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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 05/30/24


SCOTUS is about to hand down several momentous decisions:

Supreme Court Faces Historic Finish To Eventful Term



“Unified Reich”? It’s a hoax:

‘Unified Reich’ Hoax One Of The Most Blatantly Dishonest Attacks On Trump Yet


Winning the culture war in the marketplace and the boardroom:

Poll: Right-Leaning Brands Gain in Reputation as Left-Leaning Ones Drop



Rand Paul versus the Fauci gang:

Rand Paul: Fauci And NIH Emails “Sound Like The Mob Talking”


How the CIA tried to take over Twitter and other social media:

Exposing The CIA’s Secret Effort To Seize Control Of Social Media


AI is a long way from being trustworthy, even on very simple questions:

Google’s Woke AI Continues Going Crazy, Suggests Pregnant Women Smoke ‘2-3 Cigarettes per Day’



This is not the Babylon Bee! Really!!

Google AI Search Claims Gay ‘Star Wars’ Characters Exist Named ‘Slurpy Faggi’ and ‘Dr. Butto’


EV mandates will cause a copper supply crises. The article doesn’t mention that a new mine takes about a decade to open – if the enviros don’t sue. Fortunately, hybrid vehicles make much more economic sense and are more popular, as well as using less copper. But will the green grifters allow them instead of holy EVs?

Study: The Amount of Copper Needed for EVs Is ‘Impossible for Mining Companies to Produce’



FOMC speaks; stagflation and more higher for longer:

‘Hawkish’ FOMC Minutes Show ‘Various’ Members Willing To Tighten More, Fear Financial Conditions ‘Too Easy’



It isn’t just the Fed that is manipulating our money supply; the Treasury is at it, too, and is even more politicized and short term oriented:

The Fed Vs. The Treasury: All Roads Lead To Inflation


Vacation? What vacation??
Poll: Majority Not Taking Summer Vacation, 73% Cite Lack of Cash in Joe Biden’s America


How bad can it get?

Appalling Courtroom Instructions by the Presiding Judge to Help Convict Trump


Maybe too close to the truth to be funny….

Polls Show Biden Still Has Sizable Lead Among Those Who Will Be Counting The Ballots