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SKYE’S LINKS 01/26/23

inflation-is-govt-living-wellCovid and the War in Ukraine


The Loss of Faith in the System

We continue along the trajectory of the Fourth Turning’s final phase as we find faith in institutions collapsing throughout the United States. Internationally, confidence in the WEF and New World Order has dropped so much that only one head of state from a Western country attended the Davos event. They sent many deputies instead. The theme this year was about developing new propaganda methods and events to restore confidence lost by yesterday’s propaganda and events.

ESG is over. There will be inertia due to the number of positions staffed according to the paradigm, but people will be fired, and normalcy will return.

The war in Ukraine is making energy so expensive and life so uncomfortable in Europe that the entire climate change hoax is being ditched. It’s okay for limousine liberals to tell the rest of us to go and die, but now things are getting expensive, even for them.

Nancy Pelosi allegedly invited a few priests for tea and called it an exorcism. What type of priests were these? The local Catholic diocese has no record, and no Catholic priests have reported as participants. If such an event had happened, it would have been a significant event involving at least the local Bishop and regional Arch Bishop. The story is linked because of its pathos; an old drunken Nancy is failing at life after decades of corruption.

So much about Covid appears to have been a psyop. Propagandists leveraged generalized anxiety in society through social isolation and by giving meaningless orders. The general discontent was cranked up and focused on Trump and rationalists for political power and access to the U.S. Treasury.

Linear thinking common in Western societies was leveraged to promote the fear of death and dying alone in calculated and cruel ways. The campaign was designed to drive the conversation away from death and renewal, the seasons, and the circle of life.

But why? Because we are at the end of the four turnings and poised for the cycle to start again where the old ideas that solved yesterday’s problems are now a burden and must be updated. The careers within Civil Service are hopelessly obsolete and a significant burden for the nation to carry, and they know it. Their fear of federal workforce cuts is causing our government agencies to become unhinged from reality. However, in the end, the federal government must be reconfigured with new people and skills if the continuity of government is to occur. For this, they chose to kill your grandmother, alone and afraid, in a distant nursing home.

Interest rates are rising to about 1/3rd of tax revenue and will likely climb higher. Aggressive taxation won’t solve the problem. The government is staffed for the post-WWII era, an era slipping into history.

For instance, those surgical masks they mandated only work as long as they are a desiccant. Meaning only as long as they dehumidify air being pulled through the fibers. But once the mask reaches equilibrium with the surrounding humidity, it lets drops pass. Saturation occurs when the mask is about 6% moisture by weight or in about ten minutes. They knew this.

The WSJ, a staunch supporter of the government narrative, is publishing data about the bivalent booster, which is not pretty. Pfizer designed their studies to get their desired results and threw science out the window.

TTP recognized this and took a stand against the jabs, acknowledging that the underlying science was a sham. The cascades of data emerging are as expected. The failure of Pfizer, a massive scientific laboratory, to follow established scientific protocols was evident from day 1. The unfortunate thing is how many people chose obedience to authority throughout this giant Milgram experiment.

The CDC falsified data and hid over 5 million adverse vaccine events emerging from their V Safe system. They removed all typed-in comments from the databases and disallowed cardiac reporting options from their phone app. They knew; they did not want you to know.

The labor force is missing about 3.5 million workers. The government blames early retirement, long Covid (of course they do), and 400,000 + excess deaths last year of workers aged 35-50. The excess deaths are after accounting for last year’s 100,000 fentanyl deaths in the USA.

Medical data does not and never supports a sudden wave of respiratory illnesses. The demand for hospital oxygen and home oxygen generators remained at its trend line throughout the pandemic. It was as if people were no sicker than during previous flu seasons.

Over in California, about half, or 10.9 million mailed-in ballots, vanished during the last election. It is as if nearly every paper ballot with the “R” barcode for republican voters was not counted or never delivered.

Once this Fourth Turning rolls over to begin the next First Turning cycle, the ballot problem will be fixed. The corruption since those old mechanical voting machines were replaced with computers makes the nation unrecognizable. We will know that the turmoil is over when confidence in elections is restored.

