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SKYE’S LINKS 04/06/23

trusted-partnerInstitutional Loss of Faith

Higher Education

stanford-law-schoolIt’s called FAFO or F_ Around and Find Out. Stanford Law School students demonstrated that they intend to become contempt of court divas and show ponies with their cases tried in the media instead of the courtroom. Stanford Law School is an institution in decline. Once the endowment is impacted, the school will restaff. After all, who would ever hire an attorney with a demonstrated track record of untethered emotionalism? One thing is sure: any employer that does not screen out the pronoun crowd will incur economic losses. Merit is vastly superior to sensationalism, and merit is no longer a Stanford Law value.

Payback begins for the shameful cancel culture at Stanford:

Two Fifth Circuit Judges Say They Will Not Hire Stanford Law School Clerks



A counter-cultural educational movement is growing. As woke colleges and universities fail to attract sufficient students and begin to reduce woke staff – or staph, to be more accurate, new institutions are being formed.

Please note this mega trend: Generation X and Millennials are assuming power in academia, and many are idiots. However, many are not and represent exceptionally well-prepared and disciplined men and women of virtue. They look at the Boomers as a generation that received the greatest civilization in world history in 1965 but thoroughly trashed it by 2023 through political stupidity and hippie-dippie incompetence. The counter-revolution is against wokism and every Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Feinstein, and Maxime Watters value residing in the Northern California hippie mafia. A new left is emergent, along with the new right. The new right wants revenge, and they want their country back. The analogy of the brewing conflict is Berlin vs. Munich, 1933. The left does not seem to realize what they have unleashed.

Building the academic revolt against DEI and Woke:

Is The Counter-University Movement Any Match For The DEI Juggernaut?


It’s all Fake…and Gay.

crisis-scriptsPolitical campaign software tools enable crisis scripts to be compiled, priced, resourced, and executed with the efficiency of managing a corporate event, are in daily use. The Event Manager is a hot, new job title. The difference between an event manager and a conventional project manager is the focus on emotional rhetoric as the delivered product.

The software tools are pre-programmed with leftist themes, from rainbows and unicorns to DIE and BLM. Never for a moment should anyone believe that the hard push to the left is driven by authenticity. It’s all from software-generated scripts, with AI being the accelerator.

When we’re bombarded with wall-to-wall news coverage and news cycles that change every few days, it’s challenging to stay focused on one thing—namely, holding the government accountable to the rule of law—and the powers that be understand this.

The John Lennon song reminds us, “nothing is real,” especially in politics.

In other words, it’s all fake, i.e., manufactured, i.e., manipulated to distort reality.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.  And when that one wears out, program another:

A State Of Never-Ending Crisis: The Government Is Fomenting Mass Hysteria



It is about money. It is always about the money. The big guy himself, Joe Biden, hustles donations for the University of Delaware’s Biden Center and collects what appears to be millions in commissions. It looks like about 10% for the big guy.

The ‘Crat’s latest programmed crisis is their Trump indictment; here is what their noise is covering up – detailed plans for laundering foreign millions into the pockets of the Xiden crime family:

Exclusive—Anatomy of a Biden Family Business Deal: Get Son Hunter or Sister Valerie to Sign ‘on Behalf of the VP’


Propaganda, Bananas, and Kangaroos

us_banana-republicThe goal is not to convict Trump; it is to control the narrative and perhaps paint MAGA as enemies of the state. Federal agents provocateurs have been reported as agitators among pro Trump demonstrators in New York as the agents appear to be  kindling a storming of the courthouse.

Forget about the Portland federal courthouse stormed, burned by leftists, and ignored by the media. Suppose the feds can incite just one person to blow a soap bubble at the courthouse in New York? Trump will be charged with inciting a riot, endangering the lives of the judiciary, and so on.

The Trump indictment is very weak – except as a distraction, for which it works just fine. Expect more charges in other jurisdictions to keep the show going:

The Trump Indictment: Making History In The Worst Possible Way



alvin-braggThey want the show trial to occur during the primary season. The funny thing about juggling vials of nitroglycerine is that one never knows when the whole thing will go bang. RINOS will likely use the trial as an excuse to nominate JEB! or Romney, and it is not outside the debate to question whether JEB! or Mitt is complicit in Trump’s indictment.

But for the true MAGA believer? It will be Trump with a vengeance. Once again, the mega trend unfolding repeats the poor, unemployed, and angry citizens of America’s Munich looking at American Berliners like Biden, Bragg, and the prancing trannies with growing anger and rage. This is not 1933 again yet; we are still in the 1927 remix.

The trannies, protected by the Braggs and Bidens, are shooting the kids in school without remorse. The indictment of Trump cannot cover this up. The rage increases.

In 2020 the Crats kept Xiden in the basement and made the election about Trump.  Expect more of the same.  When interest lags regarding the Bragg indictments, there will be leaks to keep the distractions going:

Report: Alvin Bragg Wants Trump Trial in January 2024, During Republican Primary


roos-courtBut where are they getting all the kangaroos?

