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SKYE’S LINKS 05/04/23

shift-the-narrativeThe Narrative Shifts


fauci-caricatureFauci recognizes that things went wrong during the entire Covid thing and blames freedom and individual choice for his compliance problems. It is fascinating to see how he tried to use the AIDs playbook. Masks were the new condoms, and lockdowns were the new behavior modification stimulus.

You know what they say about generals fighting the last war.

Fauci tries to close the book on his virus:

“Something Clearly Went Wrong” – Fauci & Friends Desperately Try To ‘Close The Book’ On COVID



History is Being Rewritten

fauci_chatterAs if to acknowledge the ultimate failure of the pandemic narrative, multiple government officials have suddenly (and perhaps begrudgingly) started to back away from their original positions.  However, instead of admitting they were wrong and apologizing to the public, they are trying to rewrite history and claim they were against many of the measures and restrictions they implemented.

Attempts to rewrite scamdemic school closure history are failing – even on CNN:

Lots of government officials are now trying to lie their way out of the disasters that they created with their arbitrary and capricious mandates:

Why Are So Many COVID Authoritarians Suddenly Shifting Their Narratives?



Under Their Thumb

inspector-gen-horowitzWe have a severe problem with the unchecked power of the Executive. The new FBI building will be larger than the Pentagon. This is stunning, given the need to build the Pentagon so large was related to the number of file cabinets required. The FBI is digital, so all that file cabinet storage space makes the emergence of the Super FBI all that alarming.

Thousands of FBI agents, perhaps more than 10,000, are illegally using the FISA courts to spy on millions of Americans. Once someone gets onto their radar, there is no removal.

Over 10,000 FBI Agents Can Access Data From Secretive Surveillance Program: Inspectors General



Elon Explains

musk-center-left-to-rightElon Musk explains how he moved from the center-left to the right. Free speech was once considered a liberal value, although it was a conservative value all along.

Modern communication technology enforced by leftist central planners in the media and social media networks pushed a compliance paradigm instead of a freedom paradigm. Their use of commercial paper to finance debt and their sale of equity to large fund managers put a few financial types in charge of freedom.

But who, or what, controls big finance such as BlackRock? How much state security apparatus blackmail might be needed to put companies between the rock and blackmail?

Elon Musk on the woke mind virus:



A.I. and the Will to Power

ai-will-to-powerA.I. pioneer quits his job at Google and sounds an urgent, severe warning that the world will become awash in false information.

Open-type A.I. technology learns from the internet. Controlling the global narrative from the very top to the micro-narrative at the bottom might be as simple as posting lies online. If well crafted, the A.I. system will follow the lies, leading to enormous concentrations of power and wealth for those willing to craft propaganda.

Welcome to the future. All around the United States, magnificent Carneigie-endowed libraries are being converted into homeless shelters. The books are being sent to the shredder. The most incredible legacy you might leave your children could be your library of paper books.



Migrants for Thee, But Not for Me

chicago-immigrants-issueIllegal immigrants are supposed to overwhelm native populations in the Red States and not overwhelm social services in Blue Cities. Somehow Texas Gov. Abbot has the plan backward as he ships more immigrants to Chicago.

Chicago’s outgoing sanctuary city mayor begs Texas Gov. Abbot for mercy; she complains of the 200 illegal immigrants per day that Abbot is sending to Chicago – while over 2,000 per day are arriving in Texas:

Lightfoot to Gov. Abbott: Stop Sending Migrants to Chicago — ‘We Are Completely Tapped Out



Out of Control

The only way these cities will be saved is if Democrats—politicians and voters—admit they were wrong. And as we have seen for decades in places like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Houston, New Orleans, Oakland, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Memphis (I could go on), that will never happen.

Democrats would rather watch their city implode and their voters live in hell than do the right thing.

For those tired of living like this, MAGA Land awaits… We’ve already created everything the left says they want: racial harmony; clean and safe air, water, and streets; no mass shootings or homeless crises; fewer per capita hate crimes than Democrat-run cities… Life is good in MAGA Land. If Y’all wants to destroy your cities, feel free.

Shoplifter-tolerant San Francisco is reaping the consequences of its policies:




shadow-stick-upFor investors, I have been concerned for a dozen years that every use of dollar sanctions impairs the usefulness of dollars in foreign trade.  These chickens are now coming home to roost. Remember that most dollars currently reside outside the U.S. as they have been used for international trade. They will have a further severe inflationary effect when they return home.

Jim Rickards: “I’ve told the military and intelligence community, I don’t think other countries can destroy the dollar, but we can do it ourselves. We are our own worst enemy.”

Rickards: We’re Our Own Worst Enemy


new-cold-war-chinaChinese leadership believes we are in a new Cold War, which will again be fought over Europe. The conflict will be the need for Europe to trade with China put against the need for its defense from Russia. War in Europe empowers the Chinese strategy by destroying European manufacturing and threatening European capitals with Russian forces.

Perhaps China is talking its Belt and Road book. Europe and the Anglosphere lack the political will to restore domestic manufacturing. China intends to treat Europe as the colonial powers once treated China.

Geopolitics, international trade, the role of the dollar, future Chinese domination of Europe, war and peace; exciting comments from a high-level CCP military commander and policy maker:

‘Battleground’ Between U.S. and China Will Be Europe: Chinese Col.


Household net worth increased dramatically post-Covid. Or did it? The net worth grows because of leverage, but it works both ways. As interest rises and leverage becomes more expensive, asset prices stand to feel the wrath.

For investors, be wary of rosy household net worth figures:


A majority of CEOs believe a recession is baked into the cake.

More for investors; leading indicators to help you make the correct guess as to a looming recession:

Rickards: Fed’s Looking In the Wrong Direction


gross-domestic-total-in-chartThe government and its infrastructure, military, FBI, Treasury, and everything else exist to preserve itself.

Federal debt service will reach 50% of total expenditures by 2050 at current interest rates. Sooner is more likely.

It can be argued that debt servicing will introduce massive liquidity, and will be favorable to knowledgeable players.

But it can also be argued that liquidity can be snatched up with taxes, inflation, or outright default at the whim and whimsy of government.

The root problem is that government is a group of insiders intent on fleecing outsiders. It has always been this way and always will be. The intent of the Republic was to hold back the government’s ambitions. But without legitimate elections, there is no Republic. There is Empire.

Government deficit spending is killing us:

Crowding-Out. The Fed May Be Killing The Private Sector To Save Government