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A SHORT HISTORY OF RUSSIAJack WheelerJanuary 1985[Note the date. Written in 1985 during the Cold War, Russia formed the basis of the Soviet Union]At various times in her history, America has been at war with and has had as deadly enemies: the French, the English, the Spanish, the Germans, the Italians, the Mexicans, and the Japanese. All are today our friends and allies. There is nothing in the nature of things that makes it impossible for this to someday be the case with the Russians as well.Yet it is important to understand how the Russians are not like us -- how their history enabled them to transform themselves into Soviets running an Evil Empire called the Soviet Union.



The electoral overthrow of the Aznar government of Spain is the first major victory of Islamic Terrorism since September 11, 2001. This is a real disaster, folks. So much so that To The Point is sending out this exceptional essay by Barbara J. Stock, who publishes the website Republican and Proud. The Spanish people deserve our contempt for reacting to the terrorist attack on them in such a cowardly manner. This essay explains why. - Jack Wheeler Blame Spain for the Next Terror Attack Barbara J. Stock March 15, 2004 When the next bomb goes off -- perhaps this time in Poland -- the families of the dead should blame the people in Spain who voted to run from terrorists and cower before them instead of standing strong against them. Sound cruel? Perhaps, but it is the sad truth. The majority of Spaniards decided to follow the illogical path of blaming their own government for the attack in Madrid instead of the people who actually carried out mass murder. In doing so, they handed the butchers a victory. Terrorism and murder have been handsomely rewarded this day.



A good case can be made out that the most arrogant military leaders in the world are the Brahmin generals who run the Indian Army. The hatred and intransigence they have towards Pakistan knows no bounds. Get them in their favorite easy chair at their gentlemen’s club in New Delhi and pour some single-malt scotch into them, and they’ll tell you of how someday nuclear war will be inevitable, that, yes, India will lose a few score million -- but what’s that to a nation of over a billion souls? -- but Pakistan will be wiped out and then India will divide Pakistan up into four Indian provinces and that will be that. You listen and you think these guys need to read some Greek tragedies about the fatal perils of Hubris. For the mind-blow truth is that in a nuclear showdown between Pakistan and India, Pakistan holds the high cards.



Have you ever noticed that the older you get, the scarier the world gets -- because you keep noticing that many of the folks who run it are not very smart?I was at a private luncheon in Washington earlier this week and among the guests were two guys from the CIA. Not only were they clueless -- we were discussing Russia -- they were just not bright. OK -- so picking on folks from the Three Bad Words is too easy. Let’s raise the bar and talk about the Chinese.There are a lot of people here in DC who constantly worry about the Chinese, and predict the Chicoms -- China’s Communist rulers -- will soon pose the greatest threat to America’s security. The worriers offer considerable evidence for their argument and they may well be right. But here’s a question:If the Chinese are so smart, how come they are busy surrounding themselves with neighbors who can aim nuclear missiles at them?



Last January, a team of US scientists, led by former Los Alamos lab director Sig Heckler, was allowed to visit the Yongbyon nuclear facility in North Korea. The North Koreans produced a heavy glass jar containing a funnel-shaped piece of metal that was “blackish with a rough surface,” according to Heckler. The jar was warm -- plutonium generates heat -- and “seemed about right in terms of weight” for Heckler. A Geiger counter registered radiation. At a subsequent press conference in Beijing, the scientists announced North Korea has reprocessed enough plutonium for at least four bombs. A few days later, the North Korean government offered to freeze its nuclear weapons program in exchange for massive aid and the lifting of sanctions. The question arises: is this all a con?


Be Afraid and Be Protected

This week’s letter is meant to frighten you. Hopefully you’ll become sufficiently concerned that you’ll take the necessary steps to protect yourself. I’m sure you’ve noticed your inboxes filling up with spam. There’s been widespread media coverage of the problem. I have little to add, except to emphasize the spam is normally not innocent. It consists of spyware, Trojans, viruses, adware and other assorted malware that can ruin your whole day.



[This is the text of a speech I am giving today, March 5, in San Diego, to members of the Council for National Policy. CNP was formed in the early 1980s and is composed of the leaders and principal activists of the conservative movement throughout the United States - i.e., the “conservative elite” of America. CNP members played the principle role in creating popular support for the Reagan Doctrine. This speech calls upon them to do the same for the Bush Doctrine of taking the War on Terrorism to the terrorists. - JW]



Tach it up, tach it up, buddy gonna shut you down.Growing up in Southern California in the 1950s and 60s, my favorite Beach Boys song was Shut Down, released in 1963. Every time I hear it on a Golden Oldies station, it brings back memories of all the teen-age street drag races I had in my ’52 K2 Allard with a dual-carb 350hp Cadillac engine.And so I found myself singing the lyrics of the Beach Boys’ ode to street racing as I was reading the text of President Bush’s speech to the Republican Governors Association here in Washington earlier this week.


A Testimony To Our President

[The following letter was written by a lady on the staff of a United States Senator. She has asked that we only use her first name, Laura. TTP has personally confirmed with her the veracity of her account, which took place on February 8, 2004.] I'm at the 8:00 am service at my church, St. Johns at Lafayette Square, across from the White House. (I wanted to go early because I was going with Alice and Brent for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Manassas.) Much of the service was uneventful--nice, but uneventful--until it comes to the part of the service when the priest says, "Greet one another in the name of the Lord." I turn to my right to exchange the peace with my friend Amy, who was on the other end of my pew. I then shake hands with the person in front of me, and turn around to say hello to the person behind me. The person behind me was our 43rd President George W. Bush


Kerry and the Swift Boats

(The following letter was sent to TTP by a Vietnam Veteran familiar with “Swift Boat” tactics in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. He is a Rear Admiral (Ret.) and a Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1959). I was in the Delta shortly after Kerry left. I know that area well. I know the operations he was involved in well. I know the tactics and the doctrine used. I know the equipment. Although I was attached to CTF-116 (PBRs) I spent a fair amount of time with CTF-115 (swift boats), Kerry's command. Here are my problems and suspicions: