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Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) tweeted the video clip below. It is of 84 year-old Eleanor Holmes Norton, Delegate (not voting Member) to the House from Washington DC.  She was caught on video repeatedly grinding her car into two parked cars trying to park hers.

She then locks her car with her keyfob and casually walks away without leaving a note for the cars she has damaged.  Her staffer does the same. This is a hit-and-run crime, to which her staffer is an accessory. As Massie notes, she is Pelosi’s pick to chair the House Transportation Committee.


As one commenter on Massie’s feed says, “If anyone ever needed actual visual evidence of the geriatric, embalmed, mummified, cadaverous remains of the Demoncrat Party then, well…here it is…LMAO!!!”