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SKYE’S LINKS 06/15/23

Unpacking the Corruption

Maskirovka: Denial and Deception Policy

double-standard-demsThe DOJ delivered its indictment of Trump at nearly the same time as documentation on Xiden’s Ukrainian bribery problems. Trump is being charged with process crimes to knock him out of the election cycle, yet the plan is backfiring, and Trump support is increasing.

There is suspicion among many that the gross unfairness and prosecutorial overreach are by design. Suppose conservatives can be goaded into protesting, rioting, or even responding to Antifa burning down their homes and businesses or rioting minorities murdering their children. In that case, the DOJ will issue emergency orders to arrest/seize guns and run roughshod over America.

Everything about Merrick Garland and the DOJ is consistent with his will to dictatorial power and the Bill of Rights erasure. Don’t fall for the trap.

Burisma paid bribes to at least two Bidens, Joe and Hunter, and possibly eleven more. Bribery and influence peddling might be acceptable within the democrat culture but are illegal and treasonous. The DOJ charges Trump with sedition to project Biden’s crimes onto Trump. This projection has been a constant throughout Trump’s political career.

The situation is more profound than Biden’s corruption as the head of Burisma, Mykola Zelechevsky, is thought to be a Russian agent. Not only did Biden take Bribes and sell American influence and foreign aid, but he also sold it to the Russian FSB. This is the terrible truth that the Democrats and their operatives running the DOJ and FBI are desperate to hide from the American public.

Biden is deeply compromised, and the administrative heads in Washington entirely run the Oval Office with Biden. They cannot let Trump win the election under any circumstance because he will likely stomp out the criminality with an iron boot.

stolen-election-killed-usTrump’s prosecutor, Karen Gilbert, is under investigation for corrupt practices such as secretly recording opposing counsel. Florida state courts banned her based on past prosecutorial misconduct.

Remember always, federal agencies, and especially black ops agencies, consider psychopathy to be an essential career advantage. It allows terrible people to sleep at night after doing bad things to innocent Americans.

The DOJ offered to help the attorney for Trump’s valet land a federal judge position if he would advise his client to turn on Trump. The DOJ is attempting to create a process crime against the valet by subjecting him to conflicting interviews. As such, they are using the hammer and anvil technique to force false testimony against Trump.

The extent of Biden’s sellout to Russia’s FSB must be extensive, and Russia’s reach into the American government must be compromising more than just Joe Biden. If not, the audacity of the war against Trump does not make sense.

This whole thing runs deep, very deep. This is the takeaway from the DOJ/FBI hysteria. Imagine the possible damage and the bullet dodged when Merrick Garland was prevented from joining the SCOTUS.

MTG is demanding copies of FBI form FD-1023 which documents contacts and suspicions, tips, and innuendo used to initiate cases. Somebody, anybody, can phone up an agent and report a crime. The agent enters the information on the FD-1023, and an investigation is launched if deemed attractive.

MTG suspects that a political operative, or a former president living in Martha’s Vineyard, uses the FD-1023 system to direct the FBI while maintaining deniability.

With all the hysteria over the boxes of documents helped by Trump, the question remains. What is in the boxes? Methinks the DOJ doth protest too much.

Suppose they contain the details behind Russian bribes paid via Burisma to the Bidens, Romneys, and Pelosi, and presumably to others. In that case, the blackmail and influence peddling resulting from accepting the bribes would bring down most of Washington.

Burisma claims to have at least seventeen audio recordings of Joe Biden selling American policy to Zlochevsky. You can bet that the Russian FSB recorded more than the soundtrack. If the entire scandal is as extensive and deep as it appears, then there is no way that dirty hands within Washington will allow Trump to become president again.

Sooner or later, the Boomer generation at the heart of the scandal will be replaced by Gen X and Gen Z, and the secrets will become public. The purge and house cleaning fit into the fourth turning model as the national rebirth necessary to start the next grand cycle.


Xiden maskirovka – look, over there! It’s Trump with boxes of documents (but pay no attention to my boxes):

Stefanik: Trump Indicted on Same Day Treasonous Biden Doc Given to Congress


And don’t you dare look at this:

Prosecutor Karen Gilbert’s History of ‘Corruption’ Clouds Trump Indictment


But wait!  The swamp smell gets worse:

Trump Prosecutor’s Alleged Misconduct Causing a ‘Problem’ for DOJ


And you certainly should not read this!

