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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 05/16/24

Justices Thomas and Alito on the state of America:

Supreme Court Justices Thomas And Alito Issue Warnings About State Of America



Meanwhile, back in NYC, The latest from the fading porn prostitute:

“I See Dead People”: Bragg’s Case Against Trump Goes Paranormal



Jonathan Turley has something to say about Cohen’s testimony:

Unfixable: Michael Cohen Faces Reckoning Of Biblical Proportions On Cross Examination



Xiden’s puppeteers are so desperate for pro-Hamas votes in Michigan, that they made it known via WAPO that he is protecting Hamas:

BOMBSHELL: Biden Administration Has Been Hiding Intel on Location of Hamas Leaders in Betrayal of Israel



DEI is starting to DIE, with MIT leading the way:

MIT Will No Longer require Faculty Candidates to Write DEI Statements



And with UNC taking a huge step in the rollback:

UNC Chapel Hill Board Votes to End DEI Programs



RFK Jr., has painted a target on his back with his latest statement of support for full-term abortions. Previously, polls were not clear whether he would pull more votes from Trump or Biden. Now it is clear that Biden will be the biggest loser if he remains in the race, He has asked for Secret Service protection at least 6 times, and has been denied. If he can get on the ballot in the critical swing states, I think that it is all too likely that the ‘Crats will make sure that there is another dead Kennedy:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Full-Term Abortion Should Be Left Up to the Mother



Gen-Z is caught in the jaws of a debt trap:

Nolte: Bidenomics Sinks Gen Z Even Deeper into Unprecedented Debt



Doom and gloom galore for the average income American trapped in Xidenomics. Only 13.4% of renters think that they will ever be able to own their own home:

Can You Guess What It Costs To Live “The American Dream” After 3 Years Of Inflation Under Joe Biden?



An extraterrestrial visitor asks a human to explain government:

Down the rabbit hole we go…



The Babylon Bee may just have a good idea here…

With Biden Stalling, Israel Announces They Will Just Get American Weapons From Taliban