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SKYE’S LINKS 01/12/23


The Congress has New Leaders

whitehouse-in-darknessDemocrats figured out that the best way to win elections is to expand the number of potential voters and then fill in the forms for the ones that don’t appear to vote. They do this on an industrial scale, and in states like Arizona, they created data entry portals for all types of groups to submit names and addresses.

Rona McDaniel must be tossed overboard as we are in a technology war with the left. She flippantly brags about being “nontechnical.” She might as well not speak English.

If we are to have any hope of correcting the government’s propensity to lean hard left, we need to get serious about finding leaders with 21st Century skills.

Massive industrial scale voting fraud; this is how it is done – and this is how you can fight it:

Election Fraud Infrastructure: Your Government At Work!



speaker-kevin-mccarthyAfter electing a speaker, the first order of business for the new Congress was to pass a new rules package. There was nearly unanimous Republican support except for Rep Tony Gonzalez from Texas. Tony, Pal, you are a bum.

The new rules require a supermajority to vote to pass tax increases, a 72-hour notice on legislation before it can be considered, and a one-member threshold to place a motion to vacate the chair. This rule had been a point of contention last week as McCarthy’s Republican opposers pushed to lower the threshold from five to one.

The rules exclude the option for members to vote by proxy and limit virtual appearances in committees to witnesses at the committee chair’s discretion. Proxy voting was implemented in response to the coronavirus in May 2020 but became widely abused by December 2022.

The rules also make several changes to committees, including changing the Committee on Oversight and Reform to the Committee on Oversight and Accountability.

Good news!  The conservative House Freedom Caucus holdouts during the House Speaker election accomplished quite a lot:

More here:

House Passes Rules, Formalizes McCarthy’s Agreement with Holdouts



jerome-powellWell, this is excellent news. The Federal Reserve has joined with an increasing number of financial institutions to reject the wokism. It’s not their job, says Secretary Powell. At about the same time that the new Congress voted to pull down those BLM and queer power flags from American embassies worldwide, Sec. Powell stood up and told the world that he leads with a dual mandate to control inflation and maintain employment. Promoting sexual degeneracy so the entire planet can reject constitutional government is not his thing.

Imagine this, the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Government are officially no longer in the business of driving the entire population of the planet over to Marxists.

As predictable, the MSM lost their minds.

Good news from the Fed; Powell says that the Fed is not in the climate-influencing policy business (Caution – I suggest that you ignore the comments from Newsquack; I think that rates will have to be a lot higher for a lot longer than they hope.):

Fed Chair Powell Does Not Comment On Monetary Policy Or Economic Outlook



ww2_concentrationcampThe Abraham Accords, made possible by President Trump, led to the first inclusion of the Holocaust into Arab primary school education curriculae. The UAE is adding a module to its history classes currently being developed in Israel to teach the next generation.

Significant here is the movement away from Nazi sympathies that the older generation of Palestinian Arabs held since WWII.

We are heading for a full normalization of relations between the UAE and Israel, and preparing a shared narrative is essential.

Long-time TTPers will remember Jack Wheeler’s prediction that Trump, taking the perspective of a real estate genius and not a politician, would go a long way to resolving conflicts in the Middle East. The Saudis welcomed him as a king because of the Abraham Accords.


More good news, this is from the Mideast:

United Arab Emirates to Become First Arab Country to Teach Holocaust History in Schools



The bad news here is alarming. The Epoch Times forced the government to release safety data on the jabs that the industry was trying to hide for 70 years.

cdc1_analysis-chart-for-covid-vaccinesMany thought preliminary safety data for the vaxx indicated some problems existed, but overall, the government would never release something they knew to be deadly.

It turns out that at least 770 warnings popped up during trials and early on. This article explains the situation well, and you should read it. We have a global public health crisis like never experienced before. If the Veterans Administration thought agent orange’s claims were tough to handle, wait until the vaxx injuries accumulate.

The drug companies have legal immunity, as does the government. But your physician, employer, the local shopkeeper, and everyone else that jumped on the bandwagon and promoted the jab is in a risky legal position.

Notice how so few Washington politicians are experiencing side effects. Remember, Washington did not mandate the jabs for themselves, and Europeans are discovering that their elite paid to receive saline injections.

FOIAs forced CDC to release mRNA vaccine adverse event safety warning data, and it is so bad that it is obvious why they did their best to keep it secret:

CDC Finally Releases VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses For COVID Vaccines



pfizer-board-memberPfizer and the FDA actively suppressed the truth about vaxx harm and hid evidence. This link discusses how Pfizer got Twitter to remove and ban Trump’s senior medical advisor and others that raised objections to the narrative. Somehow, the predictions of the Fourth Turning continue to unfold as yesterday’s institutions are found untrustworthy. It is not just the FDA but all of the government.