Exclusive — MTG: FBI Holds 2 More Informant Files on Biden Business


And under no circumstances should you ever read this –  those Trump boxes are the only important thing:

GOPs See No Coincidence Trump Indicted as Biden Bribery Claims Were Exposed


The MSM won’t whisper a word about this:

Grassley: Burisma Executive Who Allegedly Paid Bidens Has Audio Recordings


Yes, the “Big Guy” is Joe:

GOP Lawmakers: FBI Informant File Confirms Joe Biden Is the ‘Big Guy’


Good news!  Independents 51% to 30%think that Xiden sold American policy to foreigners:

Poll: Majority Say Biden Family Received Payments to Influence Policy


Although the MSM has wholly spiked the Xiden foreign payments story and has publicized the Trump indictment to the max.  This shows how far the mighty MSM has fallen as a monopoly of the news:

Report: Cable Networks Spent Zero Time on Biden ‘Bribery’ Scandal, Compared to 291 Mins on Trump Indictment


You can download the full Trump secret document boxes indictment here and read the NYT spin version.  Trump made a huge lazy mistake; he should have ordered an aide to stamp “UNCLASSIFIED” on every page of every classified document before he left the White House, and he would now be in the clear on this issue:

The Trump Classified Documents Indictment, Annotated



Credibility and Authenticity

real_trumpDeSantis made a significant blunder when his campaign released fake images of Trump embracing Fauci. The problem goes well beyond typical memes and visual rhetoric in this case.

Lessons learned from A.I. distributions indicate that the world is experiencing an authenticity crisis. This means that the most qualified applicant might not be hired for a job or voted into office. Instead, the most authentic applicant or candidate will win.

In Woke, Inc.’s case, the wokest will be deemed the most authentic.

DeSantis must be more authentic than Trump and not necessarily more competent. With the emergence of deep propaganda campaigns lasting years, most of the public no longer believes that political records are genuine. The public consequently puts less weight on merit and track records.

DeSantis should take a public stand against A.I. generated, false political narratives. If he can seize the authenticity high ground, he can win. Trump is the king of authenticity at the moment. Whether one loves or curses Trump, it is hard to argue that his brand is consistent and known.

DeSantis and staff have made a big campaign mistake by using A.I. fake pictures of Trump and Fauci – and not apologizing for doing so and firing those responsible:

J.D. Vance Knocks DeSantis Campaign: ‘Unacceptable’ to Smear Trump with Fake A.I. Images


If DeSantis doesn’t promptly fire the malefactors, he will be in serious trouble with those who expect a candidate to tell the truth in a world saturated with lies:

DeSantis Campaign Uses AI-Generated Images Of Trump Hugging, Kissing Fauci



Tranny Madness

two-gendersCovid is lab-made, the government panicked, and political hacks run most international organizations. Inflation continues to soar, and elections are not trustworthy. The insurance industry runs medicine, and big pharma controls the news narrative. The enviro industry is based on layers of falsehoods and bogus science. The whole system is standing on a stack of lies.

The solution seems to be to change the narrative and promote sexual deviancy, disrupt the schools, and promote pedophilia. Enter the diversionary tactic of pride month and glorifying the trannies, looting the stores, and burning the cities.

Ben Ho, a thirty-something virus researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, appears to be Covid Patient Zero. He was investigating the gain of function within coronavirus strains discovered in a Chinese mineshaft. His research team was working on the gain of function of two strains thought to have strong potential as biological weapons and the vaccines needed to counter the weapons.

He and three colleagues were the first admitted to the hospital and the first to die from the virus.

Twenty million died, and his work product upended eight billion lives. The United States government financed the creation of Covid 19. This is the truth that the tranny narrative and misdirect is attempting to hide.

The Uniform Law Commission is close to issuing new regulations that align emergency powers within each state with those of the federal government. The entire nation will be forced to respond similarly to California during another pandemic or other emergency. Governors will face lawsuits for not locking down hard enough.

Government authorities continue to blame excessive freedom for America’s woes while claiming prohibitions against sex with children mean that adults are not free enough to indulge their lusts.


Despite the Trump indictment and maximum tranny madness, do you remember the pandemic that the Federalies and ‘Crat governors used to steal our freedoms and inflate our money supply?  Well, it was our tax dollars at work:

Covid-19 Created In Wuhan Lab Through Classified Bioweapons Program: U.S. Investigators


More about who created the Plague Years here:

First People Sickened By COVID-19 Were Chinese Scientists At Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Say U.S. Government Sources


Do you think that the pandemic is over? Not for long if the tyrants have their way:

United States: Fifty Little Dictatorships



The Body Politic

scaling-the-capitolDC and Capital police dressed as rioters during the events of J6 to inflame the crowd and incite entry into the Capital. Many photos of “Trump supporters” scaling the walls and scaffolds at the Capital are part of the elaborate propaganda campaign. Are those dudes climbing the wall? It turns out that they are Capital police in civilian clothing.

