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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 04/04/24


Good news for liberty, family and personal protection :

March 2024 Marks 56th Consecutive Month of More Than One Million Gun Sale Background Checks



More good news on guns:

Federal Judge Blocks Enforcement of ATF Pistol Brace Rule Against NRA Members



Good news for energy; the US is reviving a shut down nuclear power plant:

\In Historic Reversal, US To Restart A Shut Down Nuclear Power Plant For The First Time Ever


ballot-signaturesGood news for mail in ballot integrity:

PA: Court Rules in Favor of Signature Verification for Mail-In Voting


Here is a surprising rant from a CNN talking head::

Zakaria on McDaniel: MSNBC Platforms Liars and Election Deniers Like Bill Clinton and Stacey Abrams



Here is a very to the point rant about the Fauci/CCP virus pandemic by Bill Maher. What he won’t admit is that Xiden was just as bad as Trump:

Maher: We’re Better Off Under Biden, Don’t Have Excessive COVID Restrictions



More mostly good rant from Maher. Unfortunately, he does not realize that poorly ventilated buildings are mandated in the name of sacred energy efficiency:

Maher: We Need Accountability for Those Who Suppressed Truth, Advocated Terrible Policies During COVID



For investors; when the music stops”

America’s Minsky Moment Approaches



Long read – those “jobs” numbers don’t mean what you probably think. First, a 4 hour per week part time job counts as much as a 40 hour per week full time job that produces ten times as much goods and services  Over the past year, full time jobs have dropped  All the job growth has been in part time jobs, and essentially all of those have gone to immigrants  It gets worse; the Federalies have overstated jobs by nearly a million. Then it gets even worse:

Philadelphia Fed Admits US Payrolls Overstated By At Least 800,000



Why the reduction in inflation is transitory:

How Much Do Food Stamps, Social Security, And Medicare Support The Economy?



The truth is finally acknowledged after all these years:

William Wallace Was a Woman – obviously….he was wearing a skirt!