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SKYE’S LINKS 11/24/22

happy_thanksgiving-americaSkye’s Links, The Thanksgiving Day Edition

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and it is my favorite holiday. Thank you, thank you to the many TTPers taking the time to read Skye’s Links today. Your friendship and engagement on the forum are deeply meaningful. We are a team of like-minded friends, and sometimes not so like-minded, engaging together to understand the world better.

TTP often links to music appropriate to the conversation at hand. It is mainly light classical, pop, or golden oldie rock. However, today I offer this magnificent piece of Americana from the late, great Johhny Cash: (Run time 2:43)

Today’s links cover the action of the federal Deep State to operate as its own State within the American State and its use of the DOJ and FBI to shut down opposition to itself. The Deep State controls the democrat party outright and, from all appearances, much of the Republican party.

We will see how this Deep State within the constitutional State uses lawfare to grant itself individual and collective rights while attacking ordinary citizens’ rights. Its goal is raw political power and control over finance and supply chains while simultaneously expelling productive enterprises such as manufacturing and oil drilling from the land.

never-ending-complianceThe Deep Staters hate Donald Trump because he represents nationalism over transnationalism. There is nothing higher on the Deep State list than the elimination of nation-states to institute a global system of finance, trade, and laws, which the Deep State intends to sit atop as the new king of the world.

Throughout the world, efforts are being heavily financed to demoralize and crush the old religions and replace them with new earth worship and environmentalism.

But the age-old questions emerge. Which is the more powerful? Governments or markets? Which is the better economic system? Industrial capitalism or finance?

Under the old system of industrial capitalism, the quality of life improved year after year as profits from machines and systems of devices were plowed right back into productivity. The little guy prospered.

But under the system based on finance and trade, costs increase yearly as productive systems are dismantled, and there is little investment and even negative investment in systems. Roads deteriorate, police forces are dismantled, and Phase III clinical research is replaced with unvalidated computer modeling.

Economic inefficiencies are growing as profits no longer find their way back into productive enterprises. Reinvestment is now hateful, as shown by efforts to make children’s education in a private domain a hate crime. Our financial overseers expect the resources to be transferred to Google, Microsoft, and the voting teachers’ unions. Not squandered on actually teaching children to think.

It is not all smooth sailing for the globalist financiers; attempts to control the entire world through a rules-based order, where the rules are like Calvinball, are meeting increasing pushback as the realities of central planning inefficiency emerge. Every day, a new counter to the official narrative occurs, and the Deep State must double down to maintain control.

Finance went too far, too fast, when it attempted to replace the industrial capitalism concept of health care to improve the individual’s health and vigor with the finance concept of individual compliance. Already there are 50 million public surveillance cameras in the USA, twice as many per capita as in China, and they exist to promote the safety narrative. It won’t be long until every minor violation observed by a camera or caught by a microphone is monetized into fee income for the new masters. There are no traffic courts to contest tickets generated by private highway cameras, as guilt is determined electronically.

We are in the Crisis phase of the Fourth Turning, with the State and its LGBT-Enviro religion enabled by centrally planned and dispersed propaganda crashing into decentralized local realities. We live through the British Empire in Yorktown, the Articles of Confederation in Appomatix, and the Imperial Japanese Rising Sun in Hiroshima, but presently manifested as the Deep State facing Main Street.

We don’t know what is on the other side of the crisis, but the Deep State and its finance capitalism cannot survive without stable supply chains. The Deep State’s hatred of production and all it involves is its Achilles Heel. The reality is that there cannot be trade and profits on transactions unless, somewhere, somebody is producing.

And so the Deep State hates Trump because he threatens the trade routes and the New World Order’s transformation from the industrial age of increasing individual prosperity to the finance age of rising costs and fees under the dominion of the connected few. We know why the Heathen doth Rage.



Stop Trump!!