The FBI and DOJ are stonewalling the Biden document investigations. They probably contain the records of political bribes and failures, which give the administrative state considerable leverage. But the double standard is glaring, especially with the revelation that Nixon’s takedown was orchestrated to cover up Kennedy’s takedown.

Twenty-one states have rejected ESG, and BlackRock will soon stand alone. Their dream of declaring the market value of public companies using their secret squirrel ESG metric instead of market forces is over. The USSR did not even commit the anti-capitalistic manipulations that BlackRock and the WEF did. It’s over.

Those cameras on late-model cars are the latest addition to the panopticon that watches all. Facial recognition is now standard as every aspect of life continues to be funneled into permanent storage. Show me the person, and I will show you the crime. The next Turning will be forced to deal with kangaroo courts based on A.I. curated dossiers on everyone. This is the next struggle.

The problem is already manifesting in schools where crimes and violations are routinely underreported just to make the numbers work.

Natural gas is becoming too expensive for many industrial plants. At $0.50 per million BTU, coal has been replaced with gas, now at $15.00 per million BTU. The industrial base energy cost increased 30x from 2010. It is still growing.

Mississippi is throwing its hat into the sound money ring. There is a discussion of factors to consider when considering gold or oil-backed currencies outside the dollar. Again, a sign of the end stage of the post-WW-II world is manifesting with alternatives to the greenback. Remember that FDR confiscated gold and terminated silver certificates during the final stage of the previous Fourth Turning. History rhymes.

Home sales are crashing, with the most significant decline ever reported during the second half of 2022. The Feds have $8 Trillion on their balance sheet, which they want to unload, including 20% of all mortgage-backed securities. Companies such as BlackRock purchased millions of homes they are now trying to unload. Some cities, such as Phoenix, might have serious problems. BlackRock’s enormous Arizona real estate holdings suggest they have a dog in the fight between Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake. BlackRock needs mass immigration to prop up the price of real estate holdings. Just as with ESG, short-term profits for BlackRock while the nation’s long-term can be damned.

Things are getting so bad that Social Security will now be bankrupt in 2033. That’s 25 years earlier than expected.

Finally, we have links to Ukrainian corruption—whoa, boy and howdy. It isn’t good. Real bad. The case to appoint a SIGUS, a special investigator, is vital. Even so, dollars are pouring into Ukraine and pockets so fast that accounting is impossible. The ends are to keep Ukraine and Central Europe on the dollar standard, not the Ruble or Riminibi. I hope they justify the means.




Lots of good news!  The Strauss and Howe generational Fourth Turning appears to be turning our way: there are natural causes for optimism:

First some humor from the “I couldn’t make this stuff up” and the “no, it’s not the Babylon Bee”: departments:

Nancy Pelosi Summoned Priests to Perform Exorcism of Her San Francisco Townhouse


Here is an overview of 50,000 feet of the Fourth Turning and the Covidien Cult.  While I don’t agree with everything, I think that he got most of it right about the Fourth Turning psychodynamics of the feardemic cultists:

2023: Fourth Turning Meets Mass Formation Psychosis


Those mask mandates were always about control and visually separating the sheep from the scapegoats:

Australians Were Once Prosecuted For Claiming Face Masks Worked Against Viruses


Busted!  The Fourth Turning makes a hard U-turn; the Wall Street Journal, the largest newspaper in America, denounces the CDC, Pfizer, and Moderna for willfully deceptive promotion of their bivalent boosters:

WSJ Shreds Vaccine Makers, Biden Admin Over “Deceptive” Booster Campaign


Busted!  Centers for Disease Control has been caught rigging the mRNA vaccine adverse events reporting system to cover up the over 5 million serious adverse events reported:

CDC Knowingly Left Serious Adverse Events Off Post-Vaccination Surveys, Documents Show




Where have all the workers gone?  Death rates for prime working age group insured workers rose to unprecedented heights in the last three quarters of 2021, far higher than in 2020.  Why do you suppose the CDC stopped reporting detailed death rates in mid-2021?:


Fauci/CCP virus death rates, do not correlate inversely with vaccine uptake.  Note the peculiar data on the lack of increase in medical oxygen and oxygen concentrator sales comparing 2019 to 2020 during a respiratory disease “pandemic”:


