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SKYE’S LINKS 04/25/24


Finally, it looks as if the RNC is doing something useful:

Trump Campaign and RNC Reveal Massive Election Integrity Program


The truth about that election:

‘The Most Secure Election In American History’: John Eastman



The MSM (this is an AP story) is complaining, and that is good news:

Crush of lawsuits over voting in multiple states creates a shadow war for the 2024 election – Breitbart



Here is an example of one of the many election court battles, SCOTUS for the win against ‘Crat cheat by mail in Texas:

Supreme Court Denies Bid To Expand No-Excuse Mail-In Ballots In Texas



Election interference e, NYC ‘Crat style:

Judge Who Handed Down $454 Million Trump Penalty Set To Rule On Validity Of Reduced Bond


What is the ultimate in election interference? Assassination! The ‘Crats have made it official; they have introduced a bill to strip Trump of Secret Service protection if he is imprisoned so that they can conveniently assassinate him. They aren’t even trying to hide their plan! Not the Bee!!

Jan 6 Committee Chair Offers Bill To End Secret Service Protection For Convicted Felons



Trump is out to get the deep state, and the deep state is out to get Trump: Biden and Trump Battle Over the Deep State



Riot like its 1968! It is going to be a hot time in Chicago next August when the ‘Crats crown whoever for Pres. The left is already planning the street fights:

Among the Activists Plotting to Disrupt the DNC



Another big SCOTUS case teed up:

SCOTUS Will Hear Lawsuit Challenging Biden’s ATF “Ghost Gun” Rule Before Elections



What is the NIH hiding? How much did Fauci get?

NIH Refuses To Release Details Of COVID-19 Vaccine Royalty Agreement




Our tax dollars at work in Wuhan:

US-Funded Experiments In China Could Secretly Manipulate Viruses: Email



The Federalies are sooo trustworthy:

Oh, The Irony: Congress Passes FISA-702 Extension, Allowing Warrantless Document Searches & Electronic Surveillance Of Americans, On Patriots Day 2024



Trust is rapidly declining in Fourth Turning America:

How Trust (Or The Lack Of It) Affects America’s Trajectory



What that UFC (United Fight Club) fighter was ranting about; Austrian school economics in six

easy lessons:

What Are Mises’ Six Lessons?



Free PDF of the full Von Mises paper:



ABCs of inflation:

Governments Could Stop Inflation If They Wanted… They Will Not



Higher for longer – money supply. price inflation, and interest rates: Bidenflation Warning: Money Supply Surges To Highest Level In Over A Year


When Snopes contradicts Xiden, it is pretty gross:

Biden Claimed His Uncle Was Eaten by Cannibals. Military Records Say Otherwise


And because just one FJB cartoon is never enough: