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To update you on the Freedom Research Foundation delegation to Croatia with Congressman George Radonovich, June 26-July 3:The delegation,led by me and accompanied by Congressman George Radonovich, will be focusing on investment opportunities in real estate, tourism, construction companies, and investment banking.As I mentioned last week (“The Pro-America VIP Investment European Vacation,” now posted in the Classics section), we’ll be meeting with Prime Minister Ivo Senader, government officials, business leaders and bankers.



There was an arresting line in a recent AP article speculating on Kerry’s VP choices: that he would need to pick a running mate with less charisma than him. That’s a very tall order.


Typing Up Loose Ends

Last week’s column ended with methods to ignore low threat intruders, rather than delete them and risk damaging your computer. We learned how to ensure that Ad-watch opens each time we reboot so that the intruders will have a more difficult time invading our computers. Still, we’re left with cookies that pop-up advertisements while we’re surfing, Windows registry entries that direct emails enticing us to click potentially dangerous attachments or web sites, and possibly more. The accumulation of registry entries slows your computer. The registry becomes larger and fragmented. I’ll introduce a few new tools to mitigate some of these irritants.


Ignorance or Dishonesty? Casualties and the Liberal Media

On Wednesday, April 7, 2004, the Washington Post ran this headline: U.S. Forces Take Heavy Losses As Violence Spreads Across Iraq About a Dozen Marines Killed; Foreigners, Scores of Iraqis Die To the fathers, mothers, wives, brothers, and children of the Marines who died, the losses are the heavy indeed. There is nothing so precious as the blood of our soldiers, Marines, airmen, sailors, and civilians who willingly lay their lives on the line in service to their country. We can never replace them, and we must always remember them. Nevertheless, I am angered at the sensationalist journalism that would lead the uninformed to believe our Army and Marine Corps are being bled white in Iraq.


From Tyranny To Freedom in Iraq

Recent acts of barbarism against Coalition forces in Iraq have revived an old and enormously important debate: Are these terrorists the products of fanatic tyrannies, or are the tyrannies the logical expression of the true nature of the peoples of the region?



Quiz time. What country has the most pro-America government in all of Europe? What country offers the best investment opportunities in the whole of the European continent? What country has the most spectacularly beautiful and untouched coastline along the entire Mediterranean?The answer to all three is: Croatia.


How to counteract intruders that dial porn sites

The week before last I discussed a class of intruders known interchangeably as Adware, Spyware and Malware. At the end of the column I introduced a particularly insidious subset of these intruders known as ‘dialers’. This week we’ll learn how to deal with dialers. There are a number of choices, depending on how much work you want to do, how adept you are around a computer, and the severity of the threat.


Intruders Change Their Tactics

Last week’s column ended with a promise: “Next week we can discuss further issues, such as what course of action to take if an intruder is a dialer. You sure don’t want expensive calls made to porn sites off your computer.” I’m going to break that promise. In the last two weeks I’ve received fewer intruders attempting to invade my computer through my email.