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SKYE’S LINKS 11/30/23

mcgregor-for-presidentWill Conor McGregor be the next Prime Minister (“Taoiseach”) of Ireland?  He may be the man to save the Irish from themselves, who elected a woke girlieman to apologize for their country’s existence.  McGregor rightly called Leo Varadkar a “disgrace” for describing the return of 9-year old Emily Hand to her Israeli parents from being held hostage by Hamas terrorists as her being “lost” then “found”:

Conor Mcgregor Torches Ireland’s PM Over Response To Hamas Release Of Child Hostage


In fascist response, Varadkar ordered a witch hunt to persecute McGregor!

Conor Mcgregor ‘Is Being Investigated By Irish Police For Allegedly Inciting Hate Around Dublin Riots’.



McGregor was so outraged by these riots and what sparked them – An Algerian Moslem stabbing three young children, the last straw for Ireland’s mass migration crime – he posted on X: “This is NOT Ireland’s future! If they (current government) do not act soon with their plan of action to ensure Ireland’s safety, I will.” There is an outpouring of support for him on Irish social media.

For indeed, violent chaos is what can happen if politicians continue to kick the illegal migration can down the road.

Watch: Riots Erupt Across Dublin After Immigrant Is Accused of Mass Stabbing Attack of Children



At long last, the German people have had more than enough of illegal migrants, and the politicians are finally promising to do something about it:

Germany to Begin ‘Large Scale’ Deportations, Says Chancellor Scholz


The German citizens have very good reason to be unhappy with migrants:

Germans Have Become Welfare Piggy-Bank For Immigrants, New Govt Data Reveals


The people of Britain are fed up, but will their politicians do more than pretend to listen?

Over Half of Britons Support Five Year Pause on All New Arrivals


The politicians who think that they can ignore migration are heading for a fall:

Migration Figures Scandal: British PM Rishi Sunak Has no Border Control Plan

Migration Up Again: UK ‘Conservatives’ Have Failed on Border Control


And concern over illegal migration is reaching a tipping point in Sweden, too. Love the euphemisms for the migrant crime tsunami there, like “lifestyle defects,” and “shortcomings in their way of life”:

Sweden Looks to Deport Migrants Failing to Live ‘Honourable’ Lifestyles

Guns! Lots of guns!!  Black Friday breaks record for number of background checks:

Record Number of NICS Background Checks on Black Friday 2023


Counties and townships are going Second Amendment sanctuary:

Michigan Township Creates Militia To Defend The Right To Bear Arms


“The Justice Department announced a new rule to amend ATF regulations and expand the definition of a firearms dealer to include those who sell even a single firearm. 🤯


— Gun Owners of America (@GunOwners) September 5, 2023


The Xiden ATF is attempting to institute universal background checks via an administrative rule making process.  This will go to SCOTUS, who will not be amused:

Biden’s ATF Push For Universal Background Checks: An Overview

Oil rich Alberta Canada becomes a fossil fuel sanctuary by invoking the Sovereignty Act. The announcement above is well worth watching. Hurray for Alberta!


The NYC fraud case against Trump is in trouble – for the ‘Crats. Haha!

Did Deutsche Bank Just Destroy New York AG’s Case Against Trump?


How big tech invisibly manipulates voters, and what is being done to deter these bad actions. This is important!

Dr. Robert Epstein Launches ‘America’s Digital Shield’ Exposing Big Tech Meddling in 2024 Elections


The real story behind those apparently pointless Republican debates. A very interesting perspective – consider this a must-read!

How Long Can They Keep A Lid On Public Anger?


We have real grounds for hope:

Election Of Milei, Wilders, & Cogswell Has The Left Worried


The mood of Americans is mostly negative:

Only 36% Still Believe In The ‘American Dream’


How Moderna managed the m(pseudo)RNA vaccine  narrative:

Report: Moderna Engaged in Covert Operations to Control Online Criticism of Vaccines


This is a very interesting admission from Emperor Xi’s minions:

China Blames Weak Immunity from Coronavirus Lockdowns for Respiratory Outbreak in Children


For investors; bank bailouts on the rise:

Fed Bank Bailout Program Borrowing Surged In November


For investors; it’s not easy being green.  And it shouldn’t be!

Green Energy Meltdown To Continue Next Year, Bloomberg Survey Finds


Why rising CO2  has little further  heating effect:

Three Graphs That Show There Is No “Climate Crisis”


Long detailed scientific paper on CO2 greenhouse effect:


If you’re planning on watching the Newson-DeSantis debate tonight, did you know that: