using these programs to build very detailed profiles of over 5,700 individuals that were within 1,000 feet of the Capital on January 6.

Protests are erupting in many Chinese cities, and Apple just released an update to Apple AirDrop that impedes protestors’ communication ability. Apple announced that it will remove the Twitter app from its store, pull advertising, and encourage all others to do likewise because of the mere threat that Elon Musk will support free speech.

When cell phones and computers migrated from the type of code used by Blackberry devices or Windows 7 to the app-based approach behind IOS, Android, and Windows 10, a vast and comprehensive data surveillance system was launched. Applications must include one of several units of surveillance code, called software development kits, or SDKs, before they are accepted by the Apple, Microsoft, or Google stores. SDKs and multiple layers of aggregators add misdirection to the ever-accumulating personal profiles compiled for sale to the government and the most prominent businesses.

SDKs are included in income tax processing software that sends personal data to Meta (Facebook), which resells it to the aggregators. This story of secret SDKs is rapidly expanding based on reporting by the Electronic Frontiers Foundation.

Suppose Twitter exposes the extent of government surveillance of users. In that case, the spyware within nearly every app and the extent of customized psychological manipulation directed towards each of us, individually, then the entire House of cards might fall. Elon is now their greatest fear. He threatens the global narrative.



Florida Leads the Way

desantis-exclaimsShowing leadership against the woke mind virus is why Florida had a red wave while most of the nation did not. This is the message  Ron DeSantis gave the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas on November 19. Miami-Dade went conservative by double digits, an unimaginable victory.

DeSantis discussed the mind virus, what it is and how it works, and explained how Florida became the State of Freedom through pragmatic legislation and sensible behavior during the Covid hysteria. The Florida National Guard put down the BLM riots; the state removed the self-governing authority of  Disneyworld, which was trying to become the global center of pedophilia, drove the company to change CEOs, and raced to terminate prosecutors that engage in political lawfare.


DeSantis on why there was a red wave in Florida:



The Covid Narrative

Massive harm was perpetrated upon society, the economy, and future generations by the utterly inept response to Covid.

Dr. Fauci was deposed for seven hours, with government agencies filing legal action to keep the contents private. Three letter agencies prevented the deposition from being recorded, and they now seek to have all records and minutes destroyed. Fauci is reported to have had amnesia and cannot remember the events surrounding the Covid lockdowns or the creation of the virus.

Apparently, from deposition leaks, the NAIAD envoy to China reported to Fauci in February 2020 that China contained and stopped the virus through social distancing and lockdowns alone. Based on this false interpretation of events in China and the miraculous power of social distancing, Fauci led the United States and the rest of the world to pursue an utterly false and wholly unsupported dogma. There was no science. There was just a dude in China that told Fauci to lock down the world.

facemask-interactionIf anyone doubts the power of psyops, then point them to the entire world shutting down based on a narrative without the slightest proof.

Great Barrington is a city in Massachusetts and was the host city for the Great Barrington declaration, which challenged lockdowns. The arguments made by Fauci and Brix on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry was that the jabs were 100% effective. The claim was necessary to counter the Great Barrington Declaration. Fauci calculated the population percentage requiring vaccination to be 1-1/Ro, with Ro representing the virus’s transmissibility.

However, the correct formula is 1-1/Ro/e, with e being the vaccine effectiveness. Well, if the truth about the jab’s 50% effectiveness were revealed, then all would know that 120% of the population must be vaccinated to stop the disease. It is impossible to vaccinate 120% of the people, meaning the vaccine could never work as promised.

Fauci committed fraud on an epic scale. Global narrative control went into overdrive to hide the fraud. It is a darn good thing that you, dear reader, are a member of TTP. The scam was called out here against a tremendous psyop headwind.

Let’s face it. Trust in government is destroyed, as is trust in big pharma.

It was destroyed by careerism. Government officials lied to advance their careers; doctors lied to remain in good standing at the country club; the media lied because they are paid to lie.

Now, 70% of American schoolchildren live in fear of the narrative. This is shameful. This is child abuse.


Dr. Atlas on Faucism:


Great Barrington Declaration author on censorship of lockdown critics:

Anti-Lockdown Stanford Professor: “Academic Freedom Is Dead”


The LA/MO First Amendment lawsuit against the Federalies proceeds with the deposition of Fauci, who claims to remember very little, including the Great Barrington Declaration – which is not what his emails and prior testimony have revealed:

‘Forgetful’ Fauci Could Not Recall Key Details Of COVID Crisis Response During Deposition: Louisiana AG


Some derogatory details from the 7-hour Fauci deposition:


The Surgeon General of Florida gets it right regarding the Fauci/CCP pandemic:


One of the most effective means to control people is via chronic fear; welcome to the next feardemic:

70 Percent of Children Aged 7-12 Now Afraid of Climate Change – Survey


It isn’t just a theory – it was a conspiracy.  Xiden urged Trudeau to crack down on the Canadian Freedom Convoy protesting Fauci/CCP virus lockdowns and mandates:



The War on Twitter

Elon Musk did not become the world’s wealthiest man if one does not count Putin, Xi, or that fat kid in North Korea, for failing to identify trends.

domain-defendersHis Twitter purchase and actions so far suggest that the world will turn against the narrative in a big way. The rejection of the narrative and the denial of centralized government control through propaganda and psyops on an industrial scale appear to be Elon’s vision of the other side of the Fourth Turning.

