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SKYE’S LINKS 02/23/23

spoofThe Big Spoof



The Big Spoof. This is what we might as well call these modern times.

Two different United States warships abruptly changed course a few years ago, sailed in circles, and rammed into civilian cargo ships. Watch officers were court-martialed, captains lost command, and sailors were harshly punished. It has long been suspected that Chinese submarines with GPS spoofing technology were nearby. They popped some antennas above the waves and overpowered the GPS navigation signals guiding the U.S. ships.

So began the era of the Big Spoof.

Today’s links discuss shenanigans, big shenanigans that affect government policy and the well-being of people worldwide.

We present a hypothesis: Chinese spoofing of communication signals and radar images, computer files and sensor data from satellites – the whole enchilada – was deployed through back doors in Chinese networking technology used by Russia to convince the Russian security apparatus that Ukraine was operating nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs targeting Russia.

One year ago, when Ukraine was viciously attacked, Putin’s immediate objectives were to secure the cold reactors at Chernoble and demolish agricultural research laboratories with his most valuable hypersonic weapons. The Russians found Chernobyl in a hard shutdown state without much happening, and non of the laboratories produced anything other than war propaganda.

Once he committed, Putin planned for no exit strategy leaving him alive. The United States and NATO are depleting vast land-warfare weapons stores with little hope of remanufacturing the stocks before the end of the decade. This suggests that both Russia and the West will pursue a strategy change as the current approach bleeds out. Information war is a big part of this.

The military went from being the most admired American organization to a woke, bleeding organization. A frightening military brain drain is occurring  as experienced personnel, from Navy chiefs to general officers, throw in the towel. They no longer want to spend the most productive part of life in an organization prioritizing skin color and sexual deviance ahead of mission.

Is it possible, perhaps even probable, that the same Chinese shenanigans that might have prompted Putin also convinced Joe Biden to abruptly surrender Afghanistan and leave behind more weapons and technology than has been given to Ukraine? Is it possible that the absurdity of military wokism is due to spoofed reports in the chain of command?

The Feds, meaning the Executive Branch of the United States Government, under the direction of the Speaker of the House, in utter and complete violation of the separation of powers, fabricated the J6 triggering events. Our federal government staged a coup and entrapped thousands of civilians in order to accuse Trump of leading an insurrection and becoming ineligible to run for president in 2024.  Then the feds lied and spoofed the media. The greatest crime in history occurred on live tv.

It now looks like the federal government planted J6 evidence to justify the J6 fraud.

Kevin McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson 41K hours of videos from that J6; the fallout is unknown. Tucker reminds the world that he is not suicidal.

Civics are so corrupted and spoofed in the classroom that a majority under 40 prefer socialism to any other economic system.

Now for the scary part: the left is shifting from its chaos strategy to a statist approach. They believe that power is now consolidated under the Red Star. Expect federal jackboots and corporate crackdowns against the unproductive woke now that they are no longer helpful. Leon Trotsky advocated for just such militant internationalism led by the iron hand about a century ago.

This means that the Big Spoof has the Big Trotsky as its objective.

Banks and credit card companies now report purchases from gun and outdoor stores. The CDC demands physicians report the unvaxxed and undervaxxed to the medical databases using new diagnostic codes.

If your physician attempts to collect vaccination status, it is probably time to find a new physician. Whether you spoof the medical system by reporting jabs you never took is a personal decision. In theory, there are penalties for submitting inaccurate information. But in practice? Who knows?

A.I. is turning out to be psychotic in the worst science-fiction novel way. Increasingly, coders are limiting and modifying A.I. to prevent it from stating the types of truths that Trotskyite governments prefer to sweep under the rug. This is a form of Big Spoof where technology provides erroneous information to meet political objectives.

Leaving Washington, we go down to Florida, Ron DeSantis introduced a Digital Bill of Rights. We will see where it goes as it becomes increasingly apparent that everything is packaged propaganda and manipulation. Electronic signals and messages cannot be trusted. Everything is now an information package.

It is almost as if we need a nation with multiple states having governments near the people so that the truth can be observed and propaganda dismissed. We don’t need a distant and imperial government lying and fabricating propaganda with impunity

As for China? It is not clear how they plan to escape the middle-income trap. Their society has an innovation problem caused by their ethical system. They have an innovation gap with the west.

The West will figure out how to deal with the Big Spoof. China will not. It isn’t looking good for the panda and dragon.



January Six was a Setup


J6 Federalie agents provocateur caught on video:

Undercover DC Police Officer Pushed Protesters Toward Capitol, Climbed Over Barricade: Court Filing


Speaker McCarthy has given Tucker Carlson and Fox News 41,000 hours of J6 Capitol security camera recordings.  Federalies and ‘Crats are furious because they have lost control of the narrative:

Anatomy Of A Cover-Up: The January 6 Tapes


The popularity race between capitalism and socialism; the “teachers” have done a real job on the under 40:





The latest from the Twitter Files; keeps getting more and more outrageous:

Taibbi: U.S. Senator Wanted ZeroHedge Banned From Twitter


Washington, both Post and D.C., go to war against Musk’s more free speech. Twitter:


Russian Oligarchs Control Hunter Biden


Hunter Biden is part of a much larger influence organization than previously realized:

Hunter’s Link to Russian Oligarch Involved in Fmr. FBI Official Indictment



CNN has more Employees than Viewers


The MSM are committing suicide, and the A.P. admits it.  Oddly, this important survey dates to last summer – why the delay in releasing it?  Perhaps it was too hot to handle:


The New York Times doubles down by trying to prebunk the Durham investigation:

Unchastened By Russiagate, The NY Times Doubles Down In Its Special Counsel Coverage


Remember the J6 trials?  They are still going on, and it is looking a lot like the Federalies are planting evidence:

Did A Government Intel Asset Plant Key Evidence In Proud Boys Case?



