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SKYE’S LINKS 08/10/23

Are cow farts going to destroy the planet’s environment like the Global Methane Hub seems to believe?  Turns out that’s just a Pysop. “Issues like the cow fart threat are absurdly extreme for a reason. The objective is not the achievement of the issues themselves. It is the alteration of the psyche of the populace… The goal is not the elimination of cows; it’s the elimination of thinking and dissent.”

Why Flatulent Cows Matter



Speaking of eco-fascist lunacy… These could be from the Babylon Bee, but, unfortunately, aren’t:

Leftist Scottish Govt Cut Down 16 Million Trees to Put up Wind Farms

Dozens of Scottish Wind Turbines Powered by Diesel Generators, Pour Hydraulic Oil Into Countryside



Here’s the problem regarding the Cow Fart Psyop. Half the country is learning that the FBI minions are systemic liars, and the other half has lost its capacity for thinking and dissent thus doesn’t care, so long as lies support their ‘Crat tribe:

Facebook Files: FBI Lied About Extensive Meetings with Zuckerberg’s Platform About Hunter Biden ‘Laptop from Hell’



And how did they lose their capacity to think in the first place?  Here’s how criminally demented teachers’ unions are warping Millennials and GenZers. Read these insights into what makes them tick, and where are they going.  This article is good enough to copy and paste to everyone you know who have young children or grandchildren:

The Next Generation Is Being Groomed For Destruction – Here’s Why They Are Vulnerable



This Yale study claims that Republicans were 43% more likely to die from the Fauci/CCP virus due to vaccine hesitancy than Democrats.   What this study actually proves is that there is a massive failure in the peer review system for medical papers relating to this pandemic.  Note how the study has so many points of failure it seems designed that way.  This is no accident, Comrades:

Faulty COVID Study Claims Republicans Had 43% Higher Death Rate Due To “Vaccine Hesitancy”



CA Gov Gavin Newsom by street artist Sabo

They call him Gruesome Newsom for good reason.  That secret illegal ChiCom biolab in Fresno (Fresno??) filled with infectious agents, medical waster, and a thousand dead Covid-infected mice you’ve heard about?  California’s Psycho Governor funded it and Biden’s Federal Death Agency knew all about it.  It was accidentally discovered by a city business inspector.  Thank Sabo for portraying Newsom accurately.

Newsom Funded Chinese COVID Lab Known To Biden’s FDA



Speaking of Sabo – above is his latest on PDJT, echoing MacArthur’s famous “I shall return” pledge to reconquer and liberate the Philippines in WWII – which he did.  That PDJT will return to reconquer and liberate America from Woke Dem pathology is starting to really scare the Left.  The Fourth Turning grows more and more dangerous – and even the New York Times is beginning to fear the all too likely consequences:

New York Times Op-ed Warns of ‘Terrible Consequences’ of Prosecuting Trump



‘Crat Mass. Gov. declares an emergency over migrants.  The chickens are coming home to roost on Xiden’s open border policy in blue state Biden-voting cities all over:

MA Gov. Maura Healey Declares State of Emergency over Migrant Surge

Democrats Beg Joe Biden to Declare Emergency as Migrants Fill New York City Streets

Whoopee!  The Second Amendment triumphs again:

Ninth Circuit Panel: Knives Are ‘Arms’ Protected by Second Amendment



And again!

Federal Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Colorado Gun Control



There is more good Second Amendment news; credit card companies have suspended adoption of a merchant code that would identify gun and ammo purchases – at least for now:

States Stop Credit Card Companies From Tracking Gun Purchases, Though It May Not Last



Jay Leno loves his gas guzzlers – so should you

For investors – and everyone else; used car prices are rising rapidly.  I think that if a Republican wins the presidency in 2024, that they will drop, and if a ‘Crat wins, they will rise a lot.  The Federalies ‘ electric car mandates are causing new IC (internal combustion) autos prices to rise greatly because they are subsidizing the thousands of dollars per EV vehicle loss by auto manufacturers on those mandated EVs.

Use the best synthetic oils (I suggest Valvolene or Castrol)  and the best filters (I suggest Bosch),  and keep your current car or truck running as long as possible:

Breitbart Business Digest: Unaffordable Used Car Prices and an Accelerating Economy



For investors; oil is not a homogeneous good, and that has far-reaching consequences:

Our Oil Predicament Explained: Heavy Oil And The Diesel Fuel It Provides Are Key



What the Fed has wrought:

The Fed Hits 3,000% Inflation



For investors, and everyone else.  The US Treasury has just released their estimates for their net borrowing for the next 6 months – $1.85 TRILLION DOLLARS!  What could possibly go wrong?

Keeping Your Head Amidst Debt-Blind Madness



While the Federalies are borrowing astronomical amounts of money, bank loans for everything except credit cards are collapsing.  Soft landing?  Don’t bet on it:

US and EU Corporations Slam the Brakes on Demand for Business Loans – MishTalk



For equity investors; 150 years of market cycles – what they suggest as to where we are now, and where we might go within the next few years:

“Excesses Exist Currently That Have Historically Never Occurred…”


And finally, a major food biotech breakthrough: