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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 08/17/23

civil-war_chargeThe Fourth Turning becomes ever more dangerous. Jonathan Turley discusses the UChicago Project on Security & Threats survey finding many Americans are embracing violence as an option for political change. 30 million Americans say that violence is justified to prevent Trump from being re-elected, and 18 million say that violence is justified to help Trump be re-elected.  The biggest difference between them?  The former don’t believe in having guns, while the latter most certainly do.

Age Of Rage: UChicago Report Finds 30 Million American View Violence As Justified To Keep Trump From Power


To the ‘Crats, everything that Trump did after the 2020 election is a criminal conspiracy.  It’s truly mind-boggling what they accuse him of as criminal. This is TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, on stilts and steroids.  Read these quotes from the GA indictment to see:

Georgia Indictment: Reserving A Room, Asking for Phone Number Are ‘Overt Act[s] in Furtherance of the Conspiracy’


‘Crat attorney Dershowitz says that these Trump indictments criminalize what the ‘Crats have done for decades.  Remember Algore challenging GW’s election and the infamous “hanging chads”?

Dershowitz: Georgia Indicted Trump for Doing What Democrats Did for Gore in 2000

A brief history of recent ‘Crat election denial:

Democrats Denied Election Results 150+ Times Before Trump Election Indictment


Having trouble keeping track of all the lawfare?  Here is a summary:

All The Trump Indictments In One Place


Is it any wonder, then, that so many Americans have justifiably lost confidence in the so-called “justice” system?  It doesn’t exist in DC, Fulton County GA, or, in fact, anyplace with a Soros DA:

Poll: Voters Not Confident Trump Can Get a Fair Trial in D.C.


The 2024 election is already being cancelled:

‘On The Verge Of The Abyss’ – No US Presidential Election In 2024?


The election of November 2024 will look like an election – well, sort of.  From Kangaroo Courts to a Kangaroo Election:

Trump, Giuliani, Powell, Meadows & 15 Others Indicted On 13 Counts By Atlanta Grand Jury


Why did AG Garland appoint Weiss as Special Counsel to “investigate” Hunter?  Because this provides an excuse for stonewalling the House investigation:

Turley: Harder for Congress to Ask Questions Now That Weiss a Special Counsel


Of course, people who watch network TV news won’t have a clue as to what is really going on.  Here is their utterly brazen coverup of Xiden crime family corruption by the numbers:

Report: Media Only Spend 4 Mins 50 Secs on Biden Business Deals


Which AI Large Language Models are most liberally biased:

Study Reveals Which AI Chatbot Most Woke, While Hackers Trick LLMs Into ‘Bad Math’


This should be from the Babylon Bee, but unfortunately, it isn’t.  The California ‘Crats are going vampire; they are going to suck electricity out of electric car batteries and reduce battery life in the process.  This can be stopped with a simple series diode in an adapter for the DC charging line – which the ‘Crats will make illegal but not unavailable:

California Moves to Confiscate Power from Your Electric Car Battery

The current EV avoidance of road taxes is being used as excuse to require every EV owner to put a GPS tracer on their car. See video above.

States Mandate GPS Trackers in Electric Vehicles to Tax Per Mile


Greenwash hits EU transitioners. What’s really funny is the writer for the oil & gas industry is a woke greenie whining about this!

Transition Tension: ‘Greenlash’ Wave Jeopardizes Energy Reform


Another Greenlash Revolt is happening in London.  The city’s fascist mayor, Sadiq Khan, is placing hordes of ultra low emission (ULEZ) cameras to fine drivers – and masked guys called Blade Runners are tearing them down.  Where are our Blade Runners to protect us from wokeness?

Rise Of The ULEZ ‘Blade Runners’: The Underground Activists Who’ve Vowed To Stop At Nothing Until They’ve ‘Taken Down EVERY One Of Sadiq Khan’s Low-Emission Cameras’


Win!  S&P Global removes ESG numerical scores from their debt ratings, all that counts now in the numerical score is the ability of the borrowing firm to repay their debt.  This is a definite step in the right direction:

S&P Global Removes ESG from Debt Ratings


Scientists are finally beginning to be able to publish papers on the long-lasting side effects of the Fauci/CCP vaccines:

After Long Silence On ‘Long Vax’, Science Magazine Links Autoimmune Disorders To COVID Shots


Uncovering the pandemic origins coverup:

Caught Red Handed: Scientists Call for Full Retraction of Nature’s Proximal Origin Paper, as Fraud Accusations Mount