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SKYE’S LINKS 09/28/23

Ending the Kleptocracy

Major cases dealing with the administrative state and its overreach are headed to the Supreme Court. As the Fourth Turning continues to grind its way forward, the resurgence of the next phase is emerging. According to the Theory of Strauss and Howe, the period following the current Crisis should be a High. The High is a period of optimism and growth.

Baby boomers known for their radical individualism are aging out while most institutions are falling into the hands of the more moderate individualists of Gen X. Millennials have shown their radical chops, although as a generation of collectivists. The moderate collectivists of Generation Z follow them.

In other words, the following High will be a period of compliance with rules and norms and knowing one’s place in society. Imagine the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit from the 1950s but with WiFi and teleconferencing. Whether we cheer conformity or not, there is no doubt that the new generations have the skills and mindset to rebuild the American industrial base.

The culture is not finished with the Fourth Turning and the Crisis of confidence, the corruption, and the gross inefficiencies now caused by rogue actors directing rogue institutions. The pressure to find the corrupt rogues and purge them, from Peter Strozk over at the FBI to Bob Menendez in Congress, is beginning to take on a religious zeal.

Today’s links follow four SCOTUS cases with the potential to end the Chevron Deference, which empowered unchecked bureaucratic power to exert itself. Any mid-level staffer who aspires to move up could redefine rules and regulations according to personal whimsey without realistic oversight.

what-is-turningConfusion and conflict empowered the DoJ to selectively prosecute based on their radical political agenda. For instance, people or organizations targeted by the EPA or SEC now have cases tried before administrative magistrates in kangaroo courts. This is a political shakedown, and Elon Musk has none of it.

Musk watched his native South Africa destroyed and is determined to stop the forces of corruption now attacking his businesses by challenging the constitutionality of administrative courts; Furthur, the 16th Amendment, allegedly ratified in 1913 to create the income tax, appears to have not been ratified. No records of the final vote total exist, with one critical state claiming they never voted in favor.

Media attacks on Clarence Thomas are winding up in anticipation that he will write the majority opinion ending Chevron.

While the USA has a glimpse of a rising dawn, Russia remains out of synch with the Anglosphere. A revolutionary, radical generation of individualists is emerging in the Rus. This is analogous to the 1960s-1970s generation in the West, with the expectation that they will tune in, turn on, and drop out at just the time that Russian survival will depend on a widescale commitment to the state. The antiwar movement will be brutal in Russia.

California tried to block high-capacity magazines again, and the bans were blocked in court. The matter heads to the 9th Circuit Court on appeal, which looks terrible for the totalitarians.

ESG is failing fast, with 3x more funds closing this year than closed over the previous three years. The word has gone out that ESG could not create a new fiat currency based on racial differences and sexual weirdness, and the concept should be abandoned. Some of the rapidly emerging threats to ESG are demands to investigate global leaders for child pornography and rape, as in their Epsteine Islands and associated lists, and the threat to the carbon credits scam.

Carbon credits for CO2 appear to have been created out of, get this, thin air. The scam is unraveling globally even while Canada aggressively moves to punish its industry. There is a lesson here. Medieval-style indulgences did not work out well back in the day. They are not working out now, either.

capitalism-disasterDisaster Capitalism is a favorite trick where crooks administer massive foreign aid bills. The Clinton Global Initiative is the poster child for such things. The White House appointed Penny Pritzker, of Chicago subprime mortgage crash of 2008 fame, to lead Ukrainian recovery and rebuilding. A cynic might think her close ties to the Obamas influenced her selection.

The Dems are desperate to keep Trump off the ballot and might be conspiring with RINOS to push a 14th Amendment, Article 3, Insurrection Clause, a ban on Trump in blue states. However, Biden could also be disqualified for accepting bribes from China. He gave aid and comfort to the enemy. Some red states might knock Biden off the ballot, forcing a contingent election. Each state gets one vote in a contingent election, solidifying Trump into the White House.

Millennials are awakening to the Kleptocracy embedded within the government and do not like it. As more awaken, there is a growing anger towards Baby Boomers for enabling avaricious careerism. The younger generations value conformity and compliance, and a social movement is emerging.

Trump’s movement to drain the swamp continues to ring loudly.

The censorship-industrial complex made possible by the Patriot Act is out of control. Millennials and Gen Z are exceptionally computer-savvy. They routinely work around the censorship that government actors shove into society. Elon Musk is one with the Millennials as he rolls back censorship at X (Twitter). Musk is the new Teddy Roosevelt, as he shows the importance of masculinity to modern young men. He is giving a generation its balls back.

Argentina has a new MAGA rising star, sort of. Javier Milei is a libertarian. Although leaning Left of center, he intends to abolish the privilege of the minority (for example, affirmative action), re-industrialize Argentina, and push back against tyranny. This contrasts Lula of Brazil and the rest of the commie-shift in Latin America.

Minority privilege is getting out of hand as Target is closing nine stores in Harlem, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. Flash mobs of looters have caused hundreds of billions of dollars in losses. Liberal mayors are eying Target properties as prime real estate to convert into drug-addict communist reeducation centers and homeless camps. Hey Target, go woke, go broke. Sorry, pals, you backed the wrong horse. Fire your CEO.