Is Trump just playing with them now? AG Garland watches his every move; at least one top-secret satellite is probably watching Trump 24/7, and a Spook team is undoubtedly on his tail. Trump terrifies the Deep State. If MAGA succeeds and America becomes a productive powerhouse again, there will not be a need for Mitch’s interests in transoceanic shipping; there won’t be shady deals to sell off American Uranium.

gambling-oppositionsThe enormous profits made from gatekeeping trade will dwindle. The entire purpose of the Deep State as the maker of rules and taker of profits is threatened. Americans questioning why the crops must rot in the field for lack of diesel fuel can be managed through media campaigns unless Trump points out the absurdity of it all.

Trump announced that he would run in 2024, and Shazaam, just like that, a new special counsel was launched to gain control of the narrative. Only this time, the Deep State is unsure of its partners at Twitter.


Garland appoints Special Counsel to “investigate” Trump after he announces 2024 run:

AG Garland Names Hague War Crimes Prosecutor As Special Counsel To Investigate Trump


The last special counsel staring, Robert Mueller, failed to stop Trump, and worse for the Deep State was unable to crush the American Spirit of Enterprise. Vaxx mandates, threats of an IRS army, lockdowns, and the unleashing of homosexuality upon schoolchildren followed. But the result was the same. Thirty percent ignored the mandates. Coincidentally, thirty percent of Americans supported the Revolution. We saw the results at Yorktown.

But what does the Deep State always do? It doubles down.


biden-smith-garlandThis Special Counsel, Jack Smith, is the left’s pit bull; he was the point man in the persecution of the conservatives investigating and criticizing Lois Lerner’s IRS attacks on conservative 501(c)4 organizations. His M.O. appears to be selectively attacking conservatives for public corruption while ignoring the massive corruption of the left. Undoubtedly, he learned his trade well while serving in the Eastern District of New York. Nothing to see here, folks – move along:

Jim Jordan: Special Counsel Jack Smith Tried to Find Ways to Target Conservatives During Obama-IRS Scandal


becoming-movieSmith’s wife is Yale graduate Katy Chevigny, co-producer of the Michelle Obama love gush film Becoming. She contributed to the Obama and Biden administrations, as well as Rashida Tlaib, the most foul-mouthed of the anti-Trump Squad. Katy is reported to be pals with Eric Holder.

There can be little doubt that her company, Big Mouth Productions, is salivating at the opportunity to create a rabid Netflix hit piece on Trump ahead of the 2024 election. Political films are her specialty.


Need more convincing regarding ‘Crat partisanism?  Take a look at this:

Wife of Special Counsel in Trump Probe Contributed to Biden, Rashida Tlaib


The Deep State is doubling down. They initially thought Mueller would sink Trump or at least force Trump to make a secret deal to disavow MAGA and retire in peace. But this failed, and now it’s time for round two.

TTPers are a self-made group that generally climbed the ladders in their chosen fields to leadership positions. The funny thing about self-made people is that they recognize their own. They realize that a man like Trump, that built an empire with grit and determination, will never back down and accept a comfortable life. If he did this, he would lose momentum, which is the one thing that the self-made cannot afford to lose.

Government apparatchiks don’t seem ever to understand this. The apparatchik lives in a world of regular working hours, meetings, certifications, and degrees, but never in the merit world. Their careers are protected, and their employer never files for bankruptcy. They don’t understand the self-made and hate the self-made as much as they hate themselves for choosing the cowards’ careers. This can be seen clearly in the following link:


From the terms of the appointment, the DOJ is clearly out to get Trump:

Comparing the Orders Appointing Special Counsel Mueller and Special Counsel Smith


“This will be an utter bloodletting.” Trump’s tendency towards the limelight puts off many conservatives. Give us Trumpism without Trump, they say. Please give us a familiar manager, not a fighting leader.

trump-at-wwePlease give us a sharp-dressing Romney, a charming Bob Dole, or even an old reliable Gerald Ford. Maybe even a Deep State insider like GHW Bush. But don’t give us a Trump!

Sorry folks, Jonathan Turley, lays it on the line. This is a cage match, maybe a match to the death for the soul of our nation.

