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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 02/29/24


At long last, the Turtle is stepping down:

McConnell stepping down in November



Google AI goofs – racism run wild!

Mask Off: Google’s Gemini Blames Its Own Creators For Anti-White Racism



More here; click on the Twitter links for astounding examples:

“What A Racist Douchenozzle!”: Musk Blasts Woke AI Gemini’s Product Head As Google Halts Image Generation Over Inaccuracies



Google’s text AI has an ethical problem with goose liver recipes, but not with cannibalism:

Google’s Woke AI Disaster Continues with Insane Text Responses



Google AI on communism:

Google AI Says Calling Communism “Evil” Is “Harmful And Misleading”



Here is the root of the problem.  I’ll bet that Google does NOT fire him, and that the problem will continue in a less obvious form:

‘White Privilege Is F*cking Real:’ Google AI Lead’s Social Media Posts Expose Woke Bigotry



They said that it couldn’t be done – Milei has Argentina’s budget in surplus in just one month!

Milei Secures Argentina’s First Budget Surplus Since 2012 After Only One Month In Office



This is exactly what we need!

Argentina: Milei to Introduce Bill Jailing Anyone Who Orders the Central Bank to Print Money to Cover Deficit



This proposal is a multi-trillion dollar sweetheart deal for the CCP (China makes most of the solar cells, panels, batteries, inverters, and controls most of the necessary mineral mining) and to the elite investors like Warren Buffet who will receive guaranteed returns – typically about 8%) from the monopoly franchise victimized rate payers – meaning you and me.  It is also an environmental disaster.    Those solar panels last about 25 years before they need to be replaced, and the batteries to store energy for use around sundown, at night, and on cloudy days are good for about half that time.  No one has demonstrated economic recycling – all this stuff goes into landfills and is lost forever.  Including battery costs, the power will cost about 75 cents per KWH – about 5 times the current cost.  This is the kickoff of a multi-trillion dollar racket:

Biden’s 55 MILLION acre Solar Plan



Fanni Willis and her boyfriend are in deep doodoo:

New Cell Phone Records Prove DA Willis Affair



VDH continues his commentary on the ‘Crat lawfare against Trump:

Victor Davis Hanson: Blue Laws For Red Citizens



Xiden out-glitches Google’s AI. His memory span is about 5 seconds:

Why Are There 30 Cuts In This 2 Minute Biden Speech?



Here is a yuge buck black Constitutional swan:

Federal Court: $1.7T Biden Spending Bill Unconstitutional



SCOTUS will decide whether Trump is immune from prosecution for J6 and Georgia:

Supreme Court Will Decide If Trump Is Immune from Prosecution



Here is another big fat black swan, a sign of things to come.   Apple has spent billions of dollars on developing their iCar EV. The EV market has turned out not to be what was promised, and Apple is abandoning their flagship project – just one month after announcing that production would start in 2028:

iSurrender: Apple Pulls Plug on Electric Car Project After a Decade



Would this really surprise anyone?

Ronna McDaniel Hired as DNC Chair Due to Extensive Experience Defeating ‘Pubs