The media is in the bag for globalists as they are promised domination of a 6-8 billion strong audience instead of a paltry 350 million in the USA. Never mind the problems with signal and electricity on the Serengeti. Gates and Musk will fix the pesky signals problem. The political task for the Dems is to provide drama to the media in exchange for their unwavering support. The media wants to be in China and circle the globe and believes Biden will take them there. So there will not be coverage of Chinese bribes and corruption. Has anyone investigated whether American media is riding the Xi bribery gravy train? Anybody?

Operation massive distraction is underway:

Schweizer: ‘Stunning Disconnect with the Mainstream Media and Biden Family Chinese Deals


fauci-smirkIt looks like Fauci gave grant money to organizations on the condition that they dropped the lab leak narrative and switched to the natural source narrative. In other words, he bribed scientists and media using government funds to misdirect the world. There is a two-tiered system of justice where the government may throw around bribe money like a drunk at the racetrack while firms such as Lockheed face stiff, stiff penalties for doing the same.

Fauci may still be working for the Federalies to cover his ass:

Watch: Rand Paul Claims Fauci Is Not Retired



tweetbmbsMusk wants Twitter’s code to be open-source and transparent, like Linux or Open Suse, so that shenanigans will be spotted and brought to light.

He released some source code to GitHub, a site for programmers, disclosing that Twitter rated Republicans and Democrats differently, boosting the Democrats, and allowed government agents to promote tweets by holding the “like button” for more than twenty seconds. Most probably, an entire menu of key combinations was in the hands of government agents provocateurs to maximize their message of the day.

More fuel for the LA/MO First Amendment lawsuit against the Federalies; the Twitter code contained a tool by which they could influence recommendations:

Researcher: Twitter’s Algorithm Reveals Government Intervention Tool

Whatever happened to patriotism?


A funny thing happened while the government was busy manipulating the daily narrative, propagandizing, stealing elections, and enriching insiders. As the propaganda industry pursued its influence ends without regard to the integrity of the means, the American public began to lose faith in institutions. Trust in American institutions fell from around 78% to about 38% post Covid, a level not seen since the American Revolution. Who trusts their physician now that the vast majority put licensure ahead of patient care? Who trusts the schools, universities, or the legal system? Most tragically, faith in the military continues to collapse with every rainbow pony parade.

Once again, America’s citizens of the figurative Munich are watching America’s Berliners. The rage grows.



Powell must know that inflation hawk Volker is now an American hero while Arthur Burns, the inflation squish, is a bum. Revisions to M2 this week suggest that inflation is a bigger problem than generally recognized. Powell is likely to become more hawkish.

For invwstors; Volker or Burns:

Breitbart Business Digest: Getting Inside Jerome Powell’s Brain



The money supply peaked in July, not March of 2022 as reported by the Fed. Expectations of a recession in the second or third quarter of 2023 should now be bumped to the fourth quarter or the first quarter of 2024. This could be bad for Biden and will require more election fraud mojo from team Dem.

TTPers should note that months ago, our own Brant predicted the recession would not emerge until after October, consistent with the official change in M2. The TTP forum has insights from heavy hitters, as Brant’s economic postings confirm.

More for investors; M2 money supply, inflation, and interest rates – all higher for longer – and a recession is coming, but a bit later than initially expected:

Breitbart Business Digest: Inflation May Last Longer Than Expected


big-finance-in-dcBig finance captured the federal government and control the country through classic regulatory capture mechanisms. Big banks are bailed out without question, while small institutions are not. This is causing money to move from small, regional banks to the majors. Fewer and fewer hands control the financial system. Whether it is their weird sexuality pushed out to the masses or their control of money and credit based on political factors instead of financial returns, companies such as BlackRock or Bank of America and their holdings account for over half of the American economic profit.

Somehow, the system assures us that refinancing the same old piece of real estate over and again is the path to wealth, while productive ventures are unworthy of consideration.

Banking problems:

Pinkerton: How the Rich Got Woke, Went Broke, But *Still* Got Richer


The Fed is becoming more hawkish even though the markets are more dovish. Interest rates will remain higher and will not fall towards the end of the year, as many predict.

Fed watch: interest rates will be higher for longer than Wall Street is currently betting:

Breitbart Business Digest: The Fed’s James Bullard Fires a Shot Across Wall Street’s Bow



Make sure that your children and grandchildren understand this before heading out into the world:

Prices are not just set by what people are willing to pay but also by how much people can borrow.

Bankruptcy is baked into the cake when borrowing becomes more challenging because of declining asset prices underlying debt. Layoffs at overleveraged corporations are accelerating, meaning more and more debt is defaulting.

This important – but easy to understand – reading for investors about how the credit/collateral cycle works on the way up and back down.  In a fractional reserve banking system (like the one the world uses), most money is created by the entire banking system, not just by central banks. The central banks have limited power to prevent the contraction phase of this cycle without fueling inflation or even hyperinflation.  We are in the early stages of the bursting of the everything bubble where the loss of value of collateral leads to contraction of loaned money available to purchase that collateral which leads to further loss of value of that collateral, which…