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SKYE’S LINKS 08/03/23

real-scandalsTurley on the Trump J6 disinformation indictment: he has been indicted for speech that is clearly protected by the First Amendment. Of course, the MSM trumpets conspiracy and obstruction charges, but says nothing about the First Amendment protection of Trump’s speech; the MSM is splitting Americans into two radically different and inconsistent realities.

This is actually an amazingly weak case. All it has going for it is an Obama donor/appointed J6 hanging judge and an all-Dem DC jury.  In my opinion, Trump is likely to be convicted, and the conviction reversed on appeal – after the next election. The ‘Crats and the Fourth Turning are building up to an extremely ugly crisis:

Turley: ‘Disinformation Indictment’ Is Charging Trump for Free Speech


The MSM is desperate to keep at least half of voting Americans ignorant about the many recent Xiden corruption disclosures from the House Committee:

Trump Indictment Continues Pattern: Day Of, or After, Bad News for Biden

Amazingly great news!  The following letter wasn’t written by Donald Trump; it was written by the liberal black woman head of the Oakland CA NAACP! She bitterly condemns “the movement to defund the police, our District Attorney’s unwillingness to charge and prosecute people who murder and commit life-threatening serious crimes, the proliferation of anti-police rhetoric and progressive policies and failed leadership” for creating crime and harming economic opportunity.

Oakland NAACP: People Are Afraid to Walk to Mailboxes Due to Crime Spawned by Defunding Police, Lax Prosecution



Meanwhile, NYC Mayor spends $432 million on no bid contract to export migrants to small NY towns.  Hmmmm…  No bid….  9 figure contract… 10% for the Big Apple’s Hizzoner?

Mayor Eric Adams Awards Millions to Medical Company to Bus Border Crossers Out of NYC



How Xiden is using an executive order to fortify ‘Crat partisan voter registration, and what is being done about it:

Conservatives Fight Secretive Biden Voting Order As ‘Bidenbucks’ — Federal ‘Zuckbucks’ On Steroids



Here is a very interesting survey.  Since 2015, high school graduating boys have turned conservative, while the girls have turned in the opposite direction.  Generation Z is breaking apart into two sexually dimorphic hostile tribes.  While girls are being taught to adore themselves, boys are taught to hate themselves and are rebelling against the indoctrination.

12th-Grade Boys Becoming More Conservative As Girls Trend Overwhelmingly Liberal



Nigel Farage is madder than hell over being debanked because of his political views, and he is not going to put up with it any longer.  This would be a good campaign promise for any Republican candidate.  Over to you, Donald…

Nigel Farage Launches Campaign to Take on Big Banks



AI crooks have arrived.  Beware of personalized emails demanding information or payments!

WormGPT And FraudGPT Emerge As Scammers Weaponize AI Chatbots To Steal Data



Why Large Language Model AIs  (such as ChatGPT) lie; they hallucinate, literally just making it up as they go along:

Chatbots sometimes make things up. Is AI’s hallucination problem fixable?


F-35 Lightning II

F-35 Lightning II

The F-35 Lightning is so susceptible to lightning damage – even from distant strokes – that it is prohibited from flying within 25 miles of a thunderstorm!  The article below suggests some possible vulnerabilities, but as an old aerospace weapons physicist with a lot of experience in designing for severe EMP environments, I suspect that the problem is the lack of rigorous single point grounding design.

This results in the presence of ground loops that act as antennas to pick up magnetic field pulses and convert them into high voltage and current electrical pulses in the cables and PC boards that can fry the aircraft electronics  More Diversity-Equity-Inclusion isn’t going to solve this problem.  I think that the entire F-35 electronics system will have to be redesigned as an integrated whole, which could take years and gigabucks:

The F-35 Lightning’s Vulnerability To Lightning Is Both Ironic And Unforgivable


save-spy-satellites-from-solar-flaresHow familiar am I with this problem?  I’m the aerospace physicist who figured out how to save out KH-11 billion dollar spy satellites from solar flare particle/magnetohydrodynamic/EMP storms that were driving them out of control and even killing them.

Single point ground systems, ground loops, and EMP (electromagnetic pulse). EMP is produced by lightning, and does not require a direct lightning bolt hit to cause severe damage; a not so near bolt can wreak havoc.  High explosive driven simple EMP weapons can be designed to do the job as well:

Why Single Point Grounding Works


As the NASA PDF below points out, single point grounding design must be designed into the system from the very start and is not a practical late in development add-on fix.  Unfortunately, that is not how the F-35 was designed: › ssri-kb › static › resources › NASA-HDBK-4001.pdf



For investors; some sense about Bidenomics:

“Bidenomics” Is A Fraud Based On Deliberately Misrepresented Stats

We close with this brilliant short and sweet defense of Constitutionalist originalism. Sixth Circuit Federal Judge Amul Thapar is the author of just-published The People’s Justice: Clarence Thomas and the Constitutional Stories that Define Him.  Here he is in a PBS interview which has quotes – but you might also consider watching the interview, for he is on the short list of most all GOP presidential candidates for the Supreme Court.

Judge Thapar: No One Believes in a Living Document for Their Own Contracts