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SKYE’S LINKS 03/30/23

Yes, folks, the theme of our show today is Misdirection.  This week, the ‘Crats have upped their Great Distraction game. I suspect that a Jussie Smollet admirer in Orlando decided to help amplify the maskirovka:

Death Threat, White Powder Mailed to Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg’s Office.


Late today (3/30), Alvin conned the grand jury into perpetuating the maskirovka farce, which will be eventually laughed out of court, and explode Trump’s ratings in the polls to Jupiter.  The headlines of the moment are huge, but actually, this is hilarious.

Trump Indicted After Manhattan DA Probe For Hush Money Payments


What did the ‘Crats and the MSM want to distract you from noticing?  How about a J6 Federal prosecutor admitting to the Court in writing that Capitol Hill cops acted as agents provocateur:

Prosecutor Admits DC Police Officers Acted As Provocateurs At US Capitol On Jan. 6


They also want to distract you from the money sent from China to the Biden crime family, at least $1,300,000 proven so far.  Here is an interesting new development; a Chinese bank is providing records to the House investigating committee that US banks have refused to provide.  Is the CCP sending 10% for the big guy a message that he had better do as they wish?

Senator Johnson: ‘Bank from China’ Voluntarily Gave Biden Records While U.S. Banks Won’t


From the You Can’t Make This Stuff Up file; the CEO of Silicon Valley Bank, Greg Becker, was on the Board of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank when the SVB bank failed:

Senator Hagerty: ‘Damning’ That Silicon Valley Bank CEO Was on San Fran Fed Board the Day Before Failure


Remember her — The DEI Dean Who Disgraced Stanford Law School as the Wall Street Journal put it?  Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley comments on her inability to understand her disgrace.  Unfortunately, the Stanford law school students don’t understand theirs too:

Stanford Law School Suspends Diversity Dean After She Doubles-Down On Duncan Debacle


In spite of the woke mob at Stanford, there are still reasons to remain in California.  One of the best: Law-abiding citizens don’t have guns, so there is never any crime It’s science!

Sunday Satire: 11 Great Reasons To Stay In California

America’s champion of government censorship

America’s champion of government censorship

The discovery process in the LA/MO First Amendment law suit against the Federalies makes further progress.  Emails prove that the Feds told Facebook that they wanted private encrypted messaging app WhatsApp  censored to prevent communications that could lead to vaccine hesitancy:

Biden White House Pressured Facebook to Censor Vaccine Skeptics on Private Messaging Service WhatsApp

They endorsed this???

They endorsed this???

How to destroy trust in science in one quick comment:

Science Journal Nature Admits Biden Endorsement Damaged Their Reputation


The evil continues. Fauci calls for more gain of function research on pathogens; what could possibly go wrong?

Fauci: We ‘Need’ to Do Things ‘That Make a Pathogen More Transmissible or More Pathogenic,’ and ‘Some’ Call that Gain of Function


The full Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules en banc (as a whole, all current 16 judges) that Xiden’s mandate that Federal workers must be vaccinated is unconstitutional.  Big victory. (Note that Judge Kyle Duncan of the Stanford Law School debacle is one of the 16 judges.)

Appeals Court: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate on Federal Employees Illegal


Estimated 2022 US Vaccine Damage Report:


What the vax cost – and this analysis is just for the USA:

Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled


CDC exaggerated severity of Fauci/CCP virus, especially for children, made errors in reports with 20 out of 25 errors exaggerating the problem. Big surprise, right?

Many CDC Blunders Exaggerated Severity Of COVID-19: Study


Something else the ‘Crats and Federalies don’t want you to notice:

CDC Found COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Signals Months Earlier Than Previously Known, Files Show


On March 9, 2020, President Trump was still of the opinion that the coronavirus could be handled by normal means, that it was a flu bug. Only a week later, Trump issued the edict to close all “indoor and outdoor venues where people congregate,” initiating the biggest regime change in US history that flew in the face of all rights and liberties Americans had previously taken for granted. Trump shut down the economy he promised to revive.

Why?  And why has he never admitted his disastrous error? Here is a plausible speculation as to why Trump suddenly switched from no lockdowns to massively destructive lockdowns:

How They Convinced Trump To Lock Down


14 State financial officers kick JP Morgan-Chase’s butt over ESG:

Financial Officers Demand Chase Bank Stop Political De-Banking


ESG has become toxic waste:

The ESG “Cover Your Ass” Tour Begins As Managers Scramble To Remove References In Pitch Decks


Wind energy?  Don’t bet on it. The ridiculous fraud exposed:

Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power “Fails On Every Count”


Further data here:

The Inadequacy of Wind Power


And here:

While the Climate Always Has and Always Will Change, There Is no Climate Crisis | Manheimer | Journal of Sustainable Development | CCSE


And now we close with the good news.  Matt Taibbi, master of the Twitter Files, has – like me – become more optimistic that we can win.  This is the must-read of the week.  As Matt concludes:

We don’t have to put up with a government that doesn’t tell us anything. Most of all, we can go back to enjoying life, on our own terms, without stressing over an endless succession of panics invented by politically insecure losers. We can do so much better, and we will, because this place is ours to run, a fact the singing censors should never have let us remember.”

Taibbi: People Can Win