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SKYE’S LINKS 03/14/24

Try to contain your excitement, but a Nobel Prize-winning Leftist economist has finally realized that mass migration may not be such a great idea after all! Plus, more proof of malfeasance by Fauci and Liz Cheney; spying by the PTB (powers that be); continued Lawfare; and Chinese sabotage in our ports – reality is making itself felt. Pop some corn and sit back. But first, let’s start with some humor, shall we?

kerry-praises-cannibalsJohn Kerry Praises Haitian Cannibals’ Efforts to Reduce Humanity’s Carbon Footprint


Big news! Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton changes his mind about the cost/benefit ratio of mass migration and globalized trade:

Nobel Economist Reverses His Support for Migration

PDF of full paper here:



Fauci was warned about vaccine mandates:

Fauci Deputy Warned Him Against Vaccine Mandates: Email



But Trump can never, never, ever admit that he was wrong about anything, including the pseudo-mRNA COVID  vaccines. Worse yet, he claims that he was against the vaccine mandates, but he could have stopped all of the federalie ones with an executive order – but didn’t:

Trump “Clearly Hasn’t Learned From His COVID-Era Mistakes,” RFK Jr. Says



Your car may be spying on you, and this could have costly consequences:

Your Car Is Tattling on You: Major Automakers Share Driving Data with Insurance Giants


More costly consequences; 200 Chinese-built cargo cranes in American ports are secretly rigged to do what?

China Planted Mystery Devices On Cranes Used In US Ports, Could Seize Control Remotely: Congressional Letter



Yes, they really are plotting against us:

House Judiciary Panel Report Exposes Massive Government Surveillance Of Americans’ Financial Data



And Liz Cheney sure looks like she is out to get Trump by suppressing J6 exculpatory evidence:

“Sleazy” Liz Cheney Loses It After Bombshell Report Claims She “Suppressed Exonerating Evidence” With J6 Committee



While ‘Crat lawfare soldiers are clearly out to get Trump – no matter what it takes:

Nightmare Scenario: How A Trump Trial Could Now Run Up To (Or Through) The 2024 Election



Google co-founder Brin doesn’t understand what is wrong with their AI, which means that they can’t fix it. Worse yet, Musk’s AI has similar problems:

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Says Company ‘Hasn’t Fully Understood’ Why Gemini AI Is Ultra-Woke



Young adults and climate change:

Poll: Nearly Half Of Young People Won’t Spend $10 Monthly On Climate Action



India going big with king coal:

India Mulls Building More Coal-Fired Power Plants



For investors; the blobs – a long view:

Twilight Of The Blobs