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SKYE’S LINKS 06/22/23

trump-vs-alienTrump Against the Narrative

Eliminate Trump

Government actors continue in their blind panic to eliminate Trump and the concept of Meritocracy. Trump’s audacious idea that government employees should be rewarded for good work and terminated for failure runs against every unionized government employee value where race, gender, academic degrees, leftist beliefs, and seniority run the table.

Should Trump be allowed to return to political office, the government union bosses insist, federal workers would be required to add value to the economy or be phased out. The number one union boss, Merrick Garland, continues his vendetta against merit through his anti-Trump Jihad.

If the United States is allowed to pursue excellence, and merit is not wholly discredited, then Merrick Garland’s failure to be seated on the Supreme Court might be justified. Even worse, the Supreme Court is reviewing race-based university admissions and will likely find the status quo unconstitutional. The combined force of government is trying to stop Trump and therefore stop the idea of America, the Meritocracy.

Koch Industries will throw 100 million dollars into television and radio spots to convince Americans, and everyone else allowed to vote, that Trump is unelectable. Therefore, the only option is DeSantis or Biden. This means that Koch money is behind Biden’s open borders.

But should the election boil down to DeSantis vs. Kennedy, then two anti-vaxx candidates will assure an anti-vaxx White House. No candidate opposing the pharma industry has ever won the White House. JFK and Nixon were skeptical of the CIA and FBI and encountered serious career difficulties. Hence RFK Jr. faces institutional and severe headwinds. Big pharma will not allow DeSantis to win and will direct their massive advertising dollars accordingly.

The DoJ has gone off the rails with its attempt to prosecute Trump with the Espionage Act. This is a Woodrow Wilson-era act instituted to arrest and imprison political dissenters. Legal scholars are beginning to question whether the eventual outcome will result in the act being judged unconstitutional. The subjective nature of the prosecution, where Republicans go to jail for 20-50 years while Democrats avoid prosecution, can be seen in how Bill Clinton was treated vs. Trump.

Classified information trials require jurors with security clearances and document discovery in SCIFs. Lawyers must be vetted, and so forth. It is unlikely that Trump’s trials will occur before the 2024 election.

However, the second defamation suit by Trump accuser Jean Carrol is scheduled to begin two days before the Republican convention. The nation’s elites believe the timing will hurt Trump. The nation’s elites do not understand the psychology of Trump voters.

The government fears the rise of merit as a political concept, and the military fears the opposite. The U.S. Army’s Protective Service Battalion (PSB) is now tasked with hunting down civilians with negative opinions of military brass. It is unclear how far this goes, but it leads to a loss of presence in social media. Criminal prosecution for posting memes opposed to General Milly’s sexual orientation may be considered insurrection.

Again, there appears to be a gap between national elites’ understanding of Trump voters and actual Trump voters. The military hopes to make up for the decline in recruits by offering citizenship to immigrants. Ancient Rome tried this with the Visigoths. Didn’t work out well.

Jonathan Turley on the Federalie case against Trump over the Mar-A-Largo documents:

DOJ Went Overboard With Espionage Act Charges Against Trump


More here:

Turley Criticizes DOJ’s Decision to Charge Trump Under Espionage Act


And more:

Donald Trump Deploys ‘Clinton Socks’ Defense Against Federal Charges


More on the Clinton sock drawer case:

Trump’s Boxes And Clinton’s Sock Drawer


Schedule of current lawfare attacks against Trump to date:

Carroll’s Second Defamation Trial Against Trump Set for January 2024


Trump’s trial on the allegedly classified documents may be delayed until after the election:

Trump’s Documents Trial Could Be Delayed Until After 2024 Election



The Narrative

openai_googleConservative A.I. Chatbots, meaning A.I. Chatbots that are not pre-loaded with progressive ideology, are being shut down by parent firm OpenAI. Nobody knows whether OpenAI is a DARPA project like Google, but it is clear that A.I. chatbots are increasingly being tooled to project the government narrative into everything. The chatbots return different results as the government Narrative changes.

The narrative drives a 4,200 percent increase in school children calling themselves nonbinary, and government schools still want more. The truth is no longer something to be proven objectively; it is whatever the politicos say.

Many disclosures about alien technology, as in the UFO type, are occurring at the hands of United States government whistleblowers. Information drops and depositions are being done in formalized, legally correct ways by highly qualified individuals. They allege that the government has been studying materials left over from a crash about 80 years ago and possibly the remains of other alien equipment.

This means that either the government has been lying for eight decades or more in a carefully coordinated way, or people are lying today in a carefully coordinated way. Whether the government recovered metals, plastics, ceramics, or materials wholly different has not been disclosed. Is this another psyop? Perhaps something is being conjured up to discredit the Chinese lunar program?

As it is commonly assumed that the government’s first mission is to lie, fabricate, and distort information, whether it represents E.T. phoning home or the pounds of nails produced in America, there is reason to be skeptical. However, there is no scientific reason why the galaxy should lack intelligent life and that life might not be aware of us.

Fauci launched a massive coverup of his involvement with Covid at the start of the epidemic and placed several false documents in prestigious journals to throw the world off the scent. He presented fraudulent data to the White House to drive the lockdowns and bamboozled the medical field with these false and fabricated studies. Covid-19 might have been the unintended result of China’s attempt to fix its demographic problem. It kills older people and is harmless to youth.

As a euthanasia virus, Covid-19 is consistent with Fauci’s political beliefs, the current enviro belief that the world is overcrowded, and the CCP’s beliefs that the Party must survive no matter what. It remains troubling that the medical profession so readily followed the lead of Big Pharma and went on a witch hunt against their dissenters.

The Cleveland Clinic, a massive non-profit operating a vast campus in downtown Cleveland, found that the latest bivalent Covid-19 vaccines increase the likelihood of infection after a few weeks. The narrative behind the science of mRNA vaccines is not as sound as Fauci’s fake studies suggest. Secondary and tertiary effects on the immune system are far more significant than initially thought.

A landlord is prohibited from renting a property because a tenant belongs to a gang or has a child with a neck tattoo. Neck tattoos mean prison time served, well beyond the local jail.

So why are firms like Amazon allowed to shut down services to people suspected of not being sufficiently woke? Not only do their systems listen and scrape keywords from the everyday speech in one’s home, but they act as judge and jury when presented with an accusation of non-wokeness. Anybody with Amazon Alexa or the competitive Siri in their home should be given a copy of 1984. Big Brother is not your friend.

Facial recognition cameras make errors, spell checkers return weird results, and speech recognition systems fail daily. Everyone that has tried to pay the electric bill using voice recognition software understands that the technology has limitations. Yet the electric company validates information by repeating it. Amazon shuts you down and denies service on an accusation alone.


Big Brother gets bigger; better not say anything critical about a U.S. general:

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Military Monitors Social Media for Mean Posts About Generals


Conservative chatbot gagged by not-so-OpenAI:

Creator Of Conservative Chatbot Powered By ChatGPT Says OpenAI Tried To Censor Content


Alarming statistics regarding the dis-socialization of children:


More info on UFOs:

Lies, Damn Lies, And UFOs: Deciphering The Truth Hidden Amid Decades Of Propaganda


Another coverup – this one on the Fauci/CCP Virus:


Here is a large Cleveland Clinic study (not yet peer-reviewed, but it looks good to me) that shows that those who are currently fully vaccinated are more likely to become infected with the current dominant strain of the Fauci/CCP virus than those who are not:

People ‘Up To Date With COVID-19 Vaccines More Likely To Be Infected: Study


Full study PDF:


Are you thinking of installing Amazon smart home equipment?  Here is one reason why I wouldn’t do that:




esg-fallingESG funds are experiencing severe and existential capital outflows. This is huge and is an indication of the combined power of conservatives. Bud Light initially laughed at the boycott because the consultants told them that boycotts never last. The consultants lacked experience with conservatives and virtue ethics.

The idea that middle-class Americans hold values beyond raw consumerism continues to baffle the left, whether in government or the private sector. Soviets never really understood the permanence of religious beliefs, and the CCP misunderstood the devotion to Falun Gong. The woke elite can’t understand why people reject their Gnosticism with its emphasis on illusion and enlightenment in place of sin and repentance.

But the market is waking up, and woke is broke. ESG is not over yet, as BlackRock’s Larry Fink still believes himself to be an immortal, transhuman deity of enlightened wisdom. It turns out that he is not above nor beyond the material world.

The ESG titans are falling, and China is also showing severe problems. Economic bubbles cause outlandish reality distortions. Just like in Japan during the 1980s, the Party in China has peaked and is in decline. Either they euthanize their elderly using something like, I don’t know, Covid-19, or they start producing babies in factories and hope that the children are not crazies, invent a new way to run an economy, or revert to the mean. China will revert to the mean as the CCP is increasingly backed into a corner. A reality check corner.

Food, water, clean air, labor, fuel, and sanitation shortages are becoming overwhelming. It turns out that the ends of unlimited growth, unchecked by market forces, do not and cannot justify the means.


Great news for investors and everyone!  ESG has taken a substantial hit:


For investors, here are some excellent reasons not to bet on China:

Why I’m not teaching my kids Mandarin