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SKYES LINKS 04/27/23

tucker-free-speechAt 1am this morning (4/27), Tucker released a video on his Twitter feed.  Overall, his message is one TTP has been banging the drum on for many moons now:  that the media refuses to discuss issues of real importance in a desperate attempt to misdirect their audiences with attention-getting irrelevant issues.

So true – yet puzzlingly, he named no specific issues, real or irrelevant, at all.  Just “emerging science” or “demographic issues,” instead of say, “climate change – fact or fraud?” or “deficit spending and inflation.”  Maybe that’s because he’s neither a scientist or economist, or maybe this is just a broad-brush intro to what he’ll be talking about in detail later.

And his blaming the Uniparty instead of the Dems and their media proxies seems disingenuous and lets Dems off the hook.  Biden threatens to veto the GOP debt ceiling bill that passed the House yesterday (4/26) which the Congressional Budget Office confirms will reduce the deficit by $4.8 Trillion.   Then there’s this, definitive proof against a Uniparty regarding women:


In any regard, feel free to judge for yourself.  One thing’s for sure – we’ll be hearing a LOT more from Tucker from now on:


The most inspiring thing Tucker proclaimed is that “there is hope,” because “true things prevail.”  Well, there’s wonderful news regarding truth prevailing over Climate Fascism.  The climate change attitudes, they are a changin’ – 70% of Americans are unwilling to spend more than $2.50 a week to combat climate change, while nearly four in 10 Americans said they were unwilling to pay 20 cents!

Despite Relentless Propaganda, Climate Change Skepticism Is Growing; New Polls Show


Trust in government, ‘going, going, gone…  60% of likely voters, including 48% of ‘Crats think that it is likely that cheating affected the outcomes of some of the 2022 elections:

Majority Of US Voters Think ‘Cheating’ Affected Outcome Of 2022 Midterm Elections


House investigations are leading to a further erosion of trust, at least among those who are able to find out about these recently disclosed facts of how Biden engineered the fraud that got him elected. Law Professor Jonathan Turley explains:

Antony Blinken And The ‘Made Men’ Of The Biden Administration


You’d think this would be a major news story – but of course not by the media’s Democrat Protection Service.  Matt Taibbi of Twitter Files fame warns of news blackout on House investigation disclosure of Xiden deep state manipulation of 2020 election:

Taibbi: News Blackout In Effect


Lies, lies everywhere.  But we ain’t seen nothin’ yet; just wait until the AI chatbot mass production factories are cranked up to 11.  In the mean time, take a look at this. It took a while, but some of the biggest “official narrative” scams and cons of the past few years are finally being exposed.

Is Everybody Lying?


No, everybody isn’t lying, but most everybody knows that every time Dementia Joe open his mouth, he’s either lying or doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. This explains why:

Poll: One-Third Dems Will ‘Likely’ Vote for a Third Party Candidate in 2024


More reasons for distrust.  Pfizer quietly donated to groups that promoted mandating the Fauci/CCP virus vaccinations:

Pfizer Quietly Financed Groups Lobbying For COVID Vaccine Mandates: Fang

NY Post, April 22, 2023

NY Post, April 22, 2023

Good news!  The DeSantis-Abbott plan to spread the costs of illegal immigration to ‘Crat controlled cities is working:

Mayor Eric Adams: NYC Is Being ‘Destroyed’ by President Joe Biden’s Migrant Crisis

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison

More good news! Oracle and Microsoft’s Xandr have divorced from the US State Department-funded Global Disinformation Index’s advertising blacklist – which had listed libertarian Reason magazine as the most dangerous source of disinformation, and listed the Washington Post as very reliable:

Tech Giant Oracle Cuts Ties with Foreign Disinformation ‘Experts’ GDI


Still more! Republican presidential candidate and billionaire businessman Vivek Ramaswamy announced he is suing Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF). “The WEF has a radical worldview that rejects the principles America was founded on. I’m not interested in being a ‘global citizen.’ I’m an American,” he says.  Vivek is the author of Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam.  Keep your eye on him regarding 2024.

Vivek Ramaswamy Announces Lawsuit Against World Economic Forum


For investors; watch out for the inevitable everything bubble burst Minsky moment:

Is This The Tipping Point?


More for investors; the economy is picking up, not cooling off, and the rate of inflation price increases is accelerating:

Breitbart Business Digest: April Cruelly Crushes Recession Expectations


The credit crunch is beginning, starting with the auto sector.  Note that since EVs are more expensive, and since vast numbers of EVs are mandated, this crunch will hit the automobile industry especially hard:

“I Had To Find Out If This Was True…”


A brief glimpse at the shape of many more subsidized malinvestments to come:

Biden’s Trillion Dollar Clean Energy Grab Bag In Pictures And Quotes


The question of the year! All this is likely to result in the Fed monetizing the debt, and there will be a LOT more of it:

Not The “Net Zero” Americans Were Promised


We close with a fascinating must-read on interest rate repression and inflation as time warpers.” Interest rates are the price of time, so, in a way, last decade’s monetary policy experiment was really a time distortion experiment. Now that time matters again, we’re starting to realize that a lot of money we thought was on hand is trapped in the future. All this trapped capital means inflation will be worse than most think.” Read to be enlightened – and forewarned.

It’s Not That The Capital Doesn’t Exist, It’s Just Trapped In A Different Time… Which Means Inflation Will Be Far Worse