If the Internationalists have their way, it is for the very existence of our sovereign nation. Anyone that proposes shortening supply lines and reducing the financial returns from global trade is an enemy of the Deep State.


Jonathan Turley on the latest ‘Crat jihad to get Trump:

The Lords Of War: The Perils Facing Trump, Garland, & Smith In Washington’s Legal Arms Race



The Information Age is the Finance Age

The core idea behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that everything from our refrigerators to our DNA can be reduced to information and modified on demand.

command-center-at-naval-shipLet’s say that a Naval warship is sailing a critical mission and throws a turbine engine blade. Rather than carrying a supply of parts or waiting for a piece to be helicoptered, a new blade can be printed from metal powders and a set of computerized instructions. The ship will carry no spare parts and will be happy.

The downside is that cameras and microphones on the streets spy on us. Our mobile phones spy on us, and our new refrigerators maintain content inventories and report our meat consumption. New cars must have at least sixteen onboard cameras to monitor our performance. Thermostats report our energy use. License plate readers watch where we go.

Banks report our transactions and cash holdings. Google reads our emails and phone companies read our text messages.

Everything about us is digitized and sold so that we are little more than a series of numbers. The flip side is that the information can be used to control and manipulate our minds, just as the warship’s 3-D printer converts metal powders into engine parts.

It turns out that Google has been tracking our keystrokes, our searches, and reading our emails from day 1. Google remembers everything by building digital models of everyone. Its goal is to be the single source of truth and information so that truth becomes whatever Google wants.

It is powerful enough to change election outcomes. It is clever enough to create stock market runs for its account. Google has become the ultimate middleman connecting users with whatever reality that Google finds convenient and profitable.


Google’s YouTube is a mighty font of disinformation and censorship.”



The Second Amendment

With the caveat that these are temporary injunctions, three New York gun control laws have been put on hold. The latest overturns New York’s ban on carrying firearms on private property. A property owner may elect to ban firearms, but the government cannot infringe on private property.

Gun control laws are not about the safety of civilians; they are about centralized control over life and death by the State. Denying police protection of an unarmed population, as we see in Chicago and New York, or murdering unarmed civilians entrapped in political theater are two examples of a government drunk with power.

quiet-rageAs I pointed out at the start of this article, the Deep State, the State within the State, maintains power and control by inserting itself as a middleman everywhere possible. A disarmed population has little choice but to submit and be ranched like cattle and sheared like sheep.

Every human has the right to self-defense, and every society has the right to cast off corrupt governments. At the moment, we still live in a primarily high-trust society. But woe is the day when the last trust in government is squandered and spent.


Another 2nd Amendment victory in NY:

Another Day, Another Court Decision Against New York Gun Control



Facebook is an Information Mine

mind-controlNow calling itself Meta, Facebook collects information on users’ movements around the internet, engagements with others, their life stories, financial transactions, location, image, and everything else.

The information is packaged and sold to other parties to mine, score, and predict. Much of this is used for advertising, much to assemble targeted political advertising. Some of it, or possibly all, is made available to the FBI without a warrant.

Gone are the days when the Bureau only investigated crimes. Now it investigates thoughts.


Senator Rand Paul grills FBI’s Wray over illegal and unconstitutional information gathering from Facebook,  Download the linked PDF for more evidence of demofascist dirty dealing:



Election Fraud, Arizona Style

The first lawsuits were filed this week, challenging Arizona’s rigged system in which the head of the Maricopa County Board of Elections is a paid Democrat staff member and the Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, managed the election.

Voting machines were turned off, polling stations were shut down, and voting tally chains of custody were violated as Dominion Voting Machine Company employees were given open access to the machines. All the paper ballots sent to Democrats and many more created from thin air were counted, but traditional in-person votes were wiped away with keystrokes.

While conservatives see government as a force for stability, protection, and development, the new techno-finace Deep State sees it as the enforcer of fee income. They see global governance as necessary to collect fees on every aspect of life. And when life is over, should the deceased have opted for cremation, the enviros will collect a CO2 emission fee.

But first, they must control global information, which means control of the media.


