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NO WAY OUT: Iran is at war with us

Meet Hassan Abbasi, a well-known Iranian political scientist, longtime top official of the Revolutionary Guards, and currently "theoretician" in the office of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (how does one get a job description like that, I wonder) and the head of the National Security and Strategic Research Center. Abbasi holds special responsibility for North American affairs.Speaking at the Technical College of Tehran last Sunday, May 23, he proclaimed:"We have identified some 29 weak points for attacks in the U.S. and in the West, we intend to explode some 6,000 American atomic warheads, we have shared our intelligence with other guerilla groups and we shall utilize them as well. We have set up a department to cover England and we have had discussions regarding them. We have contacted the Mexicans and the Argentineans and will work with anyone who has an axe to grind with America."



In order to understand what is going on in Iraq right now, it is simply imperative that you do a quick re-read of Childishness in Iraq written in August of 2003 and posted in Classics. This will give you the initial background on Ahmad Chalabi and the source of the vendetta Jordan’s King Hussein, the CIA, and the State Department have been conducting against him.What’s changed is that the line in the second paragraph about Jerry Bremer following the lead of Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz rather than “his putative bosses at State” is no longer true. Bremer’s real boss is Robert Blackwill, Deputy National Security Advisor at the White House. He is directly in charge of US policy and operations in Iraq, and he has sold out to the squishes at State and the CIA. Which means he has sold America out to the UN.This is a first-class disaster, folks. It is the real scandal in Iraq, not the humiliation of Baathist thugs by seven yahoos in one cell block of Abu Ghraib. The trashing of Ahmad Chalabi, epitomized by Newsweek’s cover story this week entitled “Our Con Man in Iraq,” means that State and the CIA have staged a coup in Iraq - and that only Chalabi had the guts to oppose it. So he had to be destroyed.Here’s the sordid deal.



This is the funniest email I have received in years. I thought about putting it in the Humor File because you’ll collapse laughing so hard when you read it. But it’s not a gag - the guy is serious! He’s from Switzerland - a place we all thought had some respect for freedom and dissent. This email displays just how far Europe has sunk into Terminal Weeniedom. It is also a cold shower reminder that the totalitarian ideologies of Communism, Fascism, and Naziism originated in Europe - and how Europeans are once again trashing their own freedoms. This letter is hilarious - but it’s also a sobering reminder of just how unique and precious our American freedom is. The letter is in full, with my comments in italicized brackets ---JW From: Kurt BrĂ¼lisauerTo: [email protected] Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2004 11:50 AMSubject: Some comments concerning the content of your web siteSir, Looking for comments on the Iraq prisoner abuse issue, I found your site. With growing disgust I've read some of your articles that are freely accessible. The first one I read, "Why can't she take it like a man?", shows a dumb macho behavior but your attitude concerning the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal is not uncommon in right circles. Having read other comments of so called "patriot" sites I was not very surprised about your putting the blame on a single person, but you are the only one who insults at the same time the officer in charge just because she is a woman. A new quality of baseness. Nevertheless I find your article about what you call the Pogo Press worse. Like the Nazis during the Weimar Republic you abuse the freedom of press and of speech just to fight the free press. Unfortunately there is a swamp of fascist American sites on the internet that do the same thing every day without being sanctioned. [Note carefully: Any criticism of the liberal press is Nazi, fascist, and must be “sanctioned,” i.e., made illegal. This is truly Orwellian.]



In my first column I mentioned a powerful tool to protect and ‘clean’ your computer. It’s called System Mechanic Pro. I advised against using it because it was overzealous. Unless you really knew what you were doing, the tool could delete files and registry entries than could render your computer unusable.



My view has been that this man, who is a quasi-traitor and anti-American as well as a vacuous, arrogant snob, could not be elected president, unless perhaps his opponent were falling apart before our eyes, and Bush hasn’t reached that stage yet. Regardless of the polls, regardless of what’s going on in the world of politics, it would be unimaginable and unprecedented for the U.S. to elect such a man. That’s been my position. But now it occurs to me that there is another way of seeing it:



Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times has been to Iran for a few days, and he's full of deep thoughts about it. But, in keeping with the ideology of his social set, they are his thoughts, not those of the Iranian people.



India’s stock market collapsed this week in a panic free fall after the return of the Congress Party in last week’s elections. The investor freak-out increased when it seemed that Congress would have to include India’s Communist Party of Marxism-Leninism in its ruling coalition. Then came Sonia Gandhi’s masterstroke.



One problem our troops in Iraq have is the guerrillas using mosques as weapons store rooms and armed sanctuaries from which they can attack us with impunity. This is a favorite tactic of Muqtada al-Sadr and his “Mahdi” rebels, who have shamed and insulted the world’s Shia community by turning its most sacred shrine, the golden-domed Imam Ali Mosque into an armory. The fat little bearded thug thinks he is safe in the mosque, for were we to storm the mosque risking its destruction, it could cause the Shia uprising he dreams of. What he doesn’t know is that we could quickly cleanse the mosque of him and his murderous riffraff without firing a shot.



This is a fascinating thesis: That the Nasdaq market movers are radical liberals whose George Soros-like hatred for Bush is influencing the movement of Nasdaq stocks. I don’t know if this is the case, but you simply must read it. Starting next week, Ms. D'Anconia will be submitting a weekly report, exclusive to To The Point, indicating the direction she perceives Nasdaq to be moving. -- Jack Wheeler. I make measurements which indicate the direction the market is moving in the Nasdaq. The data I use are very sensitive indicators of the underlying financial mood of the Nasdaq movers and shakers. I do not try to predict or explain their mood. I just have a way of separating the noise from the signal. In general, the larger indices (DJIA, SPX etc.) follow the same motions as the Nasdaq, but they do so more sluggishly. Nasdaq is the canary in the stock market mine, in that it is more sensitive and shows motion effects more clearly than the larger indices. The stock market is one of the most quintessential symbols of American Capitalism. Thus it was with some surprise that since last fall, I found that inflections upward seemed to happen when bad things happened to America. Over the past several months there has appeared to be a correlation between political events and the direction of the Nasdaq. It is possible that these are all just coincidences. Anecdotal evidence is hard to use scientifically. Nevertheless, there appears to be a pattern.