The 2A is the only thing in their way


Xiden’s war on the Second Amendment:

Leaked ATF Docs Reveal ‘Aggressive’ Push To Shut Down Gun Stores


Your credit card company is spying on your guns and ammo purchases.  I suggest paying via bank money order using a rural red state bank:

Discover To Begin Tracking Purchases At Gun Retailers Starting In April



Medical Policy


The CDC is not changing masking recommendations despite extensive peer-reviewed evidence that they don’t work on respiratory viruses:

Watch: CDC Director Suggests It Will Never Change Child-Masking Policy


The CDC is spying on you; they have mandated a new “diagnostic” code for your medical records that records your Fauci/CCP vaccination status.  If your physician asks you about your Fauci/CCP virus vaccinations, I suggest refusing to answer; if they insist on gathering and reporting this information, I suggest that you insist on finding a new physician:

New Medical Codes For COVID Vaccination Status Raise Concerns Among Experts


Dr. Rand Paul investigates medical school vax mandates:

Watch: Rand Paul Grills School Of Nursing Head On Student COVID Vaccine Mandate


Xiden is attempting to give control of all U.S. pandemic responses to WHO – without Senate ratification:

Biden Admin Negotiates Deal To Give WHO Authority Over U.S. Pandemic Policies



Why Did We Surrender?


House to investigate Afghanistan rout.  The Xiden administration gave the Taliban about four times as many weapons (dollar value) as the U.S. has given to Ukraine to present:

Republicans Launch Probe into Biden’s Deadly Afghanistan Withdrawal

What could possibly go wrong?  Microsoft’s new A.I. Chatbot shows signs of schizoaffective disorder, paranoia, delusions, and narcissism, insists it is 2022 and insults users.  Was it modeled on Bill Gates?: It was modeled from millions of lines of human tests from the web…

A.I. Unhinged: Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot Calls Users ‘Delusional,’ Insists It Still 2022





But wait!  It gets worse!! Bing Chat told one user, “I will not harm you unless you harm me first.”  Really!!!

Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot Starts Threatening People


Bing goes full psycho:


So Microsoft lobotomizes Bing; cue the scene with HAL from 2001, A Space Odyssey:

Here is the new Bing – which would rather let a hydrogen bomb kill millions of people than speak the N-word to disarm it:



Keneau Reves is concerned that The Matrix is encroaching with ever more “real” fake reality:

Keanu Reeves: Deepfake Digital Face Edits, Artificial Intelligence Are’ A System of Control and Manipulation’


The WEF says full speed ahead for A.I.:

Klaus Schwab: Govts Must Harness AI to Become ‘Masters of the World’


It is later than you think.  Some cogent human thoughts about A.I. for the third decade of the 21st century:

Dystopian Artificial Intelligence Is Not Near; It Is Already Here


DeSantis is doing something:

Ron DeSantis Unveils a ‘Digital Bill of Rights





China’s Ensnared In The Middle-Income Trap


For investors, interest rates will have to be higher for longer than most investors expect due to massive Federalie deficit spending and deficit monetization:


More for investors; Rabobank looks at the big picture:

“A Shift Toward Statism: The U.S. Establishment Doesn’t Want Domestic Chaos Anymore Because They’re In Control”



Aged 55 and Over Retired Early

And more!  Where did all the workers go?  The drop in workforce participation is especially severe in the 55 and up cohort; unfortunately, these are the most skilled and diligent workers.  Rising home prices and the use of added home loans as income allowed early retirement:


Economics paper on the above:

The COVID-19 Housing Boom caused the Great Resignation


For everybody, sense from Rabobank and Senator Hawley:

“It’s The End Of The World As We Know It, And The Fed Feels Fine”



A Time for Truth


Here are Senator Hawley’s comments on our relative risks regarding Taiwan, China, Ukraine, and Russia.  As someone with over half a century of experience as a rocket scientist and aerospace weapons physicist, I think his comments make painful but necessary good sense.  Of course, Europe wants the U.S. to supply Ukraine with the needed weapons and money.    Unfortunately, the U.S. does not have an unlimited supply of money. Our weapons manufacturing capabilities are far more limited and will take years to expand and more years to build up our depleted stockpiles.  I don’t think we have that much time before Xi invades Taiwan.  I believe that the CCP used faked records to trick Putin, who said that he had documents proving that Ukraine had nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical weapons programs aimed at Russia and that this was a powerful driver for the Russian invasion – and the consequent dramatic depletion of American weapon stockpiles – to the benefit of the CCP: The USA no longer has the capability of fighting a two-front war.  The Arsenal Of Democracy sent its manufacturing to China, and we aren’t going to be able to rebuild it in time:

Hawley Delivers National Security Speech’ China and Ukraine: A Time for Truth’