Maricopa County, AZ, denies The Gateway Pundit press credentials, and the Pundit sues on First Amendment content-based discrimination grounds; the Maricopa County ‘Crats are in deep doodoo.  Enjoy!

Amusing Passage from Gateway Pundit’s Motion for TRO to Get Press Credentials


More from Maricopa County:


musk-pointsInformation control is foundational to replacing industrial capitalism with information capitalism, and Elon, the industrialist, is not playing their game.

Controlling Elon has become their most urgent priority, as he never took money from FTX nor visited Epstein Island. The Deep State tools of blackmail and bribery are not working. No doubt many are considering more permanent solutions to their Elon problem.


How the left intends to continue censoring Twitter:


More here:

App Store ‘Gatekeepers’ Urged To Deplatform “Dangerous” Twitter Itself


A simple and easy-to-implement step in the right direction for election integrity:



The FBI serves the Deep State, not the Constitution

lies-transmittedIt sure looks like the Jan 6 event was a giant entrapment legalpalooza designed to arrest Trump. They wanted Trump to enter the Capital, where he would have been arrested or killed by pre-positioned government agents. Twitter blocked his tweets which were directing the crowd to stand down and magnified calls for violence. This was exposed when Trump’s account was recently unblocked.

Trump outsmarted the FBI, and they are looking for their pound of flesh.


Did FBI-paid informants dressed as Trump supporters open the Capitol doors from the inside on J6?


The continuing feardemic is a step on the road to totalitarianism:

The Road To Totalitarianism (Revisited)



It’s Not About Your Health; It’s About Your Dollars

If Republicans aren’t cheated out of the House, I hope that they investigate the origins and consequences of the Fauci/CCP virus with Dr. Atlas leading the way:


Five Fauci/CCP virus investigations for the Republican House:


Following the money that paid for a “consensus” that locked our own and wrecked the economy and our liberties:


Massachusetts covertly installs Fauci/CCP virus tracking app on over a million smartphones.  Really!  Download and read the PDF linked in this article.  Heads must roll – and not just firings, actual prison sentences for these massive civil rights violations:

Lawsuit Claims Massachusetts Installed COVID-19 ‘Spyware’ On 1 Million Devices


Why are some people still wearing masks?  Why do some want further mask mandates?  Here are some speculations.  As G.K. Chesterton said,

“When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing; they then become capable of believing in anything.”

The Maskparade Charade


More on the scamdemic lockdowns and mandates:

They Will Lock You Down Again


Where the GoFundMe donations to the Canadian Freedom Convoy came from:



Links for Investors

Former CIA financial system analyst and economic journal author Jim Rickards has a lot to say about the transformation of society and the financial drivers behind it. The following link is quite informative:


For investors: Rickards on the shape of things to come:

More for investors on the shape of things to come; savings from stimmies will run out in mid-2023, and then comes the consumer spending crash, especially for lower-income purchasers:

9-12 More Months: How Long US Consumers Have Before The Bottom Falls Out



The MacGuffin. They Control What You Want

Human nature does not change much. The seven deadly sins are pretty much the same today as in antiquity, but the means to make a person dedicate their life’s work to the shallow and banal has found its new tool with technology.

For investors, beware of the Magic Money Machine narrative – and this is worth reading even if you have never invested a cent in crypto because it is a bigger story than corrupt cryptocurrency trading madness:

The MacGuffin, Part 2: The Story Arc of SBF and FTX – Epsilon Theory


For investors, and especially would-be home buyers:


More for investors, the real (inflation-corrected) rate of interest will have to become positive to curb inflation and its many malinvestments:


More on Fed  interest rate increases to come:

Stocks & Bonds Tumble After Fed’s Bullard Comments


The Woke justification for greed:

Crypto Fraud Exposes Woke Capitalism As A Scam


Is price inflation dropping?  Don’t bet on it:

Peter Schiff: We’re In The Eye Of The Inflation Hurricane


We are well into a Fourth Turning.


Happy Thanksgiving, thank you for all your insight through this most tumultuous year.