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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 11/23/23

81-on-fire-bidenMonday (11/20) was our ersatz White House Occupant’s 81st birthday.  Some staffer genius released this photo of him with his 81-candle birthday cake on fire, mercilessly mocked all over social media as “Biden’s Portal to Hell.”  Many observed, “That cake is what he’s doing to America.”

Biden Mocked Into Oblivion After Posing with 81st Birthday Cake: ‘Portal to Hell’



Trump Expands Lead Over Biden in New Poll as Women, Blacks, Hispanics Jump Off Sinking Ship



Trump Attorney Declares Stormy Daniels’ ’15 Minutes of Fame’ Are Finally Over After Her Complaint Is Thrown Out


Marvelous. Elon Musk is going to kill the Media Matters disinformation machine:

Media Matters And The Fake News Era Go To Court: Taibbi


Isn’t this nice?

Judge Obliterates Oregon’s Newest Gun Grab


Even Nicer!

NBC News Poll Records Highest American Gun Ownership in Poll History


High level Fauci minion admits virus origin coverup:

New Email Shows Fauci Adviser Suggesting He Destroyed Records


What stopped the pandemic?

The mRNAs Didn’t End COVID, Omicron Did: Berenson


What’s in your wallet?  If you have a Bank Of America card, you might want to consider a change:

Rep. Jordan Subpoenas Bank Of America Over Allegedly Sharing Jan. 6 Info With FBI


What is going on at the NSA and DOD?  As Jack Wheeler has pointed out for years on TTP, the Number One racial problem is America is white auto-racism, whites being racist towards themselves:

NSA Promotes Anti-White Racism Among Employees, Leak Reveals


For investors – and everyone else, too, Climate panic is running amok, but there are a few cooler heads. Please consider this the must-read of the week:

Here’s The Climate Dissent You’re Not Hearing About Because It’s Muffled By Society’s Top Institutions


For investors.  Please focus on the chart above that shows how interest payments on federal debt is skyrocketing as a percentage of federal tax revenue. This is only one of the many unsustainabilites built into federal deficit spending. Okay, this could be another must-read too:

Democrats Should Start Worrying About The Deficit


The US Constitution was designed to authorize the central government to do only those things that the States could not do independently, such as national defense and the creation of a nationwide free trade zone (the real purpose of the Commerce Clause).  Unfortunately, those limits are mostly long gone,  The prime directive of Congress is now, “I’ll vote for your spending if you will vote for my spending.”  Over the last four years, the deficit was $9 trillion dollars.  The interest on the national debt was nearly $1 trillion, and is rising rapidly as the older lower interest debt has to be rolled over at new much higher interest rates.   This will not end well:

‘This Will Not End With A Soft-Landing Whimper’ – Rubino Warns “Only A Matter Of Time Before Everyone Realizes There’s No Fix”



David Stockman On Washington’s Fiscal Doomsday Machine


Gotta love it. There is reason for hope.  A critical inflection point has been hit in Argentina, and the US  may well  be approaching one as well:

Argentina’s Libertarian President Milei Will Be a Nightmare for Biden


Happy Thanksgiving to all TTPers and their loved ones, friends, and families!