Strange things are happening in the economy. Home prices are surging, interest rates are increasing, and demand is down. Energy prices are rising, yet China is heading into a deep recession. Maybe a depression. Is this overhang from COVID-19 or something else?



First Amendment and Chevron

musk-for-marsWhoopee!!!!  Please read; this is existential important!  This could be one of the most important legal cases of the century!   Musk and Space-X attack the Administrative State, which has for a century denied defendants a jury trial in defiance of the Seventh Amendment and has subjected defendants to tests by an Administrative Judge Magistrate who is an employee of the Executive branch that is accusing you of wrongdoing and is not an independent Constitutional Article Three Judge.  When the Federalies sued SpaceX over employment practices, they had no idea that Musk would go nuclear and challenge the Constitutionally the very existence of the Administrative State!:

Musk’s SpaceX Countersues DOJ, Says Case Over Refusal To Hire Refugees Is Unconstitutional


Much more whoopee!!!!   Please read; this is existentially important!  There are three cases discussed here. All three are tremendously consequential.  SCOTUS vs. Administrative State – another three upcoming efforts to limit the Administrative State monster.  This has the same fundamental Constitutional basis as the Musk / Space-X case.  During the Fourth Turning, there will be plenty to celebrate.  This case and the above Musk  case meet that criterion Big Time:

Supreme Court May Put Administrative-State On Chopping-Block In Upcoming Term, Lawyers Say


Great news!  SCOTUS will be reviewing a case this term called Loper Bright, which may result in overturning the Chevron doctrine, which orders all courts below SCOTUS to give deference to the Administrative State’s definition of the laws passed by Congress.  If they dump Chevron, this would be one of the most significant defeats for the Administrative State in US history. (Caution – this write-up is from the Associated Press.):

Supreme Court to decide critical case on government power – Breitbart


Pacific Legal Foundation’s description of this case (they are a wonderfully effective outfit.):


The excellent Volokh Conspiracy on this case:

Has the Supreme Court Put Chevron in the Crosshairs?


This case is so consequential that the Left is desperate to force Justice Thomas to recuse himself from Loper Bright,  though on totally bogus grounds:

5 Major Problems with ‘Ethics’ Hit Piece on Justice Clarence Thomas


The battle  of the First Amendment versus the Faucists is turning out way:

American Pandemic ‘Samizdat’: Bhattacharya


Here is another significant First Amendment victory over Federalie pandemic censorship:

Judge: Biden Admin Violated First Amendment Rights of Stanford Doctor



Second Amendment and ESG

magazine-roundsHere is a Second Amendment win:

Federal Judge Blocks California ‘High-Capacity’ Magazine Ban for 2nd Time


The good news keeps coming; investors are fleeing ESG at a rapidly increasing rate:

Green Bubble Burst: US ESG Fund Closures In 2023 Surpass Total Of Previous Three Years


The worm turns; Bill Gates reverses course on climate doom:

Why Did Bill Gates Make Sudden U-Turn On Climate Doom Narrative?


The big green scam is running out of suckers.  Huge companies are realizing that carbon offset credits are a scam, and they are cutting off their billions of dollars per year of virtue-signaling money:

Backfire: World’s Fourth Largest Iron Ore Producer Stops Purchasing Carbon Offsets


More here:

CEO Of Top Carbon Credit Certifier Steps Down After Report Finds “Phantom Credits”


And here:

Carbon Credits Are The Biggest Scam Since Indulgences… How You Can Avoid Being Fleeced


Speaking of scams, this looks like 10% for the Bigger Guy:

Biden Names Obama Crony Penny Pritzker to Lead Ukraine’s Economic Recovery


Let’s not forget 10% for the Big Gal”

Peter Schweizer: The Clintons Are Masters of ‘Disaster Capitalism’ — and Ukraine Is Their Next Big Project




super-trumpBut what if ‘Crat controlled states knock Trump off their ballots using Article 3 of the 14th Amendment?  Let’s hope they are stupid enough to do so…The good news keeps coming!

California Democrats Could Guarantee Trump 2024 Win


From the Mises Institute: an extensive picture look at the censorship ecosystem:

The Censorship Industrial Complex Exposes The Kleptocracy’s True Intentions


WAPO  whines that censorship investigations are interfering with the censorship industry:

Washington Post: GOP Investigations Against Censorship Industry Are Succeeding


Enjoy!  MSM’s AFP joins the whining over social media’s reducing censorship:

Tech firms roll back misinformation curbs ahead of 2024 polls – Breitbart


javiers-mileisMore from the Mises Institute, an Austrian School economist who is making big waves in Argentine politics:

Javier’s Mileis’s Populist Strategy In Argentina Is Working


The House Select Committee on Coronaviruses is making progress:

Biden HHS Hits Wuhan Lab With 10-Year Funding Ban Amid Mounting Evidence Of Leak


An election is approaching in the UK, and the politicians know which way the wind is blowing; they are backtracking on many costly green mandates – and the green grifters are pissed:

UK Backtracks On Key Green Policies


gold-barsTurley on Senator Mendez and the best politicians that money can buy:

Robert Menendez Broke The ‘Goldilocks Rule’ Of Corruption


Fourth Turning sociopathy and savagery force ore and store store closures:

Target to Close 9 Stores in Four States Citing Theft That Threatens Workers, Shoppers


For investors, we are in uncharted territory,  and here there are lots of hungry dragons:

The Looming Economic Cauldron