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SKYE’S LINKS 07/06/23

America’s “White House” took on a whole new meaning this week.  What a timely reminder that its current occupant has a coke-head son of whom he is very proud and can do no wrong.  The Secret Service is investigating how cocaine got into the White House.  Who could possibly have done something like that?  The jokes are just getting started: “Have you heard? To pay for Hunter’s crack addition, Joe had to sell even the Resolute Desk to Beijing.  It’s why where Joe lives is now called the China White House.”  Lots more fun to come:

Secret Service Confirms Cocaine Was Found In West Wing Phone Cubby Hours After Hunter Biden Visit


RDS couldn’t resist commenting: “I think a lot of us have believed that the Biden administration has been blowing it on a lot of fronts, but I guess it’s a little bit more literal than even I had thought“:

Desantis Jokes About White House Cocaine Discovery: ‘Been Blowing It’


Speaking of RDS, is the swing state of Wisconsin an outlier or harbinger?  While most polls around the country show Trump way ahead, the latest poll of Wisconsin Republicans show RDS ahead of him by 16 points, a whopping 57% to 41%.  We have several Badger State TTPers – what’s going on here?

Wisconsin Republicans Say Voters ‘Doubting Trump’s Ability To Win’ After Poll Shows Desantis Blowout


There are a lot of things that are wrong with America, but we still have functional First and Second Amendments, unlike everywhere else.  C.J. Hopkins is an American playwright and author whose criticisms of Germany’s lockdown-and-mask oppression are resulting in the Berlin State Prosecutor threatening him with years in prison.  Thoughtcrime exists right now in Germany, and should be an object lesson to us, for that is what the woke wants for you and me:

The Criminalization Of Dissent (Revisited)


A scary example is something called CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency very unfortunately created by President Trump in 2018 within the Department of Homeland Security. Last week (6/26), House Judiciary issued a devastating report on CISA’s collusion with woke social media platforms to overturn the First Amendment.  Moreover, it documents the increasing terror power of the Administrative State bureaucracy.  In the wake of this report, we await Trump’s promise to abolish his Frankenstein creation.  You will, won’t you, Donald?

CISA Was Behind The Attempt To Control Your Thoughts, Speech, And Life


House Judiciary Committee Report in full:



Ready for some delightful news about Federalie Censorship?  Here is a real judicial blow against the Empire. You’re gonna love this!

“Orwellian Ministry Of Truth” Busted – Judge Bars Biden Officials, Agencies From Contacting Social Media Companies


The full Memorandum Ruling of Judge Doughty is here.  The Injunction/Judgement is here.   The latter is a quick read of less than 7 pages, but the judge’s reasoning in the Memorandum is 155 pages.  Eugene Volokh gives you the gist:

Volokh: Judge Doughty’s Ruling on Missouri v Biden


Jonathan Turley on how the race preference college admission process really works, and how the conundrum defenders of affirmative action were caught in could not be overcome:

The Affirmative Aftermath: Schools Now Insist that Race Did Have a Major Impact in Admissions


Too much is too much!  67% of French want to abolish their current form of government and institute a new one.  Pretty ironic that uncontrollable rioting by African Moslems claiming “asylum” in order to mooch off the French welfare state is the cause.

New French Revolution? Majority Support Ending ‘Fifth Republic’ as Macron Fails to Maintain Order


What’s going on with Putin and Prigozhin?  Some interesting thoughts by Sebastian Gorka:

Gorka – Wagner’s ‘Mutiny’ Against Putin Just Doesn’t Add Up


And how about this? Seems to back up Sebastian, yes?

Mutiny Canceled: Russia Returns Two Tons of Loot Worth $111 Million to Wagner Warlord Prigozhin

Wagner Group Building in St. Petersburg, Russia

Wagner Group Building in St. Petersburg, Russia

Yet that $111 million seems a pittance to the $19 billion Prigo has received from the Kremlin.  The Wagner Group is amazingly large, and is still very active in Africa:

Colossal Value Of Wagner State Contracts Revealed By Russian Media


Let’s close with good news for investors, and indeed everyone!  SCOTUS has accepted a case for the next term on whether unrealized capital gains can be taxed as income.  This is an extremely important issue:

The Wealth Tax Idea Is Headed For Sudden Death In The Supreme Court