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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 02/22/24


The latest in ‘Crat lawfare:

Trump Must Pay Half a Billion Dollars Before He Can Appeal New York Decision


Vote from the graveyard by mail, Michigan style:

Watch: Investigators Visit Graves of Dead Voters Still on Michigan Rolls



78% of likely ‘Crat voters are fascists who want Trump’s name removed from the ballot.  That does not suggest a peaceful future if Trump is able to beat cheat-by-mail. Then again, it almost guarantees a non-peaceful future if Trump doesn’t beat cheat-by-mail…

Nolte: 78% of Fascist Democrats Want Trump Removed from Ballot



Who is funding all those millions of illegal immigrants?    We are, through our taxes:

“Cash In Envelopes”: How The US And UN Are Funding The Border Crisis



How secure our borders?  Here are our Border Patrol tax dollars at work:

Fentanyl Lollipops? Top Border Patrol Doctor Asked Staff For Narcotics Before UN Meeting In New York: Whistleblowers



Do these illegal migrants vote?

Elon Musk Is Right And The NY Times Is Wrong About Illegal Voting By Non-Citizens



Last year, Aleksei Navalny got letters to former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky, who responded.  Savor the thoughts expressed by heroic men.

Navalny’s Letters From the Gulag



How barbarically evil is this? Almost unimaginably so – and on February 22, the day Putin invaded Ukraine two years ago today:

Russia threatens Alexei Navalny’s mother: Officials blackmail grieving parent and say they will ‘do something’ to her son’s corpse if she does not agree to private funeral with no mourners



Our  election problems go far beyond cheat by mail and lawfare.  There is a concerted all-of-government huge censorship operation controlling information access and hence voting decisions.  Suppression of important information, like the Hunter laptop emails, has now become the rule rather than the exception:

State Department Threatens Congress Over Censorship Programs



A recent DC Federalie court decision puts the First Amendment in danger:

From Censorship To Criminalizing Dissent



First Amendment cases coming to  court

“License To Play God”: Physician Group Files Brief Against Biden In COVID



These Seattle students are the workers who will be designing and building Boeing airplanes a few years from now.  If you fly, you might want to choose Airbus:

Seattle English Students Told It’s “White Supremacy” To Love Reading, Writing



For investors; another one bites the dust.  ESG is dying:

JP Morgan Pulls Out Of $68 Trillion “Climate Action 100+” Group



But wait!  There’s more:

Big firms with $7tn exit climate investment pressure group – Breitbart



UAW members are about to find out that money doesn’t grow  on trees and that voting has consequences:

Ford CEO says company will rethink where it builds vehicles after last year’s autoworkers strike – Breitbart



More here:

Carney on ‘Kudlow’: Get Ready for Inflation to Get Even Worse



Unfortunately, due to inflation outrunning wage increases, consumers have gone on a deficit spending binge, too:

American Households Are Entering A Debt Trap



More on the consumer debt problem:

Economists Are Sounding Alarm On ‘YOLO’ Credit Bubble



Due to inflation, investors are desperate to exchange their depreciating dollars for just about anything else.  Beware of the onrushing AI bubble:

Is Artificial Intelligence Hope? Hype? Or A Market Disaster In The Making?


poached-nest-eggWhy it looks like inflation is likely to be higher for longer:

Breitbart Business Digest: We’re on the Cusp of a Historically Long Inflation Surge



In an unexpected turn of events, Vice President Kamala Harris was removed from the top spot of “Worst Diversity Hire of All Time” after Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis opened her mouth during a televised trial about inappropriate use of funds and an alleged affair with a top prosecutor of former President Donald Trump.

“DA Willis’ perfectly executed court disaster may not have been enough to get her to top the proven record of VP Harris,” said one onlooker, “But wearing her dress backwards, what a coup de grace!”

Those close to Kamala Harris say her team is scrambling to prepare her to assume the role of President now that she is no longer the most embarrassing example of racial diversity efforts to ever live.

In a public statement released shortly after the incredible, live circus act of Fani Willis, VP Kamala Harris stated, “I am now, as have ever been, ready for the responsibilitous station imparted on me to be ready, now and forever, for the role of President of the United States, which is what presidents are called.”

At publishing time, Kamala Harris had regained First Place as “Worst Diversity Hire of All Time” after opening her mouth while on television.

Babylon Bee reporting