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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 11/16/23


Good news!  This is a real step in the right direction!!  A strong bipartisan bill protecting the 4th Amendment rights of Americans is coming out of Congress.  This bill goes far beyond reforming Section 702,  it prohibits any government agency from buying information on Americans from a data broker without a search warrant signed by a judge based on sworn probable cayuse.

It gets even better!  It prohibits government from demanding business records (such as your phone and bank records) with a mere administrative demand or subpoena; a real search warrant will be required.  The bill also contains audit provisions and penalties for violations.  The Xiden administration has said that they will veto it, even without having read it:

Biden White House Shoots Down Massive Bipartisan Surveillance Reform Bill They Have Not Read Yet


What  is a data broker?  Look at this:

Data broker’s “staggering” sale of sensitive info exposed in unsealed FTC filing


The Second Amendment is on a roll:

5th Circuit Panel Finds ATF’s 80 Percent Firearm Frame Rule Illegal


More good news here:

Gun Owners Score Major Legal Victories On Pistol Braces and Ghost Guns


Administrative state rule making challenged  in gun litigation here:

Bump Stock Case Could Nullify Other Biden Admin Gun Control Rules


Got guns?

Rolling Stone Blames Gun Industry For Mass Shootings – Reveals Greater Fear Of Patriot Rebellion


Got more guns?  Many things break during a Fourth Turning:

“Have You Lost Count Yet Of The Number Of Things In Our Country That Are Broken?”


The voting system is broken, and there is a Federal Court trial underway in Georgia on that subject.  The Judge is aware that serious vulnerabilities exist in the Dominion system, and has urged Dominion and Georgia officials to do something about them.  They aren’t, so there will be a bench trial.  NOTE THAT ALL THESE STORIES ARE MSM WIRE SERVICE REPORTS, WHICH ARE TRYING TO MINIMIZE THE PROBLEMS:

Constitutional challenge to Georgia voting machines set for trial early next year – Breitbart


More details:

Experts: False claims on voting machines obscure real flaws:


More details:

Activists say cyber agency weakens voting tech advisory


Remember the propagandademic?

The Declaration That Wasn’t Supposed To Happen


More on how  the new normal sneaks up on you:

Has The US Lost Its First-World Status?


You need a plan!  This very short article could save your life.  While referring to terrorist attacks, it is equally applicable to being prepared for a home invasion or a carjacking:

Jonathan Gilliam on Preparing for Terror Attack: ‘Have a Plan of Action’


Hope is not a plan.  Your central heating furnace will not work without electricity,  even if you have fuel.  Forcibly greened power grids for more than half the nation’s population are on the verge of breaking under the stress of an extra cold winter day.  How likely are you to need your generator this coming winter::

Time For A Generator? New Warning Says Half Of US At Risk Of Grid Down This Winter


Living in a concealed-carry/castle doctrine state/county and being well-armed and trained is a plan!  The MSM and FBI are telling you that crime is dropping.  That’s BS:

This Crime Data Is Not Real


Time for more good, in fact wonderful, news. In spite of the mandated and subsidized greening, Net Zero is rapidly failing all over the world:

Net Zero Is Dead, the Only Debate Is When that Happened


Another greenie con bites the dust:

Green Dreams Turn Into Nightmares: After US Withdrawal, Orsted Pulls Out Of Norway Wind Bidding


Reality bites back. A very big green EU rule is about to go way down in scope:

Finance may be junked from EU climate law, leaked memo shows. Critics say it could be unenforceable – Breitbart


The Mayor of NYC is being taught as lesson about the consequences of complaining about Xiden’s open border policies:

FBI Seized NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ Phones, iPad


For investors; understanding the talk about Treasury bonds, notes, and bills:

Treasury Auctions Explained For People With Short Attention Spans


Many of us are wondering what PDJT will do when he’s reelected next November.  Wonder no more.  The ace investigative reporters at BB have learned his plans.  Here are his Top 45 Goals as POTUS 47.  A sample:  #12: Require Starbucks baristas to wear badges stating they are either biologically male or biologically female; #24: Purchase Canada and make Trudeau pay for it; #34: Designate Harvard University as a terrorist organization. Brilliant!

45 Things Trump Is Promising For His Second Term