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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 03/21/24


SCOTUS allows Texas to enforce Texas immigration law that mirrors Federal law – which Feds are not enforcing.  This is a temporary order:

SCOTUS Clears Historic Texas Immigration Law for Enforcement



Salami slicing the First Amendment

House Passes TikTok Divestment Bill; Massie, Musk Rail Against ‘Trojan Horse’ First Amendment Implications



TikTok may be the lesser of two evils:

The BIG problem is NOT TikTok



The CIA had “several” teams working J6:

Text Messages Show CIA Deployed Personnel Domestically to D.C. on Jan. 6



Flying?  You might want to choose your plane manufacturer carefully:

Boeing “Overwrote” Camera Footage Of Work On MAX Jet Door That Blew Out, Can Not Identify Employee Who Worked On It



More problems for Boeing:

VIDEO: Boeing Aircraft’s Missing External Panel Prompts Investigation



Lockheed’s F-35 combat readiness leaves a lot to be desired, too:

70% Or More Of F-35s May Not Be Combat-Capable



Hamas figures for Gaza civilian casualties are faked:

The Statistical Proof That Gaza Casualty Numbers Are Fake



When will they ever learn? Don’t hold your breath when it comes to the next pandemic:

Report Criticizes ‘Catastrophic Errors’ Of COVID Lockdowns, Warns Of Repeat



Half of New Yorkers plan to vote with their feet:

Nolte: Survey — ‘Only Half of New Yorkers Plan to Stay’ in Democrat City



For investors; inflation is accelerating, not falling, so don’t  expect Fed rate cuts anytime soon:

Breitbart Business Digest: Inflation Is Back and Rising Again



For investors – and everyone else. We all have been told that the deficit for 2023 was $1.7 trillion. Not really; that figure leaves out about half a trillion. The real figure can be found by subtracting the publicly-held national debt at the end of fiscal 2022 from that at the end of fiscal 2023 = $2.24 trillion. Note that the source below is official US Gov:

Historical Debt Outstanding | U.S. Treasury Fiscal Data



More for investors;

Three Fantasyland Budget Projections by the Fed, Biden, and Congress



And, of course, the media circus of our time isn’t a new phenomenon:

Pharisees Accuse Jesus Of Threatening To Capture His Enemies In Nets And Kill Them With Latest ‘Fishers Of Men’ Comment