There is a critical shortage of pilots, so the FAA makes a big change in acceptable electrocardiogram results for commercial pilots to allow more ECG abnormalities but refuses to provide any scientific basis for doing so:


About half of Americans have turned against the official narrative that the mRNA boosters are very safe:


The feardemic is over, and the fear meisters have lost, though many of them don’t realize it yet:




California can’t account for 10.9 million of their 22.1 million mail-in ballots in the last election:

Election Integrity Watchdog Finds California Lost 10.9 Million Mail-In Ballots in 2022 Midterms


Busted!  High level ‘Crats are out to get the Big Guy:



Six more classified documents were found; how many more to go?   I think that the; Crats may be desperate to remove Xiden before House investigations reveal that some top rank ‘Crats were in on the bribes; if Xiden were out, the studies would attract far less attention or might even stop:

Six MoreClassified Documents Discovered At Biden House





Great news! ESG takes a high-power legal hit from 21 state Attorneys General:

A.G.s Pressure Advisory Firms to Dump ESG Rules, Alleging Wrongdoing



More good news; ESG is supported by only about 20% of registered voters, and 37%said that they wouldn’t spend any of their money to mitigate climate change:

Poll: Americans Don’t Want Retirement Money Spent on Climate Change



What the $%%^^%$!!!!

DOD Awarded $3M to EcoHealth Alliance Despite Work with Wuhan Lab



Got privacy?  Despite the Fourth Amendment, you are likely to have a lot less than you may think:

360-Degree Surveillance: How Police Use Public-Private Partnerships To Spy On Americans


More here in the law review paper:



What happens when a 6-year-old shoots their first-grade teacher?  Think of the school district’s administrators not wanting alarming Diversity-Equity-Inclusion disciplinary statistics – and lots of people are becoming outraged with the consequences:

After Teacher Shot By 6-Year-Old, Staff And Parents Blame Tolerance Of Violent Kids



More Economics

Shockingly high natural gas bills are about to arrive, especially in California, and similarly, high power bills will not be far behind.  It isn’t because of a shortage of gas in the rocks:


For investors, don’t net on a soft landing – N.Y. Fed Empire manufacturing survey was so far down that it matched the March 2009 Great Recession level:


Mississippi goes for the gold and silver; more states are passing sound alternative money laws:

High Profile Sound Money Bills Introduced In Mississippi


More for investors; don’t get too excited about the prospect of petro-yuans and “gold-backed” currencies, which are not the same as gold itself – beware of these downsides:

Contrarian Thoughts On The Petro-Yuan And Gold-Backed Currencies

Home sales are in sad shape, and I think that it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better:




From the Mises Institute, the Fed, and other Government Sponsored Enter-prizes are the 800-pound gorillas in the debt market:

Don’t Call It Capitalism: The Fed’s $8 Trillion Hoard Of Financial Assets

The Social Security “trust fund” will go bust in 10 years.  I have a simple solution; treat the U.S. government like any other arrested Ponzi scheme operator – seize its assets and auction them off to the public in an orderly manner to pay off the victims.  The Federalies own about 30% of all onshore American land and continental shelves (and all the oil and gas under them).  That is plenty to cover this debt (Medicare as well) and would create a substantial economic boom as these assets were put to productive work.  This rapidly approaching crisis is the best motivator for freeing up these assets we will ever be likely to have.  That ten-year date forecast assumes no recession between now and then – good luck with that:


Social Security Will Be Bankrupt By 2033 On Current Trajectory: CBO Report



Ukraine needs a good SIGUR – Special Inspector General for the Ukraine Region.  This is a team of forensic accountants reporting to Congress; They follow the money and, so far as possible, the weapons.  From the unclassified reports of massive corruption from the SIGA(Afghanistan)R, I expected immediate collapse after the U.S. troops pulled out.  The situation in Ukraine can’t be that bad, but it could be better:


It needs to be a LOT better, and ASAP:

Ukraine Rocked By Corruption Scandal, Wave Of Top Officials Resign: Sports Cars, Mansions & Luxury Vacations As People Suffered