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SKYE’S LINKS 04/11/24

spying-thru-constitutionThere’s not a whole lot of good news in Dodge this week, at least concerning the economy or Key Spy Powers Reform. The new Speaker seems to have lost his bearings in regards to the FBI, while the Left continues to blow smoke about inflation. Gold’s up, the dollar’s down, but there’s a new eclipse on the horizon!

They are trashing the Constitution, and it’s bipartisan:

Conservatives Enraged by Speaker Johnson Move to Scuttle Key Spy Powers Reform



‘Crat double standard justice:

Special Counsel Jack Smith Attacks Judge in Trump Documents Case



Milton Friedman said that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. That is true in the early stages, but in the later stages the psychology of fear and uncertainty takes over. That is what happened in the Weimar Republic hyperinflation. This has not happened here – yet. Yet…

YOLO Spending, Inflation, & The Wisdom/Madness Of Crowds



More for investors; long term rates will be higher for much longer:

Harvard Prof., Fmr. IMF Economist Rogoff: Even if Inflation, Rates Fall in Short Run, Mortgages Will ‘Stay High’



Here is a book coauthored by Rogoff that I highly recommend:



WWII did not end the Great Depression:

World War II Didn’t End The Great Depression


About those great job figures:

Millions Of New Illegal Immigrants Mask True State Of US Economy



More economic truth:

People Are Not Inflation Idiots



The mechanics of inflation:

Quit Complaining About Inflation!


FREEBIE:  Here’s a more detailed explanation of the great illustration above. Not a link, just good info. Also another clear indicator that WWII didn’t improve conditions for the people.



And Costco is responding to their resultant market demand:

PAMP It: Costco Selling Up To $200 Million In Gold Bars Per Month, Wells Fargo Estimates



This is the inflation figure now – as calculated by 1990 methods:

Alternate Inflation Charts



Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)