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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 05/02/24


SCOTUS will be making a decision for the ages:

Justice Kavanaugh Warns Of Vicious Cycle Of Malicious Prosecutions That Could End Presidency



But was Jack Smith legally appointed?

Justice Thomas Raises Scrutiny On Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Appointment In Trump Hearing



Turley on the presidential immunity quandary:

The Constitutional Abyss: Justices Signal Desire To Avoid Both Cliffs On Presidential Immunity



More SCOTUS to come:

Supreme Court Takes New Step In Jan. 6 Case, Orders DOJ To Explain Themselves


It sure looks like Trump was set up in the classified documents case:

New Bombshell Evidence Emerges: Was Trump Set Up In Classified Docs Saga?



Here are the security videos from J6 – and some amazing disclosures:

New Jan 6 details emerge from 20,000 hours of newly-posted video



Be prepared for the next Scamdemic:

Bird-flu censorship 100-day vaccines, 7 predictions for the next pandemic



Don’t let them scare you:

Early tests find pasteurization killed bird-flu in milk



US Navy goes clown world; the Captain Clown apparently had never looked through a telescopic sight:

“We’re Going To Lose A Major War”: US Navy Deletes Photo Of Ship Commander Shooting Rifle With Backwards Scope



A US Circuit Court is comprised by a clown majority:

Appeals Court Says States Must Fund Transgender Surgeries



But Florida and Texas are fighting back:

Florida Suing Biden Administration over Title IX Changes



The FAA has its own clown show; how long before DEI becomes DIE?

Planes Almost Collide At Two Major Airports As Boeing Probe Advances



Here is a good analysis of the recent Israel-Iran dust-up:



More higher for longer:

Fed’s Preferred Inflation Gauge Show Prices Rising Sharply



Consumers are raising their expectations of future inflation:

Consumer Inflation Expectations Unexpectedly Climb



Take a gander at the M1 money supply versus time curve from the St, Louis Fed:

If 10-year yields surpass 5, say hello to QE and massive inflation



Are you ready for even higher for longer?

It’s Time for the Fed to Start Talking About Hikes



More here:

Wages and Benefits Rise More Than Expected, Bond Yields Jump



Phew! That’s a big relief!

Nation Not So Worried About Communist Takeover After College Leftists Defeated By Banana