Our government betrayed us. Everyone except that idiot – that we all have observed – driving alone while still wearing a mask – knows this.

Not only do we have a collapse in faith in big pharma, but we have a collapse in faith in the government.

The Twitter files show that a Pfizer board member (and former FDA Commissioner) tried to suppress a Twitter comment about those with natural immunity from a prior infection not needing a vaccination:

Twitter Files: Pfizer Board Member Dr. Scott Gottlieb Pressured Company to Censor Donald Trump’s FDA Commissioner


More on Gottleib and lockdowns from the latest Twitter Files release:

This Censorious Pfizer Board Member Was A Major Influence On Lockdowns


Sweden is a technically advanced country with a strong tradition of public debate. Their universities are among the best pure research institutes in the world. Swedes have never been afraid to resist the Anglo sphere narrative.

Sweden allowed natural immunity to work and did not kneel to the mob. The world threatened, sanctioned, and banned them.

But they were right.

Non-lockdown Sweden had the lowest excess mortality rate of the OECD countries:


president-lofvenIt works this way: The deep state sends three-letter agency types over to the MSM. “Nice little business ya got here…”. The press runs whatever the daily narrative is.

Then the narrative is used to pressure social media censors to conform. Then social media is used to return the pressure to the media. In a matter of hours, the entire national narrative can be swung this way or slewed that way.

We just saw this happen yesterday with gas-cooking stove hysteria.

More from the Twitter Files, the gift that keeps on giving – and is giving a great deal to the LA/MO First Amendment lawsuit:

More here; the Federalies were also leaning on Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia:

Taibbi: Government Was Also Trying to Censor on Google, Facebook

It is not just the Covid narrative; the same formula works with intelligence matters and election manipulation.

beard-on-screenGovernment apparatchiks wanted Biden to defeat Trump. Government leaders conspired together and conducted a coup.

They committed treason and overthrew the president of the United States. The details are emerging from the Twitter files.

Twitter deliberately, maliciously, and with malice aforethought participated in the theft of the 2020 election. So did the rest of the big tech companies.

Suddenly, the Overton Window has shifted, and old questions about the role of government insiders in the JFK assassination and the Watergate break-in are back in play. The national mood is angry.

Latest Twitter File revelations; Twitter caved to ‘Crat. U.S. Intel, and media pressure to exaggerate Russian influence, and lied to the public:

Twitter Files: Company Exaggerated Russian Influence to Appease Media, Democrats


Here is a brief and fascinating summary of the first 12 Twitter Files releases.  Be sure to read the glossary, which reveals a lot about Twitter’s censorship machine:



merrick-garlandMerrick Garland’s Justice Department is behaving as if they are terrified of the truth. Every possible effort, including torture within Washington DC jails, is being used to contain the J6 protestors and prevent them from speaking. The DOJ is more afraid of the consequence of an open and public discussion than anything in the Republic’s history.

Once the dam begins to fail and the narrative can no longer be controlled, the DOJ fears a vengeful sleeping giant will be awakened.

Let’s ask a pointed question. Just who is most likely to be working for a foreign government? The heads of agencies determined to destroy trust in the government or President Trump, who did everything he could to rebuild confidence in the nation?


J6 narrative control:

January 6: A Day That Will Live In Alchemy

Failure to police their own is the core issue. We don’t need no stinkin’ kings.


Will another criminal FBI agent get away with a slap on his wrist?



book-pagesThe economy rests on four pillars: energy, finance, healthcare, and technology. However, a class of blood-sucking leeches exists to gain control of the producers. It’s not just the mediocrities in the government, but entire associations of lawyers and media and everyone else with their hands out are bleeding the productive capacity dry.

The Leech Class is a book worth reading.

How the left\leach class is destroying America:

“The Leech Class”: Pulling America Back From The Precipice



Speaking of Leeches:

By law, immigrants may not become public dependents or a “public charge.” The southern border issue will become moot if welfare bennies are pulled from immigrants. If this makes it to the SCOTUS, everything could change. However, we have a government highly invested in demographic replacement and a recent history of using violence to prevent debate.

Let’s hope that every Texas official challenging the federalies has excellent security.

Texas files lawsuit to enforce immigrant 1996 “public charge” law which prohibits immigrants from being dependent on welfare benefits – this could be a huge deal, though it will take time to get to SCOTUS:

Exclusive: Texas Sues Biden Administration over Rule Making Americans Pay Immigration Welfare Costs



The bump-stock ban was thrown out of the Fifth Circuit Court. A bump stock is a device that returns a rifle’s motion forward immediately after firing using energy from recoil. If the trigger is pulled and held, the recoil will initiate another cycle of the firearm.

trigger-fingerThe government maintained that this is the same as turning a firearm into an automatic weapon, which attempted to establish the criteria for an automatic weapon to be determined by trigger force.

