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SKYE’S LINKS 03/28/24

Plenty of serious stuff today, from Censorship to Lawfare and the train wreck that is Social Security. Plus Harvard showing students the best places for domestic ecoterrorism and how to do it, not to mention lunacy in the “Intelligence” Service, the coming Election, the Economy, and DEI. Buckle up, here we go.


SCOTUS has heard an extremely important case:

Censorship And The Digital Public Square


Zuckerberg is censoring your access to political stories and comments until after the election. Here is how to turn off some of that censorship:

Mark Zuckerberg Is ‘Limiting’ Political Content on Instagram – Here’s How to Turn Off His Filters – Breitbart



The ‘Crats are using lawfare to help make sure that you can’t vote for the “wrong” person:

Saving Democracy From Itself: The Democratic National Committee Moves To Block Third Party Candidates



The latest cultural war rages over the history of the chair:

Wikipedia Entry On The ‘History Of The Chair’ Becomes Culture War Battleground



Unfortunately, this is not the Bee. This is our tax money at work. This is our national defense. This is our “Intelligence” service:

U.S. Intelligence Official Claims ‘Crossdressing’ Makes Him Better at ‘Understanding Foreign Actors’



Don’t send your kids to Harvard:

Harvard Prepares To Screen “Domestic Ecoterrorism” Movie About Blowing Up American Pipelines



A gigabuck suicide bomber black swan has just targeted Xiden’s campaign. RFK Jr’s choice of VP shows that he is going for Xiden’s base, not independents:

Nolte: RFK Jr.’s VP Choice of Ms. FarLeftMoneyBags Should Worry Biden


research-byassYet another example of how DEI can become DIE:

NIH Prioritizes Schools With Diversity Statements In Doling Out Grants



How to steal an election – in specific detail:

How The Democrats Plan To Steal The Election – again



Cheat by mail is the gift that never stops giving:

Chicago Progressive Closing Gap after 10K Votes ‘Found’ in Cook County



The ‘Crats have their work cut out for them; look at these polls:

Nolte: Donald Trump Scores Highest Favorability Rating Among Major Political Figures


The grim facts of Social Security and Medicare – if nothing ever goes wrong, such as a recession:

Retirement Crisis Faces Government And Corporate Pensions



This is a very serious mess:

Republicans Call For Raising Retirement Age As Social Security Nears Insolvency



What will happen if the Fed eases:

Easing In The Middle Of Persistent Inflation May Worsen Stagflation Risk



The electric car fiasco rolls expensively onward:

The Hertz Meltdown Reveals Scale Of The EV Debacle



Looks like DeSantis is a RIPO (Republican in Principle Only):

DeSantis Kicked Out Of Republican Party For Accomplishing Too Many Things