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SKYE’S LINKS 10/12/23


Is Elon Musk a Superhero or Supervillain?  He could be either depending on the issue.  But here’s once case where no doubt he’s the former. The Federalies have declared war on Elon Musk, and Elon has declared war back.  This is a war all freedom advocates want Elon to win!

SEC Sues Elon To Compel Him To Testify; Musk Responds It’s Time For Punitive Action Against Regulators Who “Abuse Power For Political Gain”

retro-eye“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell, 1984


Further evidence for Federalie perfidy. The Federalies are desperately rewriting the past and insist that you wipe your wrongthink memories of the past three years; those pandemic mandates never happened – you are just imagining that they did:

“This Will Make Your Blood Boil” – Biden Admin Goes Full Orwell Denying Vaxx Mandates Ever Happened


But wait!  There is so much more that you must not remember, and certainly must never ever talk or write about – lest other people remember them too.  Like asking, Who injured the country and the lives of its people more, the 4-years of Donald Trump or the 2.5 years of Joe Biden? and many similar questions:

Who’s The Real ‘Danger To Democracy’?


Montreal in lockdown, April, 2020


Yes, the fix is in.  Scientific publishers are censoring respectable analyses of the performance (lack thereof) of lockdowns so as to preserve the narrative of their efficacy so that they will be available for the next pandemic:

Science Journals Publish Pro-Lockdown Reports, Censor Anti-Lockdown Studies: Authors


That about sums it up, doesn’t it? For if you do dare to write about any of those forbidden memories, the FBI has a domestic terrorist acronym for you: MAGA.  The Fourth Turning is likely to get worse before it gets better.  Are you still stuck in Dodge because you are frozen in place by a low interest rate mortgage in the current  high mortgage rate high home cost environment which makes it prohibitively expensive to move?  The next few years are going to be messy, and not just from local criminal gangs:

FBI Creates ‘MAGA’ Extremist Category, Targets Trump Supporters Ahead Of 2024 Election


However! Good news!  Liberty Safe company has gotten the message from their customers loud and clear, and has changed their privacy policies:

Liberty Safe Announces Updated Privacy Protections for Safe Customers


And how ‘bout this?!! The MSM’s Associated Press wire service is in a tizzy as a ‘Crat primary mayoral candidate reveals drop box stuffing videos and sues to have a judge order a new election:

Drop boxes have become key to election conspiracy theories. Two Democrats just fueled those claims


More Good News!  Parts of the Fourth Turning are now turning our way. The Germans are waking up to the climate change scam and have started to do something about it:

Berlin Reactivates Coal-Fired Power Plants Ahead Of Winter


Still More! Turn, turn, turn…   Swamp ‘Crats are panicking over the blowback that they are receiving from their urban base over the cascade of illegal migrants arriving in their sanctuary cities and demanding billions of dollars in housing, food, and medical care.  Solution?  Build a wall!  I’m confident that they will build only a token amount of wall, which the MSM will publicize to the max. But as the buses continue to arrive, voters will see the painful truth, :

“Too Freaking Late” – Mayorkas Finally Admits “Acute & Immediate Need” To Build Border Wall In Texas


Illegals currently housed at Chicago O’Hare Airport


But building a short token section of new wall won’t solve this problem and save Xiden’s future:

Chicago Alderman: We Need ‘Serious Policy Changes’ and a Vote on Repealing Sanctuary City Policy


Bill Maher has some pointed comments on hypocrite ‘Crats” – chief hypocrite being New York City Mayor Eric Adams who just issued the above notice.

Maher: ‘Sanctuary City Hypocrite’ Dems Got Their Bluff Called


More Maher on hypocrite ‘Crats:

Maher: Biden Now Admits There’s a Migrant Crisis and Dems Are Mad He’s Trying to Secure Border


More turning our way!  Big tech censorship is heading for a SCOTUS dust-up.  They claim that they can censor because they have a First Amendment right to do so, and that being private companies, the First Amendment rights of their customers do not apply to their censorship. They claim, in this respect, to be like newspapers.  They are not.  They have a special privilege from the Federalies, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which immunizes them from a huge range of lawsuits.  Newspapers do not have this privilege.  This makes these companies government actors, just like a railroad which is granted eminent domain powers.  That makes the railroad a common carrier.  I THINK THAT JUSTICE THOMAS HAS IT RIGHT:

Big Tech’s Armageddon, courtesy of Justice Thomas


There are also two prior SCOTUS  decisions regarding how private corporate property can be deemed a public square for First Amendment purposes.  While I disagree with these two decisions, I doubt that the Court will be willing to overturn them – especially the three liberals.  The tech oligopolies are vastly more significant public squares than the properties in either of the two cases below:

Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins – Wikipedia

Marsh v. Alabama – Wikipedia


Musk and Dershowitz on free speech:

Alan Dershowitz & Elon Musk On Free Speech & Anti-Semitism


LOL! Another court case likely to turn in our direction – thanks to Hunter Biden!

Hunter Biden To Mount 2nd Amendment Defense Against Gun Charges


The Mises Institute on Man, Economy, State, and culture war:

Government Is The Hidden Hand Directing The Culture Wars


For investors; national debts and deficits:

Something “Big & Stupid” Is Coming…


For investors; the last 15 years have seen interest rates repressed to 5000 year lows – and we are now reverting to the mean, which is 2-3% above inflation for long bonds:

“There’s Just Way Too Much Debt”: This Is Now The Greatest Bond Bear Market In History


More here:

The Economic Future Is Sad, Simple, & Already Obvious

specific-end-of-daysAt least, regarding the last three links, that’s what the doom-and-gloomers say.  The above ‘toon is indeed the right question to ask of them. After all, it’s duck-soup easy to make an open-ended prediction.  So let’s close with something to celebrate!


As you are reading this, Jack Wheeler is on a remote island in the Indian Ocean you likely have never heard of (Cocos-Keeling).  Here is what he wrote on this day, October 12, one year ago.  Enjoy! Happy Columbus Day!

Today, October 12, Is a Celebration of Western Civilization