Historically, an automatic weapon has a continuous action sear, an internal cam-like device that controls the action from cycling. Does the ATF have the authority to redefine legal definitions and laws on a whim and a fancy, or must the ATF be bound to the actual letter of the law?

This question is essential. Very important, as the entire future of the free world depends upon a vicious and arbitrary United States government remaining fearful of the population armed with at least 400 million firearms.

If the feds learned anything in Afghanistan, the military could not defeat a determined and armed population. With the military replacing the salt-of-the-earth kid from down the street with weirdo queer theory types, the Overton Window does not need to move nearly as far before the population decides to stand pat, so enough is enough.

Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals throws out ATF’s bump stock ban with 13-3 vote – this is headed to SCOTUS:

Appeals Court Strikes Down Bump Stock Ban in 13-3 Decision



Who put Karen from the Home Owner’s Association in charge of China?

The CCP banned the private use of fireworks back in 2018, and so naturally, as anyone with a teenage child knows, setting off fireworks becomes the perfect act of rebellion.

Major rebellions and revolutions have happened throughout history when restrictions have been loosened. Glasnost and the USSR are examples; the American Civil War and the reduced need for slave labor with the steam engine are others.

chin-protestersSuppressing the urge to rebel can create a bomb, as Tsar Nicholas attempted to move from feudalism to the modern age during the 1860s but used imperial force to contain public frustration. His son, Tsar Nicholas II, could not control the revolutionary pressure by 1917.

China is facing tremendous internal pressure and has decided to use the big stick instead of the pressure relief valve. This might not end well for the CCP as there are no pressure relief valves in Chinese society.

CCP centralized control in China is beginning to break down as uncontrollable urban unrest rises:

Chinese Protesters Flip Police Car in First Major Anti-Communist Riot of 2023


Decoupling from China proceeds – Dell to phase out all Chinese computer chips:



matt-gaetzMcCarthy might be the Speaker, but we know who the next rising leader will likely be. The Speaker must prove his loyalty to the nation and not to the typical RINO class of grifters. He was held back, under the combined pressure of the world, by Rep Matt Gaetz, until agreeing to the list in the link. Will McCarthy put constituents first? Or will he put the whims of anyone with a bribe at the front of the line?

So far, McCarthy is sticking to his promise. So Far. Whether you like Mr. Gaetz or hate him, you owe him credit for standing up for the American citizens.

We all owe him a great deal of respect.

What McCarthy had to agree to get the votes of necessary House Freedom Caucus members:


That vote is already starting to pay off.  The House has established a special subcommittee to investigate the political weaponization of the central government against Americans:



For investors – 2023 trends – with some reservations; #4 – I suggest being wary of crypto, #7 – I think that the dollar will stay strong (relative to the other even worse central bank fiat alternatives) unless the Fed pivots prematurely on interest rates,  I can’t entirely agree with #8, I think that #9 will take about three years to coalesce. And #11 will be a head fake due to fudged figures until we have a new administration:

12 Events To Watch For In 2023



For investors and everyone else, gold and silver as money is being reintroduced in multiple States by their legislatures, including gold debit cards based on real gold with seamless tax-free conversions to fiat dollars:


Here is essential data for investors!  The latest jobs report doesn’t mean what you may have been led to believe.  There were 1,000 fewer new full-time jobs.  There were (supposedly) 679.000 new part-time jobs.  The (supposed) softening in wage gains was due to part-time employment being predominantly relatively low-wage.  But wait – it gets worse.  If a part-time job holder has three part-time jobs, that is counted as three jobs by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics; this means that fewer people were working and generally working at lower-paying part-time jobs, yet wages were still increasing at 0.4% per month.  The total number of full-time employment has declined by 288.000 in the past ten months, while the number of part-time jobs has increased by 886,000, and lower-paid multiple job holders have increased by 684,000 over this period,  yet wages are still growing.  This means that the Fed is going to have to do a lot more rate increases and balance sheet reductions for a lot longer time to bring stagflation under control than most market participants are currently anticipating:



The rough economic ride has already started.  Fortunately, Xiden and the ‘Crats  are likely to get most of the blame:


Investors beware; consumers are trying to meet the gap between their incomes and their inflated expenses with credit card debt, on which interest rates are soaring to about 20%.  To illustrate this problem, I paid $2.69 for one ordinary-size can of peas.  When those credit card bills arrive next month, spending will take a hit, along with the standard of living and bank liquidity:

Flashing Red Alert: Near Record Surge In Credit Card Debt Just As Rates Hit All-Time High


More for investors; Americans are extremely pessimistic regarding 2023:



President Reagan led a revolution by reducing regulations, as did President Trump. The government is going wild with new rules, and it is as if a giant anchor is being deployed.

Xiden’s Administrative State runs wild with new expensive regulations:


Stagflation – the likely outlook for several years to come:

Roubini: More War Means More Inflation—–