Radio logs reveal the government intended to drive protestors into the Capital Building, lock the doors, and trap them inside. Once trapped and provoked, the police intended to shoot to kill protestors, with Capital police strategically placed to ambush the protestors. Video from the scene was designed to justify a national crackdown on conservatives.

The operation failed because the protestors were peaceful. The government made the significant error of assuming conservative protestors were as violent and drugged-up as Antifa and BLM.

The takeaway: Always assume that an entrapment scheme is in play and that everything done or said is being recorded. If Biden had taken this advice with Burisma, half the federal government might not be twisting itself into knots as it attempts to maintain legitimacy.


Remember J6?  The Capitol cops were in on it:

Leaked Video Shows D.C. Cops Were ‘Rioters’ And Instigators At J-6 Protest


Beware of AI-faked phone calls that are apparently from someone in great distress whom you know and love:

Can you trust your ears? AI voice scams rattle US – Breitbart



ESG is Failing

budlight-overboardESG support among shareholders is falling as publicly traded companies report more than $50,000,000,000 of woke capitalization evaporated over the past ten weeks.

Activist investors such as Larry Fink of BlackRock are the drivers behind Woke, Inc. Conservative state governments are divesting out of BlackRock, but a mass movement of IRA and pension funds from BlackRock has not yet started.

The Lt. Governor of Texas is urging his state to declare BlackRock a hostile entity as BlackRock has thuggishly attempted to ruin the American oil and gas industries. This begs the question: Do Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and the rest of the international oil cartel have enough cash available to maintain BlackRock if American conservatives begin to withdraw funds en mass?

Modelo Especial is now America’s most popular beer, with Molson-Coors products such as Coors Light a strong second. Sales of Busch, Michelob, and Budweiser continue to fall. Modelo is owned by ABInBev, Bud Light’s parent company outside the USA.

The boycott is not just about Queer Beer; it is about the power and persistence of the embargo when unleashed by conservatives. Leftists always boycott brands; none have been as deep and powerful as the Bud Light boycott.

The following video clip from A Bronx Tale contains some strong language, but it shows what happens to brands that cross the line. Where BlackRock once made hay by threatening and bullying investors, now the fund is beginning to recognize that it crossed a line and cannot escape. They boiled the frog too fast—it’s time to take out the woke trash.


“Now youse can’t leave.”

Interesting polls from Gallup:

Republicans Owning Conservatism


ESG is losing, and its loss is accelerating:

GOP “Wrecking Ball” Erodes Support For Woke ESG Shareholder Proposals


Conservatives are fed up, and their dollars are a very effective weapon in the culture wars:

The Collapse Just Won’t Stop: 10 Weeks Later, Tranheuser Busch Sales Still Cratering, Down A Record 27%



Inflation and Debt

public-debt-of-dollarsOver the past three years, inflation has reduced the weight of public debts in dollar-denominated countries by 17%. Governments are not defaulting on debts directly.

Existing, low fixed-rate mortgages are becoming lighter burdens for homeowners. Debt burdens for businesses are getting lighter while they become heavier for bankers.

If this leads to another banking crisis, funds might be provided to corporations directly from central banks as a form of Too Woke to Fail policy. Corporations like Disney hire the best analysts and prognosticators to predict future business conditions. They might accept brand destruction and losses today because they anticipate transitioning from the dollar to the federal reserve digital money and direct lending.

Nazi Germany replaced the Weimar currency and replaced bank lending with direct central bank lending during the 1930s. The lending criteria shifted from financial performance to alignment with national socialist ideology and remained this way through WWII. Germany lost the war, but their economic system remained robust enough to maintain its large companies until it was not.

The analogy between Nazi Germany’s response to economic collapse and today’s positioning by major American firms to become too woke to fail is not perfect, but the similarities are notable. Direct lending from the Fed to businesses, bypassing the banks, and disregarding actual business returns, might be triggered by a national emergency and enabled by Covid’s legacy of new government emergency powers.


For investors from the Mises Institute, the debt and inflation story:

Default By Inflation Is The Real Drama In The Global Debt Market