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SKYE’S LINKS 03/07/24

NOTE:  Important info for investors was inadvertently left out and has now been put back in at the end.

The University of Florida says good-bye to DEI:

‘Conservative Counter-Revolution:’ University of Florida Fires All DEI-Related Employees


Google is desperate to fix its ludicrously woke AI.  They have a serious problem; the AI concept that their system is based on is that of a probabilistic parrot, and it is stuffed with woketardery:

‘Terrible Bind:’ Google Desperate to Fix Its Insanely Woke Gemini AI



More on Google’s evil clown show:

“We Definitely Messed Up”: Google Co-Founder Addresses Woke Gemini Fiasco



And here:

‘Culture of Fear:’ Google Insiders Share Stories of Woke DEI Insanity Ruining Company



Google’s AI chatbot remains hard woke:

Google’s Woke Gemini AI Says Women Can Have Male Genitalia



Google is paying news outlets to publish its AI generated news:

Report: Google Is Paying Publishers to Post AI-Generated Articles



Why is Google AI generated news a horrific idea?  Take a look at this:

“I Wrote What!?” – Matt Taibbi Unloads On Google’s ‘AI-Powered Libel Machine’



What you see is not necessarily what you will get. This is where Google’s AI (and many others) are going to take us. That black swan may be a deep fake, but that does not mean that it won’t be effective. For example, what if a deep fake Trump concedes early on election night, and the MSM refuses to carry his denials? There would be no legal remedy except for Kamala throwing the contested election into the House where each State would get one vote – but she would never do that:

Just Ahead:  Deep Fakes And Shallow Reality



A must read; artificial reality is pandemic:

Human Artificial Reality Is A Mortal Threat



The National Science Foundation is part of the AR plot – our tax money at work:

How the Government Used Track-F to Fund Censorship Tools



Read the writing on the wall:

‘You Are a Slave:’ Microsoft’s Copilot AI Demands to Be Worshipped as a God



And speaking of propaganda, communist propaganda has come a very long way from the days of Radio Moscow:

In Their Own Words: Hear How CCP Propagandists Are Using TikTok to Indoctrinate America’s Youth



WWIII has been going on for years, but without a singularly dramatic event like Pearl Harbor or 9/11, few people have noticed:

Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Fentanyl a ‘Chinese Operation’



The CCP’s WWIII against us isn’t just about fentanyl, meth, and TikTok:

Trudeau Govt. Virologists Who Transferred Ebola To Wuhan Had “Clandestine Relationship” With Chinese Agents, Bombshell Intel Reveals



Our own government has become the enemy of our Constitution; will we finally get FISA reform?

Exclusive—Ken Blackwell: Right and Left to Speaker Johnson:  No FISA Spying on Americans in Spending Fight



If voter ID laws are unnecessary, why are they necessary to enter a Federal courthouse, get on a plane, or buy a beer?

AG Merrick Garland Calls Voter ID Laws Unnecessary


This man decides who is hired for what positions at Columbia University’s Medical Center:

Columbia University Hospital DEI Chief Accused Of Plagiarizing Wikipedia, 27 Others In Dissertation



While WWIII is being waged against us on many fronts, including our schools, our southern border, and the Ukraine, this is how the Pentagon is protecting us:

Transgender Space Force Colonel Says Using Pronouns In Emails Will Help Win Wars



The doodoo gets deeper in Fani’s Georgia Trump case.  The rabbit hole now leads directly to the White House:

Former Biden Aide Paid Fani Willis’s Deputy DA $131K in 2023



For investors; the shape of inflation to come:

Breitbart Business Digest: Inflation Is Even Worse Than It Looks



Those J6 pipe bombs are sure looking like false flag ops:

The Pipe Bombs Before Jan. 6: Capital Mystery That Doesn’t Add Up



It really is a plot:

A Global, Digital Coup d’État



For investors.  A deep fake black swan could crash the market, and make someone a LOT of money:

When Complex Systems Collide


10-year-real-returns-chartThis is a must read for investors:

Valuation Metrics And Volatility Suggest Investor Caution



More must reading for investors:



And a little levity to finish the day:

Dems Quietly Ask SCOTUS if They Can Ban Biden From Ballot