Every force that owes its power and wealth to the narrative and its management has its long knives out to destroy Elon Musk.

But what, for the sake of argument, will happen if Elon is bought off or otherwise eliminated? Will this stop the rebellion against authority in China? Will it restore trust to the millions of Canadians that look at Ottowa as a disgrace to humanity?

Elon Musk is a smart guy. He bet the farm that the future would be decentralized. His vision stands against the Defenders of the Domain.


Musk on the plot to kill free speech in America:

Elon Musk Says “Coalition Of Political Groups” Behind Lack Of Moderation Council


Musk says that if the Apple and Google app stores boot the Twitter app, he will sell a Tesla smartphone.  This is not an implausible threat; every Teala automobile is already equipped with a built-in smartphone:

Elon Musk To Build “Alternative Phone” If Apple And Google Boot Twitter From App Stores


More here; Musk has said that Apple has threatened to cancel Twitter from their app store but won’t tell him why.  Musk prepares for war with Apple:

Elon Musk: Apple Threatened to Boot Twitter from App Store


Apple helps the CCP to censor rapidly growing lockdown dissent in China:

Apple Turned Off Protest Communication Tool Right Before Anti-Lockdown Uprising In China


Twitter ends censorship of Fauci/CCP virus “misinformation”:


Musk is about to publish the internal Twitter communications that led to the censorship of the N.Y. Post’s Hunter laptop story in October 2020:

Elon Musk Says Exposé Of Twitter’s “Free Speech Suppression” Coming “Soon”


Why are the demofasists hyper frantic to destroy Musk’s Twitter businesses?  Musk supports DeSantis for 2024:



Committee to Restore the Bush Dynasty

The January 6 committee comprised several sub-committees investigating aspects of the January 6 events. These looked at failures to warn, political failures, etc. Each made recommendations, and each has been shut down except for Liz Cheney’s investigation of Trump.

Everything was tossed to the scrap pile after the Republicans took the House except for those elements forming the backbone of the Liz Cheney 2024 presidential campaign. Insiders expect Cheney to destroy Trump during debates, paving the way for her to run as the Republican candidate. If not her, then Pence is scheduled to run. Failing this, if Trump or DeSantis is nominated, then Cheney is to run as an independent and suck votes from Trump to enable Biden to win.


Federalie involvement with J6:


Interesting info on the J6 committee; narcissist Liz Cheney appears to be trying to hijack it to promote her 2024 presidential run:

True Colors: J6 Staff Lash Out At Liz Cheney For Allegedly Burying Parts Of The Investigation


Refining Capacity

oil-refineryThe EPA will not allow the necessary air discharge permits to build an oil refinery in the United States.

Those refineries physically located to process oil from fracking are too far inland to accept oil from overseas. Thus, the inland refineries became uneconomical to operate the moment that Biden killed fracking.

We are losing the capacity to refine, and the problem is long-term and systemic. The Ukrainian war prevents Russian refineries from selling directly to the USA unless transshipments through India or other neutral countries occur.

This way, the narrative that the world is running out of oil is maintained.

Internal combustion-driven vehicles rely on the passenger’s cell phone or satellite radio service to report where the driver goes and for how long. Some cars with the On-Star system can be shut down or unlocked remotely, giving ultimate control to the government.

But let’s face it, electric vehicles upload data whenever they are recharged, and the government can order individual cars to refuse to charge. Let’s say a parent speaks up at a school board meeting, and her social credit score is docked. Her ability to charge the car beyond 20% would punish her transgression without requiring courts and due process.


The vanishing American refineries:

Why Is The U.S. Losing Oil Refining Capacity?


More here:

U.S. refinery capacity decreased during 2021 for a second consecutive year


Your tax preparation software may be secretly sending your private data to Facebook; I think that it is time for a trillion-dollar class action lawsuit:

“This Is Appalling”: Major Tax Filing Services Have Been Sending Financial Information To Facebook


For investors, Xiden admin authorizes the Great ESG Heist from pension funds:

For Thanksgiving, Biden Stuffs America’s 401(k)s With ESG


Got food?  We all know that the CPI and PCE are grossly bogus understatements of actual consumer food price increases.  In my experience, a $200 supermarket basket in 2019 is about $300.  Here is another metric for food costs:


For investors, the Mises Institute on how we got into this mess and where we are going from here:

After Years Of “Stimulus” Come Surging Debt & Falling Wages


More Austrian economics:

An Economic Candle Burning From Both Ends


It’s No Joke

The SCOTUS has accepted one case and is deciding whether to accept a second making it a criminal act to joke about politicians, political offices, or corporate trademarks. The cases would require satire to include a WARNING: PARODY black box warning on written jokes and ban the caricature of corporate brands.

If successful, the case would allow narrative control by declaring all stories counter to the official narrative as parodies without warning and illegal in the public space.

And now for LOLing fun!  The Onion has filed a SCOTUS brief that you will enjoy reading, even if you don’t care about the First Amendment – but, of course, we all do.  Here is their brilliant defense of parody.  Enjoy!


And here is more info on the truly consequential SCOTUS First Amendment cases that will be considered this term.  Are you ready for an unauthorized doggy chew parody that looks somewhat like a bottle of Jack Daniels?  These cases are truly consequential: