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SKYE’S LINKS 02/17/22

Pathetic!  The Xiden administration, desperate to keep their Wag The Dog Ukraine scare alive accuses Zerohedge of being a Russian agent of influence – its Russia,Russia,Russia all over again:

Nolte: Without Proof, Feds Accuse Zero Hedge of Russian Collaboration


Xiden’s puppet masters desperately need distractions; they certainly don’t want you to read this:

Jake Sullivan’s Role in Pushing Russian Collusion Hoax Questioned after Durham Filing


Or this:

Waltz: Durham’s Clinton Spying Revelations ‘a Massive, Massive Scandal’


Sorry, Hillary – You’re Toast for ’24!

But she isn’t the only Democrat who is concerned by Durham’s work’ a mind boggling 66% of Democrats who are following the story think that Hillary should be investigated – and this poll was taken before the latest Durham spying allegations!  Bye, bye, would-be President Hillary:

Poll: Democrats Want Hillary Clinton Investigated for Link to Russia Hoax


If Xiden gets his three nominees for the Fed confirmed, they will starve the fossil fuel industry of capital via their bank regulatory powers and cause energy prices to go much higher – which is exactly what they intend:

Pinkerton: Biden’s Great Reset Goes Through His ‘Woke’ Federal Reserve Nominees



Were Masks A Waste Of Time?


More data here:



More on masks here:

The Mask Is Off: Illinois Has No Science Behind Its School Masking Mandate


More about mask propaganda:

Why Did Masks Stop Working In Japan And South Korea?


Politics under the name of “Science” at the CDC is destroying confidence in the real scientific community and its findings:

How The CDC Abandoned Science


The secret Fauci/Collins/Walinski meeting where the CDC lies were born:

Are They Finally Admitting Natural Immunity?


Fauci tries to shift the blame for his failed pandemic policies:

Does Fauci Bear Any Responsibility? He Says No


The investigative reporter who exposed Faucis’ enormous pay has been fired by Forbes under Federalie pressure:

Forbes Contributor Fired Over Investigative Stories On Fauci


GiveSendGo defies Canadian government order to freeze donated truck convoy funds:

GiveSendGo Defies Fascist Canadian Govt. Order to Freeze Freedom Convoy Trucker Funds


And the frightened fascists attack:

GiveSendGo Hacked, Donor List To $8.6 Million Freedom Convoy Exposed


Durham digs deeper, finds more dirt on Clinton campaign:

John Durham Filing Suggests Clinton Operatives Spied on Trump in 2016 and in White House


The CIA was illegally involved in spying on Trump:

The Unstated Scandal: The CIA Collected Info On President Trump


A very fine rant on the dangerous illusion of freedom:

Dystopia Disguised As Democracy: All The Ways In Which Freedom Is An Illusion


The CIA is massively illegally spying on Americans:

Still No Answers On The CIA’s Unconstitutional Mass Surveillance Of Americans


The Fed has horrifically distorted our economy. and one sign is raging inflation:

5 New Numbers That Prove That America’s Horrifying Inflation Crisis Is Getting Even Worse


Xideinflation causes stunning collapse in consumer sentiment:

Bidenflation Triggers ‘Stunning’ Collapse of Consumer Sentiment to 10-Year Low


For everyone – inflation:

Peter Schiff: The Inflation Tsunami Is Just Getting Started


The latest numbers are bad news for everybody, but especially for the ‘Crats:

5 New Numbers That Prove That America’s Horrifying Inflation Crisis Is Getting Even Worse


For everybody, especially for investors; a well written easily understood exposition of the Austrian school economics of money, currency, credit, and inflation:

The Solution To The Inflation Problem Is Impossible Without A Status-Quo